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The Outcast (NC-17) Print

Written by Phytha

24 June 2006 | 6209 words

Title: The Outcast
Author: Phytha
Email: inanna_at@yahoo.de
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Faramir/Legolas/Glorfindel; Glorfindel/Thranduil (implied)
Beta: None, but checked with Thesaurus and repeatedly proofread
Warning: Angst; BDSM; kink
Disclaimer: The characters still belong to Mr. Tolkien, not to me (sigh!) Just played around with them in my crazy mind.
Summary: Legolas and Glorfindel find something on their way to Gondor

Written for the FaramirFiction Midsummer Swap

Request by Sivan: Faramir/Legolas/Glorfindel - new experience, Faramir/Legolas - rough and hot slash, like they born to be together. Light BDSM, light angst.

“Now tell me ‘Fin, why do we really go to Gondor? I know it isn’t for negotiations with Denethor. I think, when father asked you to be my mentor, he didn’t mean you to drag me down muddy roads through cold rain to a fruitless diplomatic visit.”

Legolas threw an angry glance at his tutor. He loathed riding hour after hour through unpleasant weather; he loathed even more to meet the unfriendly steward who was well known for his dislike of elves. And never had Glorfindel told him about the real meaning of their journey.

“Stop pouting!” Glorfindel couldn’t suppress a chuckle. “You’ll get wrinkles if you continue to make such an angry face and they would spoil your immaculate beauty. But you are right; our journey hasn’t got anything to do with negotiations; that is only our official statement. I want you to meet the most stunning treasure of Gondor. I’m sure you’ll find the steward’s secondborn well worth the little discomfort we met on our way.”

“Faramir?” The young elf’s eyes gleamed with anticipation. “I’ve heard about the gorgeous captain of Gondor’s guard. But I’ve also heard that Minas Tirith doesn’t approve of our – way of life so how do you think you can persuade him to meet me in the way I surely think you have in mind?”

“That something is prohibited by law and society doesn’t mean that there aren’t some who crave just this. They just have to be more cautious. So would you believe me that I know that fair Faramir would be very glad meet you? We’ll just have to be careful that nobody notices what we are up to. – But hey – you aren’t listening to me, what’s distracting you?”

Glorfindel suddenly realized that his companion was wearily watching a certain spot in the undergrowth lining the narrow way just a few steps in front of them. With an urgent sound the prince caught his arm and pointed towards something that looked like a ragged bundle of cloths thrown thoughtlessly under the bushes. The warrior let his gaze follow the outstretched arm and gasped in surprise when his eyes fell on the still form of a human body.

“Wait!”, he hissed when Legolas started to dismount his horse signaling him to stop. His sharp warrior senses searched the surroundings for any sign of battle or ambush. He could sense nothing, not a hint of danger, fighting, blood or even disease, only the vanishing smell of human life emanating from the crumpled body. Maybe a lost wanderer fallen in the throes of deadly exhaustion and cold; but surly someone who was in dire need of immediate help. Quickly the two elves hurried towards the unconscious man.

“Valar, it’s Faramir!” Glorfindel stared in utter shock at the pale face of the stranger. “Quick Legolas, help me to wrap him in blankets and let’s bring him to the shelter we passed only some miles back. Oh dear boy, what misfortune has befallen you?” The mighty Balrog Slayer couldn’t hold back his tears as he looked at the face of the barely breathing young warrior.

“Faramir? That is Faramir, Denethor’s second born, but why is he out here all alone? I can’t see the traces of other humans, not even hoof prints from his horse. He is the captain of the guard, why should he be here all by himself?” Almost babbling with nervousness the young elf helped to lift the limp body securely on Glorfindel’s horse.

“You can ask him everything as soon as we have him save and sound – and awake of course.” Grumbling the warrior mounted his horse and headed back to the hut that was meant for wanderers to find refuge. Surely Faramir had tried to reach this very place to find the protection of the shelter when overtiredness overtook him.

As soon as they had reached the place of safety Legolas started to build up a warming fire while Glorfindel removed Faramir’s soaking wet clothes. As always he was stunned by the sheer beauty of the young man; although he looked way too thin every single rib protruding clearly visible through the pale skin and making the Elda’s heart cling; but there was no time now to let his gaze linger too long over it. He rubbed the numb body down with a heavy cloth in order to get the blood-circulation back into the limp limbs. In the meantime Legolas had the fire going and approached his friend with a questioning look.

