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Written by brie; with Finduilas

It is love at first sight for Finduilas, but in Denethor, a seed of scorn is inevitably sewn. As Finduilas’ love for her little Faramir grows stronger, the seed blooms into that of disdain for the youngest son of the Steward, and the lives that are scathed by Denethor’s contempt will never be the same again. Based off the song In My Arms by Plumb.

Posted Nov 04, 2008 | 2428 words | Comment [1]

Written by brie; with Arwen

After the redeemed King Aragorn of Gondor is called to the south to answer the war call of the Haradrim, Arwen is left behind in the care of the quiet, vague Captain of the Guard, Faramir. But as Arwen slowly begins to find herself desperate for comfort, and Faramir falls deeply under the Elf queen’s woven spell, the two discover there is more to their feigned platonic relationship than stolen glances and secret desires.

Posted Nov 03, 2008 | 835 words | Comment [2]


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