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Written by Anastasiya

19 June 2010 | 4329 words

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Title: Be blessed
Pairing: Faramir/Boromir
Rating: PG-13
Beta: boundless thanks for Chloe for her priceless help
Author’s Note: I don’t pretend that I’ve made a story worthy of such an interesting and complicated, I think, theme how religious life of Tolkien’s heroes. But I tried to include there some philosophical elements.
I hope it’s not so terrible.

Written for the 2010 Midsummer Swap.

Request by Helmboy: Something philosophical. I want to know their ethical or religious feelings. You never see a story with much religion or how they practice or how it affects them. I would like to see this angle a major part of a story.

Part One

Brilliant drops falling from the waterfalls resonantly counted out invariable hurrying somewhere time but a lonely figure that was peacefully dozing on the soft grass didn’t feel that eternal flow. Here in the company of silent stone guards the time seemed to be frozen and slight rustling of yellow leaves as much as still worm autumn sun lovingly cherished his sleep.

Ancient monuments thoughtfully watched the sleeping youth who was their only and constant visitor for a long time. When he was absent for several days it seemed to them that world became darker. But then he went again and in spite of tears on his young face the beautiful divine statues loved looking at him because his soul was like sun.

Time passed, years swiftly changed one another and the boy became youth and tears were forever replaced by immutable sadness of his eyes. And now they seemed that they had never seen a so hopeless and sad impression on his beautiful face. “Does he deserve it?” Light wind whispered as it slipped along his cheek and disarranged dark gold hair. “So handsome and young he was born to be loved but you are too cruel to allow him it.” Expressing its disappointment the wind rose up several big leaves in the air and dropped them on the monument of beautiful maid that was standing thoughtfully hanging her head. “Has his time yet not gone?” But the statue stayed silent and bright. Anor got suddenly angry and slipped down, hiding behind rock, and leaving merciless dazzling ray on the cold image.

Long shadow fell on the glade and the youth stirred as he felt unpleasant chill replacing worm sun rays. Having opened his eyes he thought for a while where he was but then consciousness returned to him. And the memory with it. And it became heavier on his heart. It was the first time in his life, he gave no attention on the beauty of that place and nearly with a challenge addressed to the stone monuments, “There is no justice in this world. If the gods truthfully ruled over us, they would not allow jealousy and spite among the people. People would treat each other with more patience and parents would love their children equally.” Shuddering at the sudden frost wind that went no one knows wherefrom and rose up the lots of leaves, he quickly sprang to his feet and headed away. For some reason this place irritated him today and cold faces stopped to inspire him respect.

He took only several steps when strange voice made his blood freeze. “Faramir” – was heard all around and he turned abruptly, wishing to catch the speaking one, but the glade was empty and just stone statues, it seemed, concentrated all their attention on him. He fishily moved his eyes and was ready to go further when he heard the voice again.

“Faramir, come to me.”

Faramir slowly shifted his gaze staring at the stone monuments. His name was repeated over and over again until the voice became saturated, mixed with moan of the wind, and he began feeling it inside. His look slipped on faces gazing at him and suddenly stopped on the face of beautiful maid. As if in a dream he moved to her and knelt at her foot.

“You doubt our power, Faramir,” she seemed to say and he dropped his eyes as he couldn’t disprove it. “You doubt us, son of Gondor, but our power has an affect only when people believe in us and follow our rules. But as only they allow his doubts to appear in their minds, our power stopped acting. Don’t let them possess you, Faramir.”

“What do you want me to do?” Faramir whispered as he raised his head. “I always believed in you but my life is not so I had ever dreamed. What did I do wrong and what should I do?”

“Just believe in us,” the voice flied, and never lose hope.” Don’t break the laws of world, Faramir, and we’ll bless you.”

Hiding sun illuminated dome of the sky with blood flame when Faramir left one of the deserted gardens of Minas Tirith where the god’s statues dwelt. He had already taken several steps up when running figure almost knocked him off his feet.

“By the gods, Faramir!” Boromir cried out as he put his hands on Faramir’s shoulders. “Where were you? I was looking for you all this time after quarrel with father. Are you all right?”

