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Alex Quine

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Written by Alex Quine; with Éowyn

Elboron discovers how difficult it is to find reliable staff in Middle Earth

Posted Jan 30, 2013

Written by Alex Quine; with Éomer

When Faramir tries to persuade Éomer to do what Elessar wants, he finds himself face-to-face with a fragile world, a secret revealed and the promptings of his unquiet flesh.

Posted Aug 09, 2007

Written by Alex Quine; with Éowyn

In Ithilien the Prince and his lady are finding their way slowly

Posted Jun 11, 2011

Written by Alex Quine; with Aragorn, Boromir

Manflu hits Gondor
A.N. This ficlet is written for Caras-galadhon and Savageseraph. Many Happy Returns of the Day ladies!

Posted Nov 26, 2007


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