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One Day (G)

By Geale; with Aragorn

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To think it would be you…
of all people.

Maybe one day they’ll know.
They’ll sing and speak
of us.

Of the love above,
in the Tower of stone.

And they’ll paint a picture on white-washed walls
of us.

And say there is joy
and love
in the Tower above.

Posted Aug 04, 2012

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3 Comment(s)

That´s beautiful! Both, the poetry and picture! The way their streaks of hair blend is quite striking (okay, it´s one of those ideas I wish MY brain would have come up with. I know, I know, envy is evil… ;) ). And the grainy structure of the paper makes it almost look like a mural. A mural with the poem chiselled beneath. So lovely!

— raven22372    5 August 2012, 09:46    #

aww….how lovely!!! And the verse too is so beautiful!

Minx    5 August 2012, 18:55    #

Thank you so much both of you! I – really – am no artist but I confess I do like to play around sometimes – and sometimes I gather up the courage to post something too.

Raven, sorry my brain got there before yours did… ;) But you’ll think of something else, I am certain,

Thank you for liking!

Geale    1 September 2012, 19:37    #

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