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True to His Word (PG) Print

Written by Kissa

05 May 2008 | 884 words

Author’s note: written for the 25 fluffyfics at lj
Prompt 15. Birthday
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, I merely play with them. I will put them back before Tolkien comes to haunt me.

Faramir paced back and forth in front of the window of his room, which he inhabited alone since Boromir had left to finish his training with the Rangers.

He was worried. Everyone had forgotten or pretended to forget, as the day had been a black one for Denethor who had lost his beloved wife back then and the mere mention of a small celebration would make the Steward roar with anger.

Faramir knew better than to cross his father’s path on this day. While all the other boys and girls had parties with sweets and music on the day they had been born, he had to hide and pray his father would not find the time to come to his room and beat his lights out just because he existed.

This year however, there was one major concern that added to his distress, which made his father’s scorn seem insignificant; it was the first year when Boromir was not there with him, so they could cuddle under the blanket like kittens and talk while Faramir snuggled in his brother’s arms and Boromir told him stories he had heard from the Rangers.

He still hoped his brother would come to be with him on his birthday, especially on his majority. And yet, Anor had just set and Minas Tirith was getting ready for the night.

Sniffling to stop the tears from falling, Faramir went to the bed and undressed, putting on his nightshirt and slipping under the covers. He was exhausted from the day’s tension so he fell asleep right away.


Towards the morning, he was gently shaken awake by a warm hand and he cracked open one eye, wishing it was all a dream and he did not have to rise. But when he saw who it was, kneeling beside his bed, he snapped fully awake and jumped onto the barely outlined figure.

He wanted to say his brother’s name, but he was afraid that in his joy he would yell and wake their father sleeping down the hall. Before he could make up his mind, a sob wracked his lanky frame and he grabbed on to his brother, who held him easily, as if he was not clinging strong enough…

“Shh, do not weep, little brother, I am here… I am sorry for being late, but I would not miss your majority for the world!” Boromir husked in the darkness, stroking his brother’s back and noting how thin he had become. “I have even brought you a nice present to keep you warm.”

Now that his brother was with him, holding him close, Faramir did not care about anything else in the world, not about any vindictive father and not even the curiosity about his present.

He quickly helped Boromir get out of his travel clothes and armor and they snuggled under the covers, the same way they had always done since Boromir had been a child and Faramir but a babe.

All this time, he had not stopped crying, because the dread which had seized him in its grip during the day had been so strong and had lasted for so long that it would take him some time to free himself from it.

Boromir caressed his hair out of the way and kissed his temples, his eyes, the tip of his nose and his lips, a gesture of prolonged tenderness they only ever shared in secret, for fear of being judged as weak or degenerate. But the truth was Boromir needed to know and feel his brother close even more than Faramir needed him, because the little one embodied all that was worth swallowing his pride for, and fighting for. Gondor was such an abstract notion, too big for him to always be in touch with, but Faramir… Faramir could fit perfectly in his arms, Faramir would coo happily when he was squeezed lovingly in a warrior’s embrace…

And when he looked into the sky-blue eyes of his little brother, Boromir would see all his feelings and dreams confirmed in those eyes.

“Poor little one… did you really think I would not be here for your majority…” Boromir soothed, punctuating his words with a few caresses over the reddish blond curls.

Faramir was silent for a moment, swallowing back a big lump that had prevented him from speaking, then said:

“I am no longer little. I am a man now.”

Boromir looked at his brother, mirth and love radiating warmly from him, then ruffled Faramir’s hair saying:

“I shall ever see you as my little precious jewel, even when we sit side by side with grandsons on our lap.”

To this, Faramir could only sob with renewed intensity – something within him warned that Boromir would never make his words a fact.


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Oh no, sad end again! And it was so fascinating!

— Anastasiya    20 November 2009, 21:54    #

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