“Continue to rub him warm ‘Las, but don’t get too distracted by his striking loveliness; at the moment he is in dreadful need of our help, not our admiration. I’ll prepare some tea and soup. We should try to get something warm and nutritious into him he looks like he hasn’t eaten for quite some time.”

Obediently the elven prince followed his orders, very pleased as soon he noticed a slight deepening of the breath and a light shade of healthy rose spreading over the pale skin. He didn’t want anything more than hold the young male beauty in his arms and share his own body warmth with him. But this surely had to wait till later. First they had to try to feed Faramir properly; the pointy bones and the deep shadow beneath his eyes being a sure sign of malnutrition and deep exhaustion. Maybe later he would be put to rest cuddled in the arms of at least one caring elf, maybe even two.

During the whole process of feeding Faramir stayed only half conscious, never opening his eyes but swallowing eagerly the delectable broth. “Tired” he finally murmured and at once fell into a healing sleep. Glorfindel and Legolas exchanged a nod of silent agreement before they both undressed, leaving only their leggings and slid into bed on either side of the slumbering man to keep him warm and cozy through his sleep.

Faramir slowly awoke from a most peaceful slumber. He felt warm and safe when all he reminded was hunger and cold. Shortly he wondered if he might have died and this would be afterlife, but after all he had heard one wasn’t supposed to feel comfy after death. It felt as if two warm bodies were cuddled comforting around his own, he even thought that he could hear the relaxed breathing of two sleeping beings. Reluctant from being dragged out of this most delicate dream back to the hostile reality he stretched his muscles, savoring the comfortable feeling of regained strength and gradually opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was being surrounded by gold. The deep rich gold of ripe corn and the slightly paler shade of midday sun mingled with the coppery gold of his own hair. Turning his head he looked straight into the most stunning blue eyes he had ever seen.

“Good morning, my beautiful, I hope to find you well rested.” A soft voice whispered and luscious red lips placed a tender kiss on his forehead.

Gasping at the unexpected touch the Gondorian turned his head with a start as he felt some movement behind him only to gaze into another smiling set of deep blue eyes.

“It’s good to find you hale and awake at least.” The deep rumbling voice sent shivers of recognition through the young man.

“Lord Glorfindel! Is it really you? Did you really come back?” Suddenly a deep frown of confusion settled over the blushing features of the man. “But how comes that I am here? The last thing I remember is being deadly tired and cold. How did I get to be here with you and...ähm..?”

“Yes, it’s me and I did come back just as I promised. But let’s talk about these things later, my sweet warrior, just let me tell you that we found you in quite a bad condition and brought you here. But now let me introduce you to Legolas Thranduilion, Prince of Mirkwood. Legolas, this is Faramir, son of Denethor and captain of the guard of Gondor.”

“No more, my Lord elf, no more am I a captain and a son.” Faramir murmured barely audible, his eyes filling with tears. “Faramir, son of no father I am now, outcast of Gondor.”

Both elves drew in an audible gasp. “What happened?” they asked in unison shock ringing clearly through their voices but the man only buried his head into the pillows and his shoulders shook with suppressed sobs.

“Oh my poor boy, what dreads you must have gone through!” Glorfindel ran a soothing hand over the quivering back and placed a tender kiss on a trembling shoulder. “But you still look starved. Maybe I should prepare some food to break our fast; the world can look much better with a full belly. Legolas, would you mind to keep our distraught friend company, while I prepare breakfast?”

As an answer the young prince wrapped his arms securely around the still shuddering Gondorian and cuddled him comfortingly to his chest. His hands drew calming circles over the tight-strung muscles and his lips moved lovingly over tearstained cheeks murmuring reassuring endearments, words of being save with caring friends, words of no need to be alone anymore until Faramir gradually relaxed into his gentle touch.

When Glorfindel returned with a tray laden with broth, bread and sweet fruits Legolas only reluctantly let go of the beautiful man in his arms. The tree of them ate in silence Faramir casting stealthy looks at his gorgeous hosts, blushing deeply every time he found his gaze returned in the same way.

“Now if you feel comfortable with it, we’d like you to tell us what evil has befallen you to have us find you like we did, half dead from cold, hunger and exhaustion. What happened to you to make you an outcast of your own realm, rejected even by your father?” Feeling the young man tighten up again the Balrog Slayer put a supportive arm around the skinny shoulders instantly mirrored by an eager Legolas who drew himself smugly close to the strained body. “You don’t have to tell us but certainly it would ease your mind to share your troubles with us. Be assured that you are safe and among friends, no evil will be allowed into this room. Just lean on to us and let us hold you through the revealing of your ordeal.”

