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I’m an Italian girl, who studies History at the university, writes novels and sometimes gets them published, and who firmly believes that fanfiction makes your writing better.

I have now been lost nine in years in Middle Earth; and I have no intention of coming back. My undying loves remains the Silmarillion (Tùrin, Feanor and Maedhros, to give you a few favourites; and Galadriel rocks it all); but when we come to the War of the Ring, Faramir wins the day hands down.

Yep, even before David Wenham came along with those sapphire eyes of his (not that this did not make things even more pleasant.)

My fic on this site is a Faramir/OC; where I’m quite proud of having invented a plausible Elven maiden. Legolas has a part in it, too, as the idea came originally from my little sister’s plead for a fanfic with a decent love interest for Thranduil’s son.

You’ll also find me archived under the same name at Fanfiction.net, OpenScrolls.net, and Lotrfanfiction.com ; on these sites I’ll be publishing a Maedhros/OC chaptered fic as soon as I’m done with ‘Scattered Leaves’.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to drop a comment. ;)

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Written by Eldalie; with OFCs, Legolas

NOMINATED FOR MEFA AWARDS 2010 Six years before the War of the Ring, Faramir patrols Ithilien, and there meets Miriel, one of the Elves that used to live there before Sauron tainted the woods with his presence again. Miriel is back out of nostalgia for her birthplace, but has left her heart North in Mirkwood, with Legolas… or will the mortal Captain of Gondor, this Child of Men, make her forget everything that is past?

Posted Apr 21, 2010 | 41396 words | Comment [29]


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