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Written by AlexanderW

24 December 2010 | 3228 words | Work in Progress

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The world was shrouded in silence, as if it was holding its breath and waiting for the most important of responses to be spoken by the Steward of Gondor.

Two pairs of eyes held each other’s gaze – one pair desperate for a response, the other pair blank – well trained after years of masking and suppressing emotion. The world waited a bit longer.


The world let out its breath and the noise returned in full force. Wind, birds, the city, laughter, cries of traders. I look confusedly at Faramir.

“I tell you I love you and you say ‘Eh?’” We look at each other again, our eyes drawing our complete attention, and the world seeing it needed to draw breath again to hold went to do so until-

“Umm… yeah” Faramir cocked his head slightly and gave me a look of pure innocence; ruined of course by the smirk on his face. I only had to take one look and burst out laughing. We promptly fall over in a tangled heap.

Being somewhat more regal, I extract myself from the tangle to immediately pin down a laughing Faramir and look again into his eyes, those beautiful blue-grey eyes.

“So… what’s the verdict, Steward?” I am pretty hopeful – the playful manner Faramir had taken gave him expectation for a response I wanted to hear. I’m really desperate to hear those three words said back to me, really desperately wanting Faramir to-

“I love you too, King” Yes! “But why tell me now?” Ah…

Faramir, although deliriously happy with this turn of events, was a little confused, hurt almost. If Aragorn loved him, then why had it taken so long to tell him those precious words? Had he only just started to love him? Was it jealousy of Éowyn? What if-

“Faramir, stop thinking and just listen” I’d been watching Faramir’s face intently and noticed the conflicting thoughts wash across his face, the expressions getting progressively worse.

“Faramir, I have loved you for such a long time but it was my ineptitude at working these things out myself that has delayed me. Thankfully I have a wife with more sense who got me into gear…” I spoke softly and comfortingly to Faramir, trying to reassure him. The last thing I want at this critical time is to give Faramir the wrong impression about my motives. All I want to do was love Faramir as much as possible, but knowing Faramir, he’d probably see too much into nothing.


“But what?”

“Aragorn, I have a wife. You have a wife. This is not exactly grounds to start any sort of relationship. I’d rather not do anything that will jeopardise my marriage with Éowyn, considering I love her too-”

I was watching Faramir again, his words just slipping through my brain without leaving any trace. I love how his brow furrows when he’s thinking, it twitches slightly when something impor-

“Aragorn!” Faramir was looking slightly perturbed at his king.

Startled, I cringe a little at the raised voice. Oops

“Err… yes?” Faramir continued to look annoyed.

“No?” No change.

“…What was the question?” Faramir’s look of disapproval cracked into a grin at the question. I sigh in relief. Phew

“I was asking about Éowyn – what can we do?” Faramir did look troubled by the prospect of ‘cheating’ on his wife and frankly I have no intention of doing anything Faramir wasn’t comfortable with.

“In all honesty Faramir, we’d have to tell her” I tell him with conviction “I obviously don’t want to jeopardize anything with your wife, but-”

“But you did just declare your love for me” Faramir smirked, somewhat amused at the situation. “Of course we’d tell her. It seems only right since as you said it was Arwen that got you to tell me of your feelings.” He looked around, the gardens shimmering in the breeze and sunlight. His hair moving somewhat in the wind, I couldn’t resist not stroking the hair away from his eyes, his face fair and beautiful. As it always had been.

Faramir shook my hand away, a blush creeping up the side of his face. He looked back at me, searching for something – most likely a deception of some kind. I decide I needed to make my intentions clearer, something he couldn’t mistake for anything else.

“Faramir” Faramir didn’t move – he seemed frozen, waiting almost.

“Faramir, look at me” he twitched his head, as if caught out. I grin. I know that feeling.

“Yes?” Faramir was watching intently again.

“I love you” I smile as I bring his lips to mine. His perfect, soft, beautiful lips, surrounding mine in the most passionate and tender of ways, his tongue supple and pliant under my own as we kissed, exchanging the clear message that what we had here was precious and couldn’t be lost. My arms surrounded him as we roll over, him on top of me, grinding into me. His back, muscular and firm, ripples as I break the kiss and smile at him.