Thusly reassured Faramir took a deep breath and cuddling into the comforting embrace of two of the most stunning beings on Middle-Earth started to speak.

“There is not much to be told. My …way of living is different and not looked upon kindly. My … preferences are thought to be a shameful abomination by Gondorian standards, exceptionally by my … by the Steward. So I had to be careful, gaining my pleasures in stealth but one time I was not careful enough.” The speech had started reluctantly but soon spilled out more freely illuminating the burden relieved from Faramir’s heart. “I made the wrong choice, relied on the wrong people and found myself betrayed. I always knew that this could happen but I was unable to restrain my needs; especially not after you, my Lord Glorfindel had shown me the outmost pleasures that lay within.” He cast a half fearful half longing glance at the Golden Warrior whose face paled in sudden realization of the consequences of his once tryst with the young son of the steward.

“Oh my sweet one, I’m so sorry, so very sorry, that I brought you in this situation! Hadn’t it been for me all of this maybe never would have happened. Can you ever forgive me? And please don’t call me Lord.”

“There is nothing to forgive, it would have happened anyway for I am like I am. If it hadn’t been for you to show me how good and right and pleasurable it is I might well have ended up regarding me as an abomination myself.”

Through all of this Legolas had stayed silent stroking and kissing the young beauty in his arms, but having witnessed this conversation and noticed the affection still clearly radiating between his tutor and the young man he couldn’t hold his tongue any longer, a predatory gleam showing in his eyes.

“So it’s been you ‘Fin? It’s been you to be responsible for all of this? My father trusted you to be my mentor, to teach me everything I ought to know. Does this too belong to the bed-manners you’re teaching me? You just seduced the young son of the steward, took his innocence and left him, knowing exactly the hostile surroundings he had to live with? Just robbed his virginity from him and left him to his own good or bad, never even thinking of what you’d done. And even now this gentle soul still looks with fondness in his eyes upon you! Oh I think you ought to be punished for that!”

The underlying mirth of these words penetrated Glorfindel’s guilty musings and as he caught the dangerous sparkle in the young elf’s eyes his body instantly began to respond and an appreciative moan slipped out of his throat. He started to say something but Faramir, misjudging the situation completely cut him short.

“No please no, my prince, he didn’t do anything wrong! Please, don’t punish him! He didn’t take anything that was not freely given.” Deep crimson shaded the man’s cheeks but he was determined to face his own embarrassment in order to save his first lover from punishment. „I… I don’t even know who’s been seducing whom. I …I actually threw my virginity on him, begged him to relieve me from it, he couldn’t do naught but take it.”

Seeing Faramir’s troubles Legolas placed a soft kiss on his lips: “Don’t worry my beautiful, it isn’t like it sounds. I’d never willingly hurt ‘Fin. Consider it a game, but you surely should get some kind of retribution for your pains, as well as he needs to be punished. How about I let you do it?”

“A game? How can someone consider punishment as a game? It’s embarrassing, painful and terrible, I’ve never heard of people doing it just for fun. Is this an elven way? And no, I don’t think that I could do it.”

“It can be a game,” the Golden Warrior knelt down beside the still stunned man taking his hands in his own and calmly holding his gaze, “and a most pleasurable one as it is. But only if it is made clear among all participants that it is just this, a game and nothing more. And it has to be based on love and respect and trust, all three of them sincerely between Legolas and me. I trust him completely never to cause me more pain than I am willing to take and enjoy, and I would put the same trust in you, knowing that he would watch out. I definitely deserve punishment for my mindless behavior and I gladly would accept it from your hand and grant you all the retribution you desire.”

“But surely,” the prince cut in, “we can’t take justice only in our own hand. I will have to report this event to my father to enable him to discipline Glorfindel properly.” Chuckling at the raged moan elicited from the Golden Warrior’s lips by only the mention of Thranduil’s strong and unyielding hands he flashed a smile at Faramir. “Look, how the prospect of being at my father’s mercy makes his arousal come to full attention. Strip ‘Fin so that we might see what the sheer thought of the ordeal the king will put you through does to you.”

