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In the Bleak Midwinter (NC-17) Print

Written by Kimber Leigh

22 December 2006 | 2231 words

Pairing: Faramir/Boromir
Rating: Nc17
Disclaimer: They belong to people who are not me. I promise I will clean them up and put them away when I am done playing with them.
Warnings: Incest
Archive: Just here and my writing journal
Author’s Notes: This was harder to write then I thought it was going to be. My Boromir muse wanted to get into the action right away and I kept having to hold him back. Muses, I tell you, they can be worse then children.

Written for the 2006 Midwinter Swap.

Request by Gondorbunny: A pairing of either Faramir/Aragorn or Faramir/Boromir that has Faramir as the dominant partner, for a change. Most fics you see have him as the innocent, submissive one. Let’s see him be the aggressor for a change. Any rating is fine, though R and above would be better. :) No heavy angst or anyone in pain.

In the Bleak Midwinter

In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow,
In the bleak midwinter, long ago.

Christina G. Rossetti

Boromir lay huddled in his bed. He was utterly miserable. The cold winter wind howled outside his windows, and it seemed to find every small crack in the walls. He didn’t remember the last time he ever felt so cold. Glancing at the fire, he saw that it had burnt down to embers, but he didn’t want to leave his bed to build it back up again. He might be cold, but leaving the thin warmth of his bed would only make things worse.

The storm had blown in early that morning, and had become more wild and frigid as the day wore on. By midday, it was a full blizzard that had sent the residents of the White City scrambling for what ever shelter they could find. It had been a generation since a winter storm like this had been seen. As night fell, the winds continued to howl, the snow continued to fall.

Boromir was resigning himself to leaving his bed to deal with the fire when there was a knock on his door.

“Come in.” His said as his teeth began the chatter. The door open just wide enough for the thin figure of his brother to slip into his room.

“I thought you might be cold,” Faramir said as he draped a thick quilt over the foot of Boromir’s bed, “I never understood why you wanted a room on the outer wall. They always become so cold in the winter. And you always get so cold when you sleep.”

Faramir tended to the fire before turning to face his brother. Boromir looked as pitiful as he felt. He had the blankets pulled up over his head, only his eyes showing, looking out at his brother. Faramir had to smiled.

“Move over.” When Boromir lifted the blankets Faramir slid into the bed beside him.

“You’re warm.” He said, pulling him close. Faramir had always been the warm one.

“I hope Father is well.” Faramir said softly.

“I’m sure he is fine. He would have made it to Imhrail’s court last night, so there is no need to worry little brother.”

“I hope so.” Faramir whispered. Boromir kissed his forehead.

“Good Night Faramir. Morning is hours away and you need your rest.” He said softly. It was something that his mother always said to him when she tucked him into bed when he was young.

“Good night brother.”

Boromir had only been asleep for a short time when he woke. He was unsure at first as to what woke him, but after a few moments he noticed that the wind had calmed. He hoped that the storm had finally moved off.

Rolling onto his back he stared up into the darkness. He was warm for the first time since retiring for the night, and he knew that it was due to Faramir. Looking over, he could make out Faramir’s sleeping form. He lay facing Boromir, sleep having softened his already gentle features. Boromir was barely able to stop himself from reaching out and tracing the shape of his face.

The feelings that had begun to rise in his heart were not ones that he was unfamiliar with. Often he had sought refuge in the arms and bedrolls of his fellow soldiers. It was not uncommon, but he knew he should not be feeling this way about Faramir. Faramir was the most precious thing in his world. But laying there, watching Faramir, his lips parted slightly in sleep, all Boromir wanted to do was lean in and taste them.

He could feel the heat starting to rise in his face and his groin, and his mind began to race. What if Faramir should awaken and find him in this state? He could not let that happen. But as he moved to get out of bed, a smaller, warmer hand grabbed hold of his wrist.

“Going somewhere brother?” Faramir’s voice was quite. Boromir was glad of the darkness; Faramir could not see the flush that coloured his cheeks like a woman’s.

“No.” Boromir managed to choked out.

“Then go back to sleep brother. Morning is still hours away and you need your rest.” Faramir turned over and Boromir settled back down beside his brother, leaving a bit of room between them. He could not let Faramir discover his state of excitement. He wouldn’t understand.

They lay quietly for several minutes and Boromir was sure that Faramir had fallen back asleep.

“I know Boromir.” Was all Faramir said.

“Know what?”

Faramir said nothing in reply; he just brought his backside flush with Boromir’s hips. He rocked back and Boromir moaned softly. Instinctively his hand gripped Faramir’s hip, and he thrust forward looking for some friction. Through a haze of desire, Boromir struggled to regain control of his body. When he heard Faramir moan, he froze. No, this wasn’t right, this was Faramir, and he couldn’t let this happen. Letting go of Faramir’s hip, Boromir rolled away from his brother.

“Boromir, what is wrong?” Faramir sat up.

“We can’t do this. It’s wrong.” He breathed.

“Why is this wrong Boromir? We love each other.” Faramir reached out and touch Boromir’s face. Boromir watched silently as Faramir closed the gap between them and laid his lips on his. Boromir felt his resolve begin to slip when Faramir deepened the kiss and took hold of his head so he couldn’t move away. When Faramir finally ended the kiss, Boromir clung to him desperately, “How can this be wrong if we love each other?”

“You’re my brother, and you are still young.”

“I’m almost 19 brother; I’m not a child any more Boromir. I know what can happen between soldiers on cold winter nights.”

