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I, Faramir: the latter days (R) Print

Written by Surreysmum

02 April 2011 | 14742 words

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Part 9 and last

4 Cermië

We’re at an inn about half-way back to Minas Tirith from Northern Ithilien, and a welcome relief it is to be in a soft bed, I’ll tell you, for with every passing year my old bones get a little more reluctant to do these long rides. And besides… well, maybe more about that later.

Anyway, the pretext of this journey we took – that’s Aragorn and I, in case there’s any doubt – was a formal visit to the Elvish colony in this part of the country. But I don’t think there was ever any question about our real destination, though we said not a word about it to each other, even after the Elvish formalities were concluded. We simply set our horses’ heads towards Henneth Annûn.

We left the horses on long tethers in a shady glade with plenty of fodder and water. The paths through the woods into the hideout are narrow, winding and steep. Aragorn paused. “No blindfolds this time?” he asked with a smile. He was remembering how we Northern Rangers used to blindfold any strangers we brought there, even those we had reason to trust.

“No,” I said. “No-one is going in blindly.” And feeling curiously confident, I held out my hand to him. He took it, and though we have never walked thus together before, his hand felt entirely right in mine as we passed beneath the breeze-swayed branches, negotiated difficulties in the path, and heard the songs of summer birds and the waterfall’s splashing serenading us. Soon we entered the side-tunnels, and our path was dark until we emerged into the riot of rainbow light that is Henneth Annûn on a midsummer afternoon.

All too vividly I remembered our last encounter here: freezing, dark, awkward, exciting, and very nearly the end of our long friendship. We turned to each other, both saying “Forgive me” in the same instant.

“What have you to be forgiven for?” I asked him reproachfully. “I was entirely at fault.”

“Nay, Faramir, there was no fault, except mine in speaking so incautiously. Do you think I could possibly have wished to bring trouble between you and Éowyn? You were happy together; you were faithful to each other. The circumstances were entirely wrong. Had I only managed to keep my blabbing mouth shut…”

I shook my head at him. “And then I proved myself a fool and a coward,” I told him harshly. “But circumstances have changed, and I am determined to be neither today.” I advanced a pace upon him, and he stepped back.

“What do you want, Faramir?” he asked, and never was there a smile so devilish or so attractive. His second step back took him up against the wall of the cave.

I put a hand on either side of his head. “I want you, Aragorn son of Arathorn,” I told him. “I desire your body and I crave your love.” I leaned in and kissed him, and he responded instantly, bringing a hand up behind my head to cradle it.

When at last we broke apart for breath, he ran a gentle finger down my cheek. “I knew you would work it out,” he said with a contented grin. “My love you have already, and you know it. As for the rest, take whatever you desire!”

He was strong and wild and willing in my arms that night. It seemed we could not get enough of each other, returning again and again to the loving battle. And finally, towards dawn, I achieved my greatest satisfaction, persuading him – and it took some notable persuasion, believe me – to take of me whatever he desired. It was a great victory for him over all those years of self-denial, and we celebrated quietly for a long time afterwards, cuddling and kissing, unable to let go of each other, hot and sticky though we were on our moth-eaten old blankets on the cave floor.

The sun came up, and we bathed in the old Ranger fashion, swinging buckets into the waterfall and splashing the cold water upon each other. That inevitably led to wrestling and more kinds of naked gymnastics. I have never before had a lover who could physically outmatch me. It was utterly exhilarating.

That was yesterday. We spent the day taking our ease, and we talked long and seriously about many things, most especially about Arwen and Legolas, and I confessed myself a jealous idiot, especially when it came to the idea of Legolas in his bed. He laughed at that, and put his arms around me again, and told me that he grew up with Elves and even so it had taken him many years to get used to their ways of thinking.

I am content with that, at least for now. It is as Legolas told me in the orchard: Aragorn cannot be my possession. There are other, prior claims. But, as of two nights ago, he is my lover. There it is on paper – he is my lover! – and every time I look at the words I am filled with incredulous joy.

Epilogue – 5 Cermië

When we got home to Minas Tirith, there was nothing much going on in the Great Hall, but Aragorn strode confidently to the little withdrawing-room behind the Thrones. There, as he had somehow known, Legolas and Arwen were waiting, hand in hand, to welcome us back. Aragorn swept his wife into a lingering kiss on the lips, and then Legolas received a similar lingering kiss, while I stood a few paces back and fidgeted in confusion.

“Well?” asked Arwen impatiently, and at Aragorn’s little nod she flew to my side, threw her arms around me, kissed me on the cheek, and said, “I am so glad, Faramir! I am so glad!” Her embrace was soft, and tinged with an exquisite, slightly stimulating perfume.