Glad to be rid of the suddenly all too tight confines of his leggings the Balrog Slayer obeyed, his twitching member standing proudly between his legs. With a feral grin Legolas snipped his fingers over his pebbled nipples and nodded with a knowing look at the bewildered young Gondorian who couldn’t keep himself from staring at the magnificent nakedness of his erstwhile lover.

“Ah see, my lovely Faramir, how he is already barely able to restrain himself. What do you imagine right now ‘Fin? Do you imagine king Thranduil in all his glory having his wicked way with you?” Smirking mischievously at the way Glorfindel threw back his head, groaning loudly; Legolas drew a pearly drop of precome from the engorged shaft and brought his finger to Faramir’s lips. “Taste him, my sweet one, isn’t he delicious? Yes, lick his liquor from my finger. Do you believe now, that he likes, what’s going on? But still we have to decide what to do with him for now. I think some spanking would be quite in order. What do you say, lovely?”

“I… ähm … I” caught unaware by the sudden question Faramir slid his tongue over his lips to memorize the unique taste of the Golden Warrior still a little bit shy about the unexpected development of his encounter with the two elves, “I don’t know, but … ähm … if you think it right , ..well then …”

“Then it’s decided! Glorfindel, hands on your back and grasp your elbows? You are not allowed to loose your grip. Now bend over Faramir’s knees. I suppose, I don’t have to mention that you are not allowed to come. I’ll give you some help with that later on, for now my command has to be enough. So, love, how many slaps do you think we should grant him?”

Unable to answer the Gondorian was all of a sudden very aware of his own state of nakedness under the thin blanket. He felt the firm arousal of the Balrog Slayer brush over his thigh as he lend over his lap and shifted involuntary to gain more of the sweet friction, the movement causing the coverlet to slip completely to the floor. Gasping at the contact from skin to skin he dug his fingers into a firm buttock.

“I see, you are a little bit distracted, this I can truly understand thinking of what a beauty our warrior is. Just answer me cone short question. How old were you, when this evil elf seduced you?” At the barely audible reply of “Twenty-three” the prince smiled sweetly at the young man. “ So this will make twenty-three slaps for you, one for each year, and fife more from me, because it took him fife years to let me make your acquaintance when he should have had me meet you at once. If you feel more comfortable I’ll start .”

After kneading the firm muscles to loosen them up Legolas swiftly brought his hand down in several hard slaps, every single one causing Glorfindel to squirm and whimper in pleasure. Then he nodded to Faramir to continue. Reluctantly at first, although he was clearly aware from the way the Elda wriggled his leaking shaft against his hip how much he enjoyed the harsh treatment, the young man brought his palm down on the slightly rosy buttock. When he heard a ragged moan of approval a bolt of joy flashed through his body and he continued the strange ministrations with more confidence. To his own embarrassment he felt his body respond to his actions, his breath quickening and his member straining to full hardness.

Feeling Faramir’s arousal come to life was almost Glorfindel’s undoing the sweet stinging pain combined with the throbbing flesh nudging his belly was more then he thought he could bear. When the spanking finally ended he pulled the young man into his arms and covered the flushed cheeks with open mouthed kisses murmuring words of thank into his ears.

“Well done, love, you treated our Golden Warrior quite well.“ The younger elf drew the Gondorian into a firm embrace and caught his lips in a passionate kiss

Watching the two gorgeous beings in this most intimate way had left quite an impact on him too. A big bulge made his leggings feel uncomfortably tight and a wet spot was growing on the thin fabric.

“But this was just the beginning, this was just the punishment of an evildoer. Now we come to the part of your retribution. Glorfindel will be totally at your service. Tell him what you want him to do to you.”

Legolas couldn’t conceal his urgent desire to play a certain, possibly big, part in the forthcoming events. He let his hand glide over the pulsating column of flesh throbbing between Faramir’s legs and couldn’t resist swiping his tongue over the leaking head savoring the heady taste of the first drops of precome; moaning in delight at Faramir’s strangled cry and the way the young man tried desperately to push his hardness into the hot wetness of his mouth urgently in need to gain more of the heavenly sensation.

“What is it, you crave?” he whispered hoarsely his palm still moving over the throbbing length, “Do you desire to take him or do you rather long to be taken? Do you want to burry your arousal deep within his body or would you rather have him fill you with his big column of velvety steel?”