“I’m fine, Boromir.” Faramir answered with smile and took several strands of hair from brother’s face away. And in this very moment Boromir first thought that his brother had never been as beautiful as in this moment. Deadly whiteness of town walls brightly contrasted with his living gold feature, and his eyes seemed to be blue and clear as never before.

“Faramir,” he said with frantic haste for some reason. “I wanted just to say that maybe there is no need to argue with father. He was always too exacting to you but I know he loves you.”

“Of course, my brother,” Faramir smiled again and Boromir found himself thinking that his brother became another.

Another? Maybe. Faith can save or destroy person. For Faramir it became a base to his kindness and sensitive, compassionate nature. Even if his father scorned him for his soft character that he regards as weakness, love of those around him spoke better than any words. Faith was his strength. It made him strong to every difficulty and many times the words “May Valar bless you!” followed his way.

After that day when he first heard the voices the strange visions of future became visiting him. He saw them often and melodious voices always whispered something to his ears. He tried to live right and often visited sacred place to share his joys and grieves. And only once he went where to repent.

“Two days ago I committed an action that will never wash my hands from blood,” Faramir said turning his bright eyes to the face of divine maid, “but war doesn’t ask us when to come. It’s a heavy sin to kill anybody but my first duty is to serve my realm and its people for the sake of freedom and if I have to kill many times for my men, their wives and children to live, I will. I ask just to stop it sooner.”

One dark day it happened. Wounded for the first time in his life Faramir tossed in his harsh soldier’s bed in Henneth Annûn. Ague of body mirrored his visions where he swiftly rushed through the dark somber forest stumbling and falling into the dirt. Rain was going without remorse hiding the way with heavy curtain. But yet he ran, trembling with cold and burning from heat that followed his steps. He slipped and fell and like heavy shackle fettered his all body for he felt no strength to rise. It seemed that something terrible crept for him and Faramir whispered quietly, “Save me, please. I beg of you.” He repeated it over and over again when suddenly all changed. In dismay he looked round, noticing as warm sun ray slid along his shoulder, and didn’t believe when he heard well-known laugh. Driven by unfamiliar feeling he lightly stood up from green soft grass and headed for the direction of voice. There, in the center of glade of gods, Boromir suddenly turned and directed to him.

“Little one!” He cried out grasping Faramir’s arms and laughing with laugh that was so loved by his brother. “I have found you at last! I can’t leave you even for a while!” And he folded Faramir in his arms so abruptly that the last one started. Gaze of Boromir filled with boundless warmness and love and he whispered calmly, “Now everything will be fine again.” And he bent down kissing wounded Faramir’s shoulder. Warm wave of shudder at first, then of love and desire ran through his body and Faramir embraced his brother’s head with his hands. Boromir laughed again and his arms slid round Faramir’s waist. And Faramir whispered, “I love you, Boromir. Kiss me.”

And small light in his brother’s eyes was changed by flame and Boromir gently at first, then claiming and powerful possessed his mouth. Driven by increasing lust Faramir buried his fingers deeper in soft hair, emphatically pressing desired lips, when suddenly found himself in cold dark cave kissing his own brother.

“Boromir!” He pushed Boromir away and screamed from pain in shoulder at once. Astonishment in his brother’s eyes changed by fear and Boromir moved to him again but Faramir swiftly escaped his hands.

“B-boromir,” he said nervously, “what are you doing here?”

“I… I… I suddenly felt that anything’s going wrong, Faramir, and decided to visit you here. And found you wounded. Faramir, I nearly went crazy when I saw you burning with fever when you…”

“When I…” But suddenly opened door gave them no chance to continue talk and most surprised healer came in captain’s own room.

“That’s impossible!” He cried out as he reached Faramir. He touched Faramir’s forehead and said in astonishment, “But you are absolutely cold. My Lord,” he turned to Boromir, “If I knew you not, my lord, I would think you to be a wizard-healer for our captain was unconscious for ten hours and I was very afraid for his condition.”

Boromir slightly smiled darting look at Faramir but the last one quickly turned away. Healing treatment caused them stop their talk and in thirty minutes Faramir was lying in bed again trying to fall asleep. But sleep did not come and the thought of suddenly discovering love gave him no peace. Of love that was not to be at all for it was the heaviest sin which any man could commit.

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