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Written by The Vixenne; with Aragorn, Arwen

Written for the 2009 Midsummer Swap.
A/F where a busy learning ropes as steward Faramir is pursued by someone else [anyone, canonical or omc, gondorian, rhunic, hardaric, man, orc, wizard, elf… possibly even two elven twins:) ] Enter jealous!A, who will win over F, somehow, and very very comprehensively… no place for the other character finally! The courtship with the the other character can be all nice or have elements of violence/non-con, up to author. Also up to author how far it needs to go before A steps in. I’d love it if there’s at least one scene with F being groped, held against a wall, either consensually or not, by Aragorn or the other character… and hard and fast sex over a desk with F being ‘pounded into desk’ by either one again would also be nice!

Warnings: Voyeurism, bent-over-a-table sex, a smidgen of het (but not much)

Posted Jun 20, 2009 | 4531 words | Comment [4]


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