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Fever (PG-13) Print

Written by HeriTavaril

28 February 2008 | 1514 words

Title: Fever
Author: HeriTavaril
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Faramir & No Pairing
Warnings: angst

Faramir gets sick and Aragorn and Legolas look after him.

Aragorn was heading out of the council chambers when he heard the commotion behind him, he looked round to see his advisors clustered round Faramir who had just collapsed on the floor.

His brow creased with worry as he knelt down beside the prone steward, he had thought that the young man had not looked well this morning. Faramir opened his eyes and tried to work out why he was lying on the floor, Someone had hold of his wrist.

“How do you feel?” Aragorn asked him concerned.

“Feel hot” Faramir muttered, he seemed to be having difficulty in thinking and everything kept swimming in and out of focus. He had a vague sensation of being carried before he drifted back into unconsciousness.

For the next while he hardly knew what was happening, at one point he was convinced that his father was trying to burn him alive, then there were voices speaking to him but he couldn’t make out what was being said.

Aragorn and Legolas sat by the fire speaking quietly so as not to disturb the sleeping man. On Aragorn’s instructions, Faramir had been brought into the royal apartments and put to bed in one of the guest rooms. The healers were dealing with quite a few cases of fever and Aragorn did not wish to add to their burden when he was sure that he could take care of his steward himself. Éowyn was away visiting her brother in Rohan and Legolas and the King were discussing if she should be contacted.

“She will be furious if she finds out we have kept this from her” Legolas remarked.

“I know but there is little she could do by returning home now and if it runs the usual course he will be better before she gets back.” Aragorn told him, “I do not think Faramir would want her to come back now, she would risk contracting the fever herself.”

“Well elves seem to be immune” Legolas said doubtfully but what about you? You cannot afford to be ill at the same time as your steward, that would leave Arwen and myself to run the kingdom and I think there might be a few objections to that.”

“I have been in and out of the houses of healing since this fever first appeared” Aragorn reminded him. The king considered it his sacred duty to visit those who were seriously ill. Legolas had once remarked, rather unkindly, that the citizens of Minas Tirith kept healthy out of a dread of being visited by their monarch, an observation that had led to an undignified struggle and ultimately a passionate bout of lovemaking which had of course been his aim all along.

“If I was going to get this fever I would have had it by now” Aragorn continued so I think it best he remains here. I will care for him and you can help me.”
“Since when have I been a nurse for feeble humans?” Legolas asked feeling he should at least make a token protest.

“Since I appointed you to that position” Aragorn told him “unless of course you want me to tell Arwen you refused to help.”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it” Legolas said hastily, Arwen had a way of making her displeasure felt that left the unfortunate victim feeling very uncomfortable.

“Good! Aragorn said briskly “you can start by getting me a bowl of cold water and a washcloth, off you go.” He sent Legolas in the direction of the bathroom with a push and a slap on the rear. Legolas gave him an outraged glare before stalking off muttering something about bossy kings.

Faramir remained delirious for two days, on the third day he woke feeling extremely weak and tired.

He tried to sit up but was prevented by Aragorn who laid a restraining hand on his chest..

“My Lord, what happened?” he asked confused.

“You had a fever, you must have known you were ill yet you said nothing of it.” Aragorn scolded him gently.

“I didn’t want to bother anyone” Faramir murmured, Aragorn sighed, his steward still refused to see his own worth and hated to draw attention to himself.

“Faramir we have been through this before, you must tell me when something is troubling you or if you have too much to do.” Aragorn urged him.

“Can I have some water? Faramir asked weakly, his mouth felt dry and he was still very hot. Aragorn helped him to sit propped against the pillows and held a cup to his lips.

“Sip slowly, don’t gulp” he instructed.

He knew he must have fallen asleep after that, because when he was next aware of anything it was Legolas who was sitting beside him.

“How do you feel?” the elf asked him leaning over and putting a hand on his forehead.

“I’ve been better” Faramir admitted in truth he felt absolutely miserable, Denethor had seemed to consider that his younger son got ill just to spite him and this had always made him feel even worse.

“Could you eat some soup” Legolas said fetching the bowl. