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The Time to Rejoice (NC-17) Print

Written by Kissa

22 December 2006 | 11846 words

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Title: The Time to Rejoice
Author: Kissa
Beta by the wonderful and very patient Iris <3
Pairing: Aragorn/Faramir (main), Elladan/(Aragorn)/Elrohir, Éomer/Legolas (just mentioned)
Rating: Obviously, NC17. In my AU, everyone’s getting it on in Gondor!
Word count: 11,736
Warning: AU and an overdose of fluff
A/N: This story is AU. The war is over, Arwen left Aragorn because she decided Gondor wasn’t the ideal place to spend a mortal life and she’s safely away in Valinor. And Faramir is younger than in the books and movies. Just to motivate myself a bit more J
Summary: The young and capable Steward of Gondor has a very inspired idea and it leads to a wonderful outcome for him and the lonely High King.

Written for the 2006 Midwinter Swap.

Request by Minx: Aragorn/Faramir, with inexperienced and clueless Faramir who needs to be seduced by Aragorn. Would be nice if twins and / or Legolas and Gimli jump in to help with advice or in any other way.

Chapter 1

The man they all called Thorongil smiled at the baby and bounced him on his knees a few times, careful not to shake him too much. The little one liked that a lot, since his giggles grew louder.

The man knew he would never have heirs of his own so he was very grateful that Finduilas had let him look after the baby while she and Denethor were away on a diplomatic visit to Imrahil.

Boromir was outside, with the sword master, who let him watch the soldiers training and thus kept an eye on the Steward’s first son. At the moment, Boromir was playing with his two dogs and the four kittens his cat had given birth to recently. He had asked Thorongil to help him carry the basket outside, and now he was in the yard, cuddling with the animals.

Denethor’s boys were both cute. Five-year old Boromir was agile and more curious than a cat, a trait which got him into a lot of trouble, while little Faramir was quiet and happy. It only took so little to make the baby smile!

This morning, when he had woken up, Thorongil had gone to wake Boromir, who was clinging on to his baby-brother in their peaceful sleep. Tickling the child’s belly, he had coaxed him out of bed, calling a maid to help him dress and instructing her to give Boromir a large cookie to go with his glass of milk. Looking forward to the treat, Boromir had followed the maid willingly and giggling.

The man had spent a few more minutes in his bed, hoping the baby would sleep longer so he could afford to do the same… and Faramir did sleep soundly until later, when a sun beam tickled his little face and he woke up, sniffing and trying to capture the beam in his small chubby hands.

Thorongil had gone to the crib and had picked Faramir up, noting the little one needed a change of diapers and a bath. He could call the nanny, but he decided he could take care of that himself.

Once Faramir was clean and dry, dressed in a new diaper and clean clothes, Thorongil took him in his arms, went to the kitchens and asked the cook for the baby’s breakfast bottle.

He waited patiently for Faramir to finish his milk, then gently patted his back until the baby burped, making all the kitchen staff laugh. The women in the staff loved the little lord, he wasn’t spoiled or loud and he was easy to look after, unlike most babies.

Thorongil had let the cute little one get to him. He loved holding him while he sat in a rocking chair in the library, reading some old strategy book. Faramir would play with his long hair a bit, giggle at the faces Thorongil made at him, then fall asleep suckling his little thumb, feeling safe surrounded by strong arms, the smell of pipe weed and the sound of a heart beating strongly.

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5 Comment(s)

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This is amazing sweetie, and I’m positively beaming now… It’s so wonderfully fluffy, I can almost forgive you for making me wait so long to read it… ;) hug

Laurelote    22 December 2006, 17:00    #

This is so lovely… thank you so much! I loved your Faramir. He’s so adorable and Aragorn is just so perfect for him. It’s really quite perrfect. thank you again K:)

Minx    23 December 2006, 16:21    #

Dear Minx,
Thank you for the kind words!!! I hope you really enjoyed the story, because I tried very hard to make it a nice one… although I could not abdicate from my excessive fluffiness, especially now around the holidays :P I know that some parts are severly non-canon, and that my characters do not resemble Tolkien’s… If I made them act a bit different to fit my story, I hope it didn’t completely kill the pleasure of reading…Because I for one like my Aragorn this exact same way, cuddly and caring and (sigh) you know what I mean. I also know that most people are fed up with seeing a Faramir in need of cuddling and lots of TLC... but then, who can ever say they had enough TLC? As for “toppy, kinky Faramir”, that was never my thing.
All in all, this sounds like too much of a justiciation… and I felt the need to write one because I want to be clear about one fact: I do not write non-canon stuff to be offensive, I do so because, well, these are ficitonal characters and I am writing slash about them so I think a certain, very permissive degree of creative freedom goes without saying.
However, I really hope you liked the story and didn’t get bored reading 7 mushy chapters.
Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Kissa    24 December 2006, 11:21    #

I’m a big sucker for Christmas. This was the best yet. It was nice to see Aragorn pull out Faramir from his shell. I loved the bit at the beginning. It made their bond later on become one. I also loved that bit at the end. Makes for an interesting next chapter since it involves a very sexy Legolas. Thanks again Kissa.

— balrog    7 September 2007, 03:30    #

Thank you for the awesome comment! I amso bouncy now!
and who would have thought anyone might find my (pregnant) Legolas sexy?! Yay for that as well!

— Kissa    7 September 2007, 09:52    #

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