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Anything You Wish (PG) Print

Written by Anorienbean

05 January 2006 | 292 words

Characters: Haldir/Faramir
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Totally NON-canon this time.

Written for Slash Me Twice; Prompt: 001. Shadow

Faramir rested his elbows on the railing of his balcony and gazed over the city that had been his home since the day he was born. The shadow of Mordor was growing, getting closer with every passing moment, already seeming close enough that he felt he could simply hold out his hand and touch it.

Smiling as strong arms wrapped around him and pulled him close, he leaned back into his lover’s embrace and closed his eyes. Only in Haldir’s arms, could he forget. Only here could he put aside the pain of losing his beloved brother, and the anger at his senseless death.

“We will survive this,” Haldir whispered against Faramir’s ear as he entwined their fingers and gave them a gentle squeeze. “We will survive, and grow stronger, meleth. Never doubt that.”

Faramir turned in his lover’s arms and gazed into sparkling blue eyes. “And after that?” he asked softly.

“After that, we will arrange for a few…accidents,” Haldir smiled, his eyes growing dark and cold, and causing a small shiver of desire to run down Faramir’s spine. “Just like Ellesar’s unfortunate fall. And the…shocking disappearance of his beloved wife. Then we will join the dark lord and rule all of Gondor as we see fit.”

Faramir’s eyes matched those of his lover and he nodded as his free hand moved to touch the ring hanging from a chain around his neck. “As we see fit,” he repeated softly. “And we will make those wretched hobbits pay for letting my brother die.”

Haldir’s tongue snaked out and licked at his lover’s lips. “Anything you wish, my love,” he whispered. “Anything you wish.”

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okay, so this one is scary! So I kinda… like it :D Haldir that evil… interesting, truly

— Whisperwind    21 February 2008, 22:02    #

Oh! Haldir is such a wonderful lover! He is so sweet I mean he loves Faramir he can’t deny him anything! Always so understanding. This was a short story, but still to my eyes a masterpiece.

— LoretoW    25 March 2010, 07:21    #

such a cute little story thanks for sharing

— tolkienlover    24 November 2016, 22:41    #

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