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I cannot thank you enough for your every encouragement and observation. (Letter #10) (G) Print

Written by Anorienbean

23 July 2009 | 1791 words

Title: I cannot thank you enough for your every encouragement and observation. (Letter #10)
Rating: G
Fandom: LOTR
Word count: 1668
Characters: Haldir/ Faramir, RĂºmil/Orophin, Denethor, Boromir
Beta: The smoochable and ever so talented minxkat who truly makes the best suggestions. Trust me, you’re lucky I have her. :)
Author’s Notes: 1. Written for 10_letters.
Prompt: 16. Love
2. No money was made from this. All characters belong to JRR Tolkien and his estate.
3. SUMMARY: Haldir’s latest and final update to his brothers.
4. Totally AU – follows neither bookverse nor movieverse.

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Dear brothers,

First, let me thank you for sending my letters back so quickly. Thraril delivered them to me yesterday morning, and before he even made it out of the citadel, I was sliding them under Faramir’s door.

I am sure you are wondering if that was a wise choice or not – after all, I bared my soul in those letters, and they could be quite embarrassing.

I had nothing to lose, however. Nothing at all.

As I slipped them through the thin space between the door and floor, I heard my beloved pacing inside, muttering to himself the entire time. The soft scraping sound of my letters gave him pause and after a moment, I saw them being pushed back out towards me.

I had not seen Faramir since the day of Boromir’s visit, and his last words to me – “I don’t care,” had sounded so final, I had not left my chambers since. All that time, being in the same city – the same residence as my love and knowing he would not even look at me, was torture. I did not want to make things more uncomfortable for him than they had to be, so I ate, and slept and dreamed of Faramir, never stepping outside my bedroom door. The word from the servants, however, was that Faramir had stayed in his chambers as well, so he obviously wanted to take no chances that he might see me.

I could not go back to my rooms without trying one more time, so I gently slid the papers forward again, and rested my forehead on the door. I think the desperation could be heard in my voice when I managed to speak just loudly enough for Faramir to hear me. “Please.” It was the only word I could say, the only thing I could think of, the only one that made sense.

After a moment, he pulled the papers into his room and all was silent. After a while, I returned to my own rooms and waited.

I was prepared to wait forever, but an hour later, there was a soft knock on my door.

When I opened it…

There he was.

My lovely, breathtakingly beautiful Faramir.

My Ranger.

My love.

He simply looked at me for a moment and sighed. “May I come in?” he asked after several seconds of awkward silence.

Like I would ever say no to him.

“Of course.”

Faramir came in and sat down in the chair his brother had sat in so often. I could not help but notice that he had my letters in his hand, all rolled together and tied with a red ribbon – not the way they were when I pushed them under his door.

I had so many questions to ask, but I was afraid to speak, afraid that I would say the wrong thing and lose him forever.

He slowly, silently, untied the ribbon, unrolled the letters and read from the first one. “‘He is beautiful and intriguing and strong and lovely and yes… I think I have finally fallen in love.’”. Faramir looked up at me and held up my first letter. I remembered those words as if I had written them yesterday. He held up one finger to silence me.

“‘Every bit of him is perfection, his eyes, his body (what I can see of it) his hair, the smile he bestows on everyone but me.’” Letter number 2. “‘If anyone is worth waiting a lifetime for, it is my dear, sweet Faramir.’” Three.

He read select lines from each letter, never giving any hint of what he was feeling. Finally, he put the last letter down.

“Even when I was horrible to you, you said kind things about me,” he said.

“Of course I did.” My eyes met his, and I could not help but smile at the confusion in his clear blue eyes. “I love you.”

“You don’t know me.” He was looking at me in near amusement now. “How can you love me?”

I held his gaze and I am quite sure my surprise was evident. How could I love him? Gods. I shook my head in wonder and said, “Faramir. How could I not?”

He blushed but I am the one whose skin felt heated from it.

“My brother… he has been trying to protect me all these years,” my Ranger sighed. “I thought he was only trying to best me in yet another matter.”

“His heart was in the right place,” I agreed, “but his plan was a poor one.”

Faramir nodded.

I simply stared at him, drinking in the sight of him, my fingers itching to reach out and touch his perfect skin.

“He sat outside my door for nearly an hour,” Faramir explained. “I refused to speak with him, yet he would not stop trying to explain. He said you pushed him away in every manner possible. That at times he felt the very sight of him made you ill and that not once did you ever waver or show any interest.”

I merely shrugged. “He speaks truthfully,” I finally answered, still nearly unwilling to say anything kind about Boromir’s hurtful little games.

Faramir looked down at the letters, gathered them together and ran his fingers over the words my quill and ink had left behind on the parchment. “This is not the first time he has done this, obviously,” he said softly. “But it is the only time it broke my heart.”

I froze again, afraid to move, afraid to speak – I do not think I was even breathing at that point.

