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A Fortunate Match (PG-13) Print

Written by Kissa

02 March 2008 | 568 words

Author’s note: written for the 25 fluffyfics at lj.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, I merely play with them. I will put them back before Tolkien comes to haunt me.
Prompt 5. Holiday

The nannies were exchanging childcare advice and court gossip as four little children tussled in the tall grass, while a fifth, smaller one, stood aside, watching the horses run across the fields in the distance. He held something in his hands, something he was plucking at relentlessly. Sighing, he opened his fist and let the remains of the daisy whose petals he had been plucking fly off with the wind. He didn’t like diplomatic missions, even if their father sweetened the news by telling them they were going on holiday to Rohan.

One of the tussling boys broke apart from the squealing bunch and approached the lonely one, hopping onto his back from behind, which caused them both to land on the ground.

“You are brother to Boromir, are you not?” The blonde boy asked.

Blue eyes were turned to look at him and the boy with auburn curls nodded. Everyone began their conversations with him using that exact same line.

“What is your name?” The blond asked then, kneeling up and dusting himself off.

“I am Faramir.”

“Éomer. Do you want to play?”

Faramir looked apprehensively at the struggling children, a blonde girl and two darker boys, his brother Boromir and their host’s son, Théodred. He shook his head reluctantly.

“I shall get spanked if I get my clothes dirty.” He excused himself with a small bow and made to leave.

Éomer blew a golden lock away from his face and snorted:

“Not with them, with me! But first, look! See the tall brown colt with a white spot on his back? That’s Firefoot, and he’ll grow up to be the greatest war horse ever! And one day I shall be the best among all the eored of Rohan!”

Faramir eyed him intensely with his twin pools which reflected the changing summer sky.

“Éomer, you will be lord and king of this realm one day!” He said in a serious tone.

Flustered, Éomer ran his hands through his hair and asked back:

“What do you want to grow up to be?”

Faramir turned away from looking at him and looked at the horses again, his eyes glazed with sadness as he spoke in a small, squeaky voice:

“I want to be careless and free like the offspring of the Mearas. But I won’t…” He trailed off almost inaudibly.

Wanting to cheer the mood, Éomer elbowed his new friend in the ribs and chuckled:

“Hey! I like you!”

With that, he closed in and kissed Faramir on the cheek, holding him in place by locking his arms around him.

The nannies watched them from a safe distance and one of them said:

“Lord Denethor will be quite pleased. Young Lord Faramir has already attracted a suitor.”

Both women giggled when they saw little Éomer pinch Faramir’s scrawny butt, then run away laughing, enticing his reluctant new friend to chase him.


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This story is so sweet!!!

— Irastar of Eleror    16 February 2011, 03:10    #

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