Groaning Faramir rolled his head on Legolas’s shoulder, the firm touch on his twitching member almost too much for him to bear. He opened his mouth to answer but the only thing he was able to utter was a husky moan as pictures of what was about to happen swirled through his mind. Finally he forced himself to get his wits together as much as possible and drew a deep breath.

“Want to be taken,” he stammered breathlessly, “ need so much to be filled to the hilt. No one ever dared to do this to me, being the son of Gondor’s Steward. No one dared, as much as I longed for it. No one since him.” He cast a longing glance at Glorfindel who knelt beside the bed silently awaiting his orders before returning is eyes to the younger elf. “But I want you so much to take part, I long so much for your touch, I’d never want you to be left out. But I don’t know … I’ve never ..Do you have any idea?”

“I actually have something in mind.” Legolas felt lightheaded, all his dreams coming true , “I would like to have you sitting in my lap as Glorfindel enters you and brings you to fulfillment. I’d like to hold and kiss you and feel every single one of his thrusts as he plunges into you, our arousals rubbing together until we both scream out our release.”

Eyes wide with wonder and anticipation Faramir could only gasp a silent agreement: “Ah Gods, … please yes, I’d like this so very much.”

“’Fin go and fetch the oil!” The younger elf tried in vain to keep his voice steady and firm the urgent desire ringing clearly through his words and his fast breathing spoiling the attempt. „And you may put on the leather straps. I don’t want you to spill before the retribution is paid to its full measure and I can’t ask this of you without granting you a little help with it. I promise you won’t stay unrewarded if you fulfill your task properly.”

As the Balrog Slayer went to retrieve the ordered things Legolas took the opportunity to get rid of his damp leggings and allowed himself to let his mind drift. What a gorgeous sight they were, three most stunning males their long hair three different shades of gold all of them in full arousal, their member standing proud and twitching to attention, big pearls of precome forming on their swollen heads.

Seeing the straining length of the striking prince at least released from its confines Faramir couldn’t help from moaning out loud and bending over he swept an eager tongue over the purple tip to gather some precious drops of moisture, shivers of pleasure running up and down his spine as Legolas threw his head back in bliss and a feral groan escaped his lips.

“Now come on my lap, my eager one, I can’t wait any longer, want to feel all of you, straddle my lap and let ‘Fin prepare you for the most ultimate pleasure he is able to give.”

Shivering in anticipation Faramir sat astride his soon to be lover both of them hissing in delight as hot velvety steel touched hot velvety steel. He almost felt delirious. It was going to happen, his greatest need was going to be fulfilled. He was going to be taken again after such a long time, would feel again the wonderful bliss of being stretched and filled. Grinding their arousals together Legolas captured the young man’s lips in a fierce kiss, plunging his tongue deep into his throat mimicking the other act that would soon take place. Kneading the muscular globes with unyielding hands he spread them to reveal Faramir’s most secret opening, causing the man to thrust his hips moaning into the unbroken kiss.

Glorfindel coated both elve’s fingers with oil and soon four hands were kneading firm muscles, delving deep into the narrow cleft and lingering deliberately over the pulsating entrance. Still Faramir jumped in surprise as the first finger breached his body wriggling his way in to the first knuckle before he relaxed with a blissful groan and gave himself over to the most welcomed sensation..

“Hold him for me ‘Las,” the warrior grumbled hoarsely, “ hold him for me so that I can throughout prepare him for what is to come.”

“Ah yes ‘Fin, prepare him good for you. He needs it so much. Let me watch you prepare him. …Ah Valar … it’s so hot to see your finger disappear in his body. Let me feel it through him.
Ah, sweet Faramir, do you feel his finger thrusting into you, does he give you pleasure with his finger? Are you ready for another one? … Give him another one of your fingers, ‘Fin and stretch him wide open, let me see it, let me feel his body shivering with lust.”

The Golden Warrior pulled his finger out of the quivering channel only to add another and Faramir stiffened shortly at the slight burn . Legolas traced a soothing oil-slick digit around the stretched opening and soon the Gondorian was moaning again in pleasure, thrusting his hips eager to impale himself deeper on the probing fingers, each movement causing his throbbing length to slide over an equal needful hardness.

“Ah so wanton, so wanton and needy. Tell me how it feels, Faramir, tell me what ‘Fin does to you, tell me how much you like it.” Legolas felt himself fall deep into the throes of passion meeting every movement of the man’s body with a fierce thrust of his own hips. He had dreamed of this but reality proved to be much more enticing.