As she released me, Legolas caught my eye and raised his eyebrows. I felt myself flushing, but when he politely said, “May I?” it was with no great reluctance that I proffered my cheek to be kissed by that most beautiful and mysterious being.

I felt a little knot of panic pulling tight within me. In acquiring one lover, had I somehow acquired expectations from three? Aragorn slipped his arms around me from behind and steadied me, murmuring. “No coercion, my love. Never. Remember that. It is their creed and mine.”

“Details!” demanded Arwen.

“Yes, we want details!” seconded Legolas.

Aragorn laughed aloud. “Terrifying, aren’t they, Faramir?” he said. “But with you at my side I feel less out-numbered! No details, my sweet Elven harpies. If Faramir wants to tell you what happened, he will tell you in his own good time. As for me, my lips are… otherwise occupied!” And with that he swung me into a kiss that was prolonged and anything but coerced.

I knew at that moment that my life would never be dull or bleak again. And I am happy.


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12 Comment(s)

NB: Comments span all chapters and may contain spoilers!

I was tremendously excited to find this story, because I’ve always loved “I, Faramir” though it’s a little sad when Faramir makes his final decision. (And yet your ‘Wynnie’ was such a well-rounded, likeable character that I almost didn’t mind my favorite pairing being broken up. It just made me like your Faramir more.)

And you really are giving us a detailed glimpse into Middle Earth in this one. The Elvish customs are nicely explained — Legolas is brilliantly done, he actually sounds like himself while saying things that the human chroniclers never wrote. And I adore the town of Bathholme, village green and all. How like Faramir to note the etymology!

From your final A/N, it looks like there may not be any more of this story, but I’m glad you posted this part so that we got more of Faramir’s unique voice in his journal. If you ever come back to this one, I’ll definitely be reading!

— Mira Took    27 February 2011, 07:28    #

What a delightful surprise to find a comment on this story! Since finishing “The Stranger” last month, I have sometimes thought of coming back and trying to finish this one. No promises, though. But if Faramir speaks to me again, I will listen.

— surreysmum    27 February 2011, 18:41    #

Now I’ll begin this by insisting, nay, demanding…okay, hoping that you’ll continue this story, you can’t leave us hanging! My heart leapt into my mouth at the very first line. What an opener, straight to the point and perfectly capturing that sudden shock that death does indeed bring. The fact Faramir still calls her Wynnie speaks volumes of their fondness for one another. I like too the fact this (and the predecessor) focusses on Faramir in his later years (obviously, going from the title :P) I’ve not read many fics where this period of his life is documented so it was really refreshing to see how well you went about it. Eowyn’s letter to Faramir was so lovely and so heartfelt too, and though I’m not a massive Legolas fan in general I enjoyed his forthright behaviour! I understand completely when the muse decides to abandon an idea but I really do hope you find inspiration to continue this story, I’ve really, honestly loved it so far :)

Eora    28 February 2011, 20:55    #

It’s lovely that my Faramir stories are finding readers again; they have been the orphan stepchildren, I’m afraid – not very explicit, and not set in the sexiest part of life (although I have tried to emphasize that neither Aragorn nor Faramir is crumbling to pieces!) Thank you again for letting me know you liked this. No promises, but positive feedback like this can only encourage me!

— surreysmum    28 February 2011, 21:46    #

Very nicely done. Please do continue. I’m not good at analytical comments or I’d write more. Thanks for writing.

— Rick    18 March 2011, 03:38    #

Thank you, Rick! Good news (well I hope it’s good). I went on a vacation last week, and completed this story, at least in draft. I did it in manuscript, so I hope I can read my handwriting while I type it in, and then it’ll have to be edited, but look for the concluding chapters soon!

— surreysmum    29 March 2011, 21:15    #

Absolutely delighted to see more chapters! Once again a nice blend of the relationship between the characters with back-story and secondary characters.

— Mira Took    2 April 2011, 09:43    #

Thank you, Mira! It took a long while for Aragorn and Faramir to tell me how to end this, but I’m pleased they finally did1

— surreysmum    3 April 2011, 13:21    #

Ah, this is all the sweeter for the long delay(s), dear!

— ebbingnight    3 April 2011, 23:34    #

Thanks so much! It’s a great victory to write that “finis”!

— surreysmum    4 April 2011, 20:02    #

You finished it! A while ago, too, which shows how busy I’ve been not to have noticed… How perfect that we came full circle back to the cave. Thanks for the ending — and for both the I, Faramir stories.

— Mira Took    19 April 2011, 05:06    #

Thanks so much, Mira! There really was only one proper place for them to resolve it, wasn’t there? :)

— surreysmum    19 April 2011, 15:34    #

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