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Of course, Faramir and all the other persons, beasts, monsters, places and things from Middle Earth are copyrighted, and belong to the Tolkien estate. The rating system used on this site belongs to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). We – the authors and artists whose work is collected and referred to here – do not claim to own anything but that what came out of our own imagination, nor do we mean any harm.
We’re not making any money with this site, nor is anyone else (notice the lack of advertisement / sponsoring / endorsements). We’re just having fun.

Please do not copy, archive, link to or use the work found here in any way, without permission from the author or artist. Email addresses can be found with the archived material, or else contact the archivists and we’ll pass on your request.

Comments on fiction and artwork are very welcome: positive feedback is what keeps authors and artists going. So if you’ve enjoyed a story or pic, please let the author/artist know!
However, there’s no need to tell anyone you didn’t like her (his) work. Just move on and find something you do enjoy. De gustibus non disputandum est. We are all aware that tastes differ, pointing it out will not achieve anything other than getting people upset and yourself banned from the site.
Also please keep in mind that once a story or artwork appears on the site, the author/artist considers it finished, at least for that part. Please respect that, and remember that the author/artist has artistic license. Most people do not appreciate ‘corrections’ from anyone but their beta readers. Remember we all do this in our spare time, so it is unfair to expect the same standards as you would from paid authors with professional editors.

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Both Textpattern and the templates, as well as several of the plugins, have been adapted by this site’s team to fit its needs.
If you’re interested in setting up a fan fiction and/or fan art archive using Textpattern, feel free to get in touch, we’d be happy to advise or even share our site architecture. And one day we’ll release that open-source one-click install package…

This site contains material that is not suitable for those under the age of 18, and we therefore believe the site as a whole is unsuitable for minors. A clear popup warning visitors the site is for adults only appears once a month, or when the user removes her (his) cookies. The site has been labeled with the Internet Content Rating Association, so if you have Censor Ware installed, this site will not harm your children.
However, the site’s administrators would like to point out that they believe software can never be (nor should it be!) a substitute for talking with your child about responsible internet use.


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