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What my Elf gave to me (PG-13) Print

Written by Lisa14

21 June 2008 | 726 words

Title: What my Elf gave to me
Author: Lisa14
Pairing: Faramir/Legolas
Rating: PG-13
Summary: On their anniversary Faramir wakes up to find his elf missing from his bed.

Written for the 2008 Midsummer Swap.

Request by Wingy: Contented, happy Faramir. Please, no emo, or just lightly if you must. Any pairing goes, no Denethor. Bonus points if you include Midsummer activities, and mention of a cat. >.> That one’s just my personal toss in, there.

Faramir rolled over to an empty other side of the bed which was unusual in itself and then he shot up in bed when he remembered it was June 20th. He looked all around his room looking for his elf on their 5th anniversary.

“Legolas, are you here? Are you in the bathroom?” He got up and checked and found the bathroom as empty as the rest of their quarters. Faramir really started getting worried then.

“Legolas, this isn’t funny, please come out and quit teasing me.” Then his voice got really soft, “Please don’t do this to me today, not on our anniversary. You promised you would never leave me. You are the only person that loves me.” Faramir broke into sobs on his bed.

“Okay well the only thing to do is to search for him maybe this is some hide and seek game he came up with.” Faramir was well aware that he was the more serious one and Legolas often dragged him into crazy things. Often he didn’t mind cause it reminded him of his older brother when they were growing up and also he loved his elf more than anyone.

Faramir searched everywhere for his husband and had no luck all morning, it was almost as if he feel off of middle earth. Also, everyone he asked had not seen him all day which was strange in itself. Finally he gave up for awhile and went to lunch.

“Faramir, there you are, where is Legolas? He swore to me if i gave him yesterday off he would have that report sitting on my desk this morning.” Aragorn asked him as soon as he stepped foot in the dining hall.

“You mean you haven’t seen him since yesterday morning? I figured he was working with you. He wasn’t there when I woke up this morning.” Faramir was really getting worried now, maybe he had done something to make Las mad at him. Of course this was reflected in his voice and his father being well versed in picking up any of Faramir’s weaknesses lashed out at him.

“Well, you can’t blame him if he did leave, he deserves a medal for staying and putting up with you this long. Lord knows i couldn’t have found anyone else to do and Legolas always deserved much better than you for….” Denethor was interrupted by Aragorn who had turned all his attention on the older man.

“Denethor, i have told you repeatedly not to critize and yell at Faramir anymore. I don’t know why you have such a low opinion of him and I really don’t care.”

Faramir decided that was a perfect time to sneak out as he had totally lost his appetite now. He walked to his favorite tree and cried himself to sleep. Dreaming of white haired beautiful elves.

“Meow, Meow,” Faramir awoke to a petting on his face and someone softly singing to him and playing with his hair. Only one person in middle earth ever touched him that intimately and he wasn’t a person but an elf.


“Darling, tell me why you were crying and why are you outside under a tree.” Legolas was totally confused as to what was wrong with his husband

“I thought you left me and nobody had seen you since yesterday and my father yelled at me and said you deserved better and i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have doubted you.”

“Shh, my love dry your eyes and remember your father is an ass and I shall have another talk with him and wild horses couldn’t keep me from you. Now look and see what i have been doing the last two days. A present for you for the best five years of my long life.”

“Oh, Las, a kitten, she is so cute and I love it so much and you.”

“I love you too, my darling.”

The End

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