Comments on fiction and artwork are very welcome: positive feedback is what keeps authors and artists going. However, there’s no need to tell anyone you didn’t like her (his) work. This site tries to include something for everyone: all ratings, all flavours, anything goes. As a result, there’ll be very few people (if any) who like everything at this site. De gustibus non disputandum est. If you’ve found something you didn’t like, just move on and find something you do enjoy. All of us already know that tastes differ, pointing it out will not achieve anything other than getting people upset and yourself banned.

Nor do most people appreciate ‘corrections’ from anyone but their beta reader. Once a (part of a) story or artwork appear on the site, the author/artist considers it finished. Please respect that and remember that the author/artist has artistic licence. It is unfair to expect the same standards from hobbyists as you would from paid authors with professional editors.

And however much you may be looking forward to them, it also isn’t very polite to nag authors for updates, least of all when ‘Update soon!’ of ‘Write more!’ is all you say in your comment. Remember they all write in their spare time and share their work without charge. Instead, try investing some of your time into writing a nice review as a way to say thank you – letting them know that there are people on the other end who really enjoy their stories is what keeps authors motivated and inspires them to write more!

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