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Written by Laivindur

23 May 2013 | 3387 words | Work in Progress

Title: Daily brotherly love
Author: Laivindur
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Faramir & Boromir

Faramir is ordered to play a strategic board game with his older brother to make him more of a thinker than the rash doer.
Added: Chapter 4

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Chapter four

On a sunny morning, with birds twittering outside the open window, Faramir woke up all disheveled in his bed. He squinted at the sun and had to blink a couple of times before it came to him which day it was.

The grey eyes widened and he stumbled out of bed. He had to collect himself as the blood rushed to his head and he reeled over to his night desk while grasping his forehead.

“I’m never drinking that much ever again,” he murmured.

Walking over to his bathroom he smiled, remembering the evening before when drinking with his mates where he’d won a battle and the celebration had perhaps gone a bit too far.

He swallowed down a good deal of water as the maid entered. She started to remove the sheets after placing a basket next to her.

Faramir pulled off his night shirt and started washing and dressing.

“Are you alright, dear? Do you need something for me to bring?”
The maid called when going to the other side of the bed.

Faramir walked over to her in only his trousers and a plain white shirt,
“I need help with the outfit, could you help me?”

The maid had not yet gotten used to Faramir becoming of age and smiled to him as he looked down on her from his sudden gained height, “Of course I will. With no sister or-” She stopped as she did not know how Faramir felt about his mother’s passing, but as she saw his questioning and slow gaze, she continued in a soft and comforting voice, “or mother. I am honored to help you on this day.”

A sad smile from Faramir melted her heart and she turned him around to lead him to where the fine clothing was.

They walked through the hallway and Faramir was no longer as shy as before where he walked with so little clothing.

The maid straightened up when Boromir turned up. He had been looking down at the steps up to the hallway, but now that he looked up and saw his little brother, he smiled and raised his hand in greeting.

Faramir’s smile was small and humble, but had to grin when his older brother looked at him with pride. “Will you look at that! How do you feel, brother? Do you feel any older or smarter?”

The younger man chuckled and placed his hands on his sides while speaking, “I must say that all that beer you pressed into me last night actually got me back to state ‘dizzy disoriented baby’.” The maid had to smile at how they seemed to resemble one another in turn. She blushed when cleaning her throat to cut them off and get Faramir behind a door before someone else saw him.

“Go and get dressed, little one,” Boromir tapped his brother’s shoulder.

“Hey,” Faramir turned after him, “I’m not little anymore from this day.”

The resolute and gentle being stunned Boromir for a moment before he answered, “don’t expect too much, brother…I have stopped treating you like a child, but you’re still my little brother.” The unexpected lump in the older brother’s throat made him turn immediately, leaving Faramir with his small smile.

In the great party room everything was set, the breakfast was done hours ago, and guests had started to arrive for the celebration of Faramir’s 17th birthday.

“Faramir, you have become so stern and big and grown up since I saw you,” Imrahil embraced his nephew and smiled while grasping Faramir’s shoulder with a manly shake, “Denethor hasn’t tamed you so soon, has he?”

An awkward smile and uncertaint gazes made Imrahil laugh and embrace him even more, “That’s my Faramir.”

“No, uncle you don’t understand. I know father will keep an eye on me all day so I may be alittle…you know…uptight.”

“That’s fine, lad. I bet you had lots of fun yesterday, eh?”
Faramir laughed an uncertain laughter, “What? I didn’t- what do you mean?”

Imrahil blinked and waved his finger at him, “Alright, alright. I get it. I think I’ll go find your father and take his eyes off of you so you can go say hi to a certain lady waiting for you at the stairs.”

Faramir didn’t get to respond as his uncle went off.

When he saw Imrahil catching his father for a chat at the balkony, he dared to look around after the lady. He saw Mindoril standing at the stairs to the garden, his childhood friend who had come back after years away.

To be continued…

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