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Written by Buttonbright; with Merry

Merry and Faramir spend quality time in the Houses of Healing.

Warnings: This fic contains explicit M/M, inter-species sex. If you don’t like that kind of thing, by all means don’t read!

Posted Nov 16, 2004 | 4768 words | Comment

Written by Buttonbright; with Mablung, Damrod, and other Ithilien Rangers, Frodo, Sam

No one is poaching Henneth Annûn fish in this alternate universe. So what is it that keeps Faramir and his rangers up at night? Frodo and Sam learn the answer.

Warnings: The explicit sex is strictly M/M, as well as inter-species, so don’t read any further if that’s apt to disturb you. A past rape is referenced but not described in detail.

Posted Nov 16, 2004 | 7429 words | Comment

Written by Buttonbright; with Mablung, Damrod, and other Ithilien Rangers

Young Faramir presents himself for the first time at Henneth Annûn, where it turns out that changes will be necessary.

Warnings: The first half includes an attempted rape, but the second half gets very consensual indeed.

Posted Nov 16, 2004 | 10738 words | Comment

Written by Buttonbright; with Boromir

This fic takes the form of a letter to Merry from Faramir. Though written a few days after the Captains of the West have returned from the Black Gate, it concerns itself primarily with events from Faramir’s unhappy youth. It references my earlier fic, An Ending And Two Beginnings, but it can still be read independently.

Warnings: Brotherly incest may be squicky at best, and here it’s a source of real trauma. Fortunately, that’s only in the first half. Things do lighten up in the second half.

Posted Nov 16, 2004 | 6651 words | Comment


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