“Feels so good Legolas,… so good what he does to me… ah, need more…need…AAH GODS…so good… need to be taken now…need it so much!” Faramir’s eyes were glazed with sheer rapture and the sight of it almost caused Legolas to lose it here and now.

“Take him now ‘Fin!” the young elf’s voice was thick with arousal and need. “Let me oil you up and take him. He is so ready for you, he needs you so much, we both need you….Ah need so much to feel you enter him. Hold him open and let me help you enter him.”

Pulling his fingers free but still holding the pink hole open and circling it with the cup of his digit Glorfindel couldn’t suppress a growling moan as his friend covered his almost hurtful hardness deliberately with oil. Legolas then traced the blunt tip over the quivering opening, nudging it gently before he pushed the spongy head through the tight ring of muscles. At once Faramir stiffened with a short cry of pain and clenched his hands around Legolas shoulders.

“Ai I forgot how much it hurts at the beginning!”

“Relax love, relax, breathe, you know it will pass soon. I’ve got you, lean on to me, let me hold you through this. You even can bite I my shoulder if need be.”

Slowly relaxing from the initial shock of penetration Faramir felt the hot column enter him inch by inch to give him time to get accustomed to the considerable girth. As the pain ebbed away he let his body be swept over by the blissful feeling of being gradually filled.

Through the movements of Faramir’s body Legolas could feel enter his lover step by step. Never before in his life had he experienced such a heavenly sensation. He looked down and groaned throatily at the sight of his friend’s hard length slowly disappearing into the tightly stretched opening. Enchanted he traced his digit over the wide-spread red ring eliciting a keen gasp from both, elf and man.

Faramir was moving feverishly between his two lovers impaling himself deep onto Glorfindel’s arousal and rubbing his own throbbing hardness against Legolas’s weeping shaft.
Overwhelmed by the double sensation he was far beyond words, needful whimpers interrupted by lustful cries all that would pass his lips. The elves answered his pace eagerly both of them drowning heavenly bliss.

As the man’s movements became more erratic, his muscles tightening in the approach of his release Legolas cast a glance at his fellow elf wanting to urge him on to push Faramir to an even higher amount of elation. The sight he was granted almost pushed him over the edge. The Golden Warrior moved his glistening length in a maddening steady pace in and out of the quivering tight channel completely abandoned in the throes of absolute exultation; his head thrown back in rapture, biting his lips to keep himself from crying out loud but unable to suppress the most delightful strangled sounds; his whole body shaking at the onslaught of suppressed release.

“Take him harder, ‘Fin, make him come! …Ah ‘Fin… I’m so close… so very close… Ah yes, make him come,…make him come with me!”

Glorfindel started to plunge in deep fast thrusts into the squirming body, the leather straps causing further mind- blowing sensations to both of them until Faramir’s body spasmed and with a keening wail he found his release followed immediately by the prince’s hoarse cry as their seed mingled between their bellies.

Minutes passed by and none of the three males found himself able to move still trembling through the aftermaths of a mindblowing ecstatic climax, only Glorfindel moaning in frustration over his still unspent need. Slowly coming back to their senses Faramir and Legolas realized that their members never had softened standing up hard and throbbing eager for a repetition of their tryst.

“Ready for another round?” seducingly the elven prince rolled his hips and at Faramir’s enthusiastic nod mentioned to the Balrog slayer. “Help him turn around and impale him on me but move him slowly I want to feel every inch of him.”

Pulling the shivering Gondorian into his arms the warrior gradually turned him around positioning his still stretched and oil-glistening opening exactly over the tip of Legolas’ pulsating arousal impaling him steadily on the velvety steel.

Faramir drew in a ragged breath as his slightly sore flesh was once again breached but the awareness that it was the fair prince, for whom he had secretly longed since the moment he laid his eyes on him the first thing in the morning, who filled him so entirely fueled his need to an unbearable amount.

Legolas felt himself drawn into the silky smoothness of the shivering passage massaging his girth and surrounding it like a tight glove. His body shook with delight as he was finally fully sheathed.

“Valar … I never thought …I never thought …so good ..Please ‘Fin let him know the bliss of your mouth . I want you so much to pleasure him with your mouth while he surrounds me so tight and hot.”

As Glorfindel dragged his tongue over the weeping slit and started with sucking and nibbling ministrations Faramir couldn’t help to voice his delight in a throaty sob.

