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In the woods (PG-13) Print

Written by Afra Schatz

13 October 2008 | 441 words

It was silent and peaceful in the forest where the brothers slowly undressed one another. Just like the quiet rustling of the trees’ leaves, the golden rays of sun dancing gracefully on the ground it was a matter of light touches and tender smiles. The ache in their chests that had begun the moment Boromir had left the city, that had grown steadily through the days they were parted, the ache had vanished into nothingness the moment they had locked eyes again, had been replaced with contentment when they had touched again.

Faramir’s fingers caressed his brother’s broad shoulders and he lay his head back onto the dark green grass, felt the warm earth against his back as Boromir’s weight on top of him pressed him down. Slowly the elder brother removed Faramir‘s shirt, the last piece of garment left, his lips giving loving attention to every new part of skin revealed as if they touched it for the first time. Eventually Boromir silently asked his brother to roll over so he could continue his ministrations on the younger man‘s back. Faramir turned but kept looking at Boromir over his shoulder, curiously waiting for his reaction.

Boromir drew back a little when he saw it. Surprise twinkled in his eyes while he felt his heart pounding hard and fast at the sight. “The White Tree,” he whispered as his fingers tentatively touched the black lines on his younger brother’s slender back, not trusting his eyes alone.

“Do you like it?” Faramir asked softly and Boromir‘s eyes, searching his, said ‘yes’ before his hands and lips started to prove it. He caressed every branch, kissed every leaf and it seemed to him as if he could feel the identical picture, tattooed onto his own back years ago, pleasantly burning in return. He followed the lines of entwined twigs and licked down the solid trunk. He did not stop at the spreading roots and obeyed as Faramir asked him to map the unmarked flesh with the same dedication.

When later they lay on their sides and their bodies were joined Boromir pulled his brother close and could feel the white tree on Faramir‘s back, every line of the skilled tattoo against his sweaty chest. Once they had stopped trembling, Faramir started to hum contentedly and Boromir buried his nose in his brother‘s soft curls.

“Father will not be pleased.”, the elder brother whispered against hair the colour of autumn leaves, speaking out of experience, and smiling.

“I do not care,” Faramir replied quietly and listened to the wind in the crowns of the trees that guarded them, “as long as you like it.”

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Very nice! I especially like the last line!

— Ria    14 October 2008, 02:02    #

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