“It’s not only that, if Father was ever to find out…” Boromir whispered, his hands running through Faramir’s hair. With each passing moment, Boromir felt more of his resolve slipping away. He could feel Faramir’s excitement and it only served to make pushing him away that much harder.

“Father never has to know. I know how to keep a secret.” Faramir grabbed Boromir’s ass and pulled him close, “Can’t you feel how much I want you. One night is all I ask, one night when you belong to me and no one else.” When Faramir’s lips descended on his, Boromir returned his brother’s kiss with a degree of desperation, and in that moment he lost the last of his resolve.

Faramir pushed him onto his back, lips attacking his neck while busy fingers and hands made short work of his clothing. When Faramir’s hand gently encircled his cock, Boromir bit back a string of obscenities. His head was still raging with his heart. He knew they should not be doing this, but he could not make his body understand, or bring himself care. When he thought about it, their whole lives had been leading up to this moment, and now that he was here, he wasn’t about to push it away. Faramir was right; they loved each other, so how could it be wrong.

A moist tongue on the head of his cock brought him out of his thoughts, and Boromir opened his eyes to see Faramir take his cock into his mouth. In all of his life, he had never seen anything like it; Faramir’s blue eyes flashing bright with desire in the dark.

“Faramir,” He breathed. Faramir reached out for Boromir’s hand and held it tightly. After several minutes of teasing, Faramir let go of Boromir’s cock and moved to straddle him.

“You’ve done that before.” Boromir said, surprise evident in his voice.

Faramir laughed, “I’m no blushing virgin brother. I learnt more then just swordplay from watching you. Shall I show you something else I have learned?”

“Pray enlighten me.” Boromir responded, bringing Faramir’s head down for a kiss. With a few clumsy movements, Faramir reached down and took hold of Boromir’s cock, and very slowly began to lower himself on to it.

Faramir’s slow but steady movement, and his tightness threatened to make him lose himself in that moment. When Faramir finally had taken all of Boromir into him, they both let out the breath they didn’t know they were holding.

“Who taught you that?”

“Iorlas.” Iorlas had been their sword master, and Boromir should have guessed, he himself had been taught more then sword handling by the older gentleman.

“Was he your first?”


“He was my first too. He’s a good man, gentle and patient.”

“Well, outside of the practice ring he is.” Faramir laughed and squeezed himself around Boromir’s cock, “Enough talk, I have a stallion to ride.”

The ride was long and wild. Faramir had the uncanny ability to sense when Boromir was close to his climax and in those moments he slowed down. He did this several times until Boromir finally had enough and took hold of Faramir’s hips, fucking him in earnest.

He groaned and grunted as Faramir encouraged him with moans and demands to fuck him harder. After what felt like hours, Boromir could feel his orgasm building, and with a final thrust, he came. He held tightly to Faramir’s hips, holding him in place as he emptied himself inside of his precious younger brother.

Boromir was still aware of his brother’s erection and he took it in his hands and worked it until Faramir was panting and begging to come. Faramir leaned in and kissed Boromir hard and came all over his brother’s hand and stomach.

For a long time the only sound in the room was their ragged breathing and the howling of the wind. Boromir’s pulse was loud in his ears and he could feel Faramir’s heart beating rapidly under his hands.

“I love you Faramir.”

“Morning is hours away and I’m not done with you yet.” Faramir replied before kissing his brother again.

When Boromir finally woke in the morning, he knew it was late and that the worst of the previous day’s storm had blown off. The next thing he noticed was that he was lying alone in a rumpled bed that still smelt of sex. He sat up and cast his eye around the room. No sign of Faramir. It was probably for the best, but he still felt abandoned.

He was still sitting in bed when there was a knock at the door. It opened before he could say anything.

Faramir entered his room, carrying a tray laden with food. He was already dressed for the day, and Boromir felt somewhat disappointed. He smiled at Boromir.

“Good morning brother. I thought you might like some breakfast before having to deal with the aftermath of yesterday’s storm.” He brought the tray over to the bed, “And I thought it wise that the servants didn’t catch me in your room without the proper attire.”

“You always were the smart one Faramir.” He said as he dug into his breakfast,

“Is it bad in the city?”

“Not as bad as it could have been. There are a few things that need to be dealt with right away, but much of it can be left until Father returns. The roads into the city are very bad though, so he may be gone for longer the planned.” Faramir gave Boromir a look.

Boromir noticed the look; it made his blood race, and his face flush. Faramir had given him similar looks the night before. He remembered how Faramir had taken over and used him exactly how he wished, how he had moved inside of him. He never thought Faramir had it in him, to be so commanding, so dominating, Boromir found he wanted more of that.

“So, we can have a few more nights together before father comes home.”

“Yes, a few nights away from Father’s prying eyes.” Faramir kissed him hard, “But tonight we retire to my rooms. They are much warmer.”

Boromir laughed at that. “Whatever my lord and master says. You have my heart Faramir, now and forever.”

“And you have mine dear brother. Now the sooner we get things taken care of, the sooner we can retire for the evening.”

Boromir laughed as he pulled Faramir into the bed, kissing him soundly.

“Five more minutes will not make a difference.”

“No, I don’t suppose it will.”


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Thank you so much for the story! It was exactly what I wanted. Got to just adore all of that brotherly love. :)

Happy Holidays!


— Gondorbunny    22 December 2006, 23:15    #

OMG! I love the part when Boromir says “‘I love you Faramir.’” and he doesn’t reply the same thing! XD
Hilarious! And hard to believe Faramir would be the dominant one~ but you did good or well… whatever

— Whatnot!    28 March 2010, 05:30    #

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