“Ah gods …too much …too much …can’t take it!”

The Elda relaxed his throat to swallow around the twisting head hollowing his cheeks to add tantalizing suction all the while massaging the pulsating vein with his tongue. Faramir was totally at a loss. His head lolled unsteadily over Legolas’ shoulder, fervently rolling his hips and rocking them back and forth he screamed out his bliss with keening wails which grew high-pitched whenever the secret center of his lust was nudged by the unyielding hardness penetrating him to the very core of his being.

“Ah.. can’t hold back any longer …Bring him over ‘Fin … make him spill …but don’t swallow I want to drink his essence from your mouth.” The barely concealed blissful groans interrupting the words bearing clear evidence of the prince’s condition.

The beguiling words were more than Faramir could bear; his mind went reeling as all his muscles tightened in the foreboding of a mindblowing release. He felt the inner muscles of his channel grasp Legolas in a firm grip trying to push him over the edge as well. His whole body went rigid as his hips thrust out one last time and with a fierce roar his hot fluid spilled forth into Glorfindel’s eager waiting mouth.

Still shaking and trembling the Gondorian watched in amazement as the two elves shared his creamy liquor in an ardent kiss, the mere sight causing his spent member to twitch and bringing another wanton moan from his lips.

At the first taste of his lover’s sweetness Legolas felt his body stiffen and groaning hoarsely into Glorfindel’s mouth he his shot thick spurts of seed deep into the still clenching channel.

Having regained his breath Legolas smiled fondly at the Golden Warrior: “You have pleased us so very well, my golden friend; now let us reward you for everything you did for us. Lay back and relax, my gorgeous one, and let Faramir and me show you, how much we liked what you did to us.”

The elf and the man settled themselves on either side of the Elda and started in unison to work their mouths over his broad chest. Eager tongues flicked over peaked nipples softly teasing them with nibbling teeth while Legolas dragged his hand down to nimbly undo the confining leather straps still wrapped tightly over the painfully straining erection.

Glorfindel groaned in rapture as he finally was about to get what he has longed for for so long, his body jerking in anticipation as the two mouths moved lower over his taut belly until the nuzzled the soft curls at the base of his arousal. Two sets of lips moved up and down his throbbing length, two tongues swirled over his swollen head and dipped into the leaking slit, eager to gain a precious drop of precome Legolas relaxed his throat to take the warrior whole, licking over the pulsating vein and swallowing around the tip his head bobbing up and down in sweet suction; while Faramir paid his full attention to the heavy pouch, licking and nipping at the velvety skin and drawing the heavy balls deep into his mouth.

Wave after wave of hot pleasure ragged through Glorfindel’s body but his needs had been restrained too long to make him able to relax into a quick release. As his pleading moans and the wanton writhing of his body increased Legolas wetted one finger in Faramir’s mouth, deliberately taking has time to tease the already tightly drawn pouch, and gliding it over the quivering opening breached the tight ring of muscle . Wriggling his digit around he searched for the tiny nub of nerves the touch of which would help to bring Glorfindel to his much needed climax. Never ceasing to suck and nibble around the throbbing arousal in his mouth he guided Faramir’s hand to gently rub the place between the taut sac and the breached opening.

The double onslaught on the hidden spot of ultimate pleasure proved to be way too much to bear. His body arching into a nearly sitting position the Golden Warrior finally found his release the vigorous contraction of his muscles forcing the air out of his lungs in an almost primal scream.

Drifting into sleep between his two elven lovers Faramir heard Legolas softly whispering in his ear: “Could you imagine Mirkwood your new home? I have no intention to let you go from me again and I would surely appreciate a repetition of today’s events.”


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Wow, that was lovely and incredibly hot!
I’m sure Faramir doesn’t mind quite so much about his exile now. ;)

laurelote    28 June 2006, 03:17    #

So glad you liked it!
I also believe that Faramir’s live is much happier now, than when he was in Gondor. Only wonder if he will tell me about it, maybe, one never knows…

— Phytha    28 June 2006, 07:20    #

That was a lovely fic! Nice and hot and with enough angst too! :)

Minx    2 July 2006, 20:48    #

Can it get any hotter!!!!!! This was great. I’m glad Faramir was exiled. He never would hav met those two. Nice fanfic.

— balrog    26 December 2007, 05:19    #

Wow, thank you so much for your comment! It’s been greart fun to write it.

Phytha    2 January 2008, 22:12    #

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