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Written by Carla Jane; with Boromir

Imagine that the line of Stewards are actually the royalty of Gondor, that Gondor owns Rohan, and that Denethor is the father of not only Boromir and Faramir… but Éomer and Éowyn, too. Okay? Now picture Aragorn as a demon/vampire under the command of the royal family of Gondor. Put everybody in incestuous relationships with everyone else, call it a Middle-earth soap opera…give Carla Jane some drugs…and this story is the result.

Warnings: Rape, incest

Posted Mar 30, 2004 | 95414 words | Comment

Written by Carla Jane; with Boromir

Boromir has an encounter with his friend, Corwin. Faramir sees more than he should and decides to act on his discovery.

Posted Apr 03, 2004 | 5986 words | Comment


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