Finally, his lovely blue eyes rose and he looked directly at me. “If you still want me…”

I did not even allow him to finish. With the speed only an Elf possesses, I closed the distance between us and knelt before him. My hands rested on his knees and to my delight, his blush became even deeper. He did not push me away, however. Instead, he parted his legs, wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me closer.

And time stopped.

Your mighty brother, Captain, Marchwarden, warrior, and his Ranger – a strong, intelligent, and incredibly fearless man – were both suddenly shy and reticent and completely at a loss for words.

Everything I had ever wanted was before me, and…

I could not move.

Faramir found his wits long before I did. His hand lifted to my face and he leaned forward. When our lips met, the bond that had first formed all those weeks ago in the citadel dungeon now sprang to life. I felt it, rather than saw it, because my eyes were closed, of course, but there was no doubt whatsoever that it was there, slowly weaving its way around us in an intricate design known only to the ones who had decided on the design and decided to put the two of us together.

The next thing I knew, Faramir had moved forward, never breaking our still innocent kiss, and carefully lowered me to the floor. He lay just over me, finally letting his tongue push forward past my oh-so-willing lips, and my arms pulled him closer.

I will spare you the details, my dear brothers. Suffice to say that as I am writing this, my beloved sleeps, his head in my lap and my fingers combing through his hair. Weeks of misunderstandings and frustration have taken their toll on us both, yet I wanted to write this letter before I closed my eyes.

Our lips are red and swollen, our breeches are uncomfortably tight, but we are both still completely dressed. The physical part of our relationship will begin in 3 nights… just after our official mating ceremony.

Yes! Our mating ceremony!!

I should, however, add that the descriptions I gave you of my dear Faramir in my earlier letters might not be exactly accurate. The man you meet when we reach Lothlorien may not exactly be the shy, reticent man I first waxed poetic about. I had, in the beginning, thought that I would need to go very slowly and carefully in teaching him the intricacies of lovemaking.

I was mistaken.

Faramir, you see, has read every book in his father’s library. Every book, including the ones Denethor never wanted his sons to see.

When he pushed me back on the floor and kissed me, I was determined to be gentle. He, however, had other ideas, and after our lips parted, he proceeded to whisper… secrets… against my ear.

Over the next hour, his words alone taught me more than I have learned by personal experience in over a hundred years.

Our wedding night, I think, will prove to be the most beautiful, erotic, and passionate night of our lives.

We quite possibly might not be able to walk for at least a week.

Either of us.

You have, through each of my letters, followed our romance, my brothers. Your responses to each have given me hope and lifted my heart (especially the one where you both offered to teach Boromir a lesson by means of a rope, a sturdy table, a candlestick… and a goat).

I cannot thank you enough for your every encouragement and observation.

My Ranger and I will reside here in Gondor for a few more months, then we will journey back to you, and to my beloved Golden Wood to reach our home around the time of winter solstice.

I cannot wait for you to meet him. I know you will welcome him to our family with open arms and that you will love him as much as I do.

Judging from Faramir’s… shall I say… ‘suggestions’ and plans, I doubt I will have time to write again any time soon. Know that I am well, that I am loved, and that I am happier than I ever thought possible, and I fully plan on making him feel the very same way.

Always with love to you both,


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I must confess I have been secretly checking every day waiting for this latest installment. I have enjoyed this so much I cant even tell you. I’m so happy to see this come out the way it did. Although I still think Boromir deserves the use of the table, rope, candestick and goat! Thank you for always entertaining me so much!

— Kelly    23 July 2009, 21:32    #

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this as well. Thanks so much for posting all your writings. They capture the characters and feelings so well and I just love your work. Thanks again!

— Ria    24 July 2009, 02:35    #

These were the sweetest letters ever.

— Ashley    30 October 2009, 09:21    #

I don’t have the words in English to describe how I feel after reading such magnificent story. And I don’t think I could find the words either in Spanish to tell you how many feelings I felt while I was reading it. It was wonderful this couple is wonderful. I loved it! The mistery involved in the story was great it make me stay here reading and reading without wanting to stop in any monent. This story was priceless it is definetely my favorite of all the Faramir and Haladir stories I’ve read it so far. It was beautiful. I’m speechless, I just can say you thank you very much for writing it, and writing the letters which were the sweetest letters ever that I would read in my whole live. Thank you!

— LoretoW    22 March 2010, 06:23    #

Wonderful story! I just love it!!!!!

— Gloria    14 October 2011, 02:13    #

Wonderful story and you are a great writer, hope you will write more stories some day. Your faramir haldir stories are fantastic.

— Blondie    10 February 2014, 23:37    #

thank you very much for this story. It has been beautiful and great fun to read. What a fantasy you have. Have you written more lately?

— tolkienlover    24 November 2016, 21:38    #

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