Faramir looked pretty dazed. Still got it. I smile again at him

“Fancy taking this somewhere a little more comfortable?” I ask, not wanting to push too hard – but still desperate to carry on the unearthly kiss. Faramir hitches himself up, straddling me for a moment before standing up and offering his hand to me
“Of course, but…” I give him a look as I get to my feet. What now?! Faramir looks back at the citadel.

“What of Éowyn?” I stop brushing myself down and draw Faramir close to me, his head naturally falling onto my chest.

“I happen to know she’s on the 4th circle today, looking at cloth for a new dress.” Thank you Arwen and your penchant for parties “We can either go inside and carry on what we started or we can wait for her to-”

Faramir looked up suddenly. “I want to carry on. We can tell her later when she’s back” I grin at him. Clever boy. I feel him tugging at my hand.

“Are you coming?” he looks to me and then citadel, clearly wanting to get on with the kissing. And maybe even more? I look up to see Arwen retreating into the shadows of the balconies. I can’t see it, but I can imagine the smile on her face.

“Of course I’m coming!” We set off, Faramir leaning into me. I can feel the happiness radiating off him. I think he can feel my happiness too.

“I’m glad I never really let go of you” Faramir suddenly said, looking up. I stare back into his eyes, not quite understanding, but somehow knowing what to say.

“Well then, I’m glad I decided to get you back” We smiled at each other.

Finally, my world is complete.

Well, it’s been over a year since I wrote the first chapter. Pretty much, a combination of a new life, no time and a somewhat unwillingness to finish this has combined to form this last story I’ll write about Faramir. I don’t know when or why really that i realised this, but i feel the time is come to say goodbye to Faramir as a character, as a member of my stories and as a large part of my life.

Everyone – Anastasiya, Ingrid (and Geale as an author on here of high distinguish) in particular – have been important to my development as a amateur writer and getting me through terrible times but because of you all, I’ve become a better person because of it. My dearest Anastasiya – my apologies for letting you down for so long but i hope you’ll take the completion of this as an apology and as a Christmas present. i do remember promising two chapters for the completion of the story and I’m working on it, but there is no guarantee. i like whats happened here and it depends on if anything comes to me if it’ll continue – otherwise, this is a sad but thankful parting of ways from me as an author here. thank you =]

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5 Comment(s)

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Oh, so beautiful. I can’t wait to read the ends. I love your stories, they are so sweet and loving. I wish I could write like you, but I can not. I am so thankful that you post yours so that someone like me, totaly untalanted, are allowed to be enchanted and swept away from the real world for a moment. Thank you

— Ingrid    17 August 2009, 23:26    #

Oh, I so wait for the end of this! No, not end, I’d like, but beginning of beutiful story about love and peace between the King and his Steward. Ingrid is right, all your stories are sweet and loving, but every day you write better and more sensual!
Thank you very much!

— Anastasiya    18 August 2009, 04:13    #

Awesome! I can’t wait to see how Aragorn salvages this one. I shall keep my eyes peeled for more.

— Kelly    18 August 2009, 19:56    #

I love the words: ‘he sounded beautiful, he looked beautiful and I just knew he was beautiful in every way’… I like the manner you write. But I wonder if you intend to write more?!
I have read your stories once more and I am eager to know how Faramir will react.
Please write!!!

— Anastasiya    18 October 2009, 11:48    #

Dear AlexanderW, I must say that I haven’t actually expected any sequel to this story already and I’m very and very happy now to see it, to read it and take pleasure from your fine work. That is really wonderful Christmas present and thank you very much for it and your kind words also. You are and were always good writer and if you consider your art here as finished, so it’s your right. Honestly, my time here is also finished, I feel, so I understand you very well.

Thank you once more. I will be very glad if you decide to continue this story or write some new stories and, of course, I would be the happiest person to be your friend further.

Kiss you:))))

— Anastasiya    6 January 2011, 18:33    #

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Hi, I must say, I am bit of a rubbish writer, even if my imagination is in the right place! But I hope anything I write is enjoyable to read for those who read it.

I’m very much into Faramir/Aragorn or Faramir/Beregond (which there not enough of!) and a nice bit of slash would be most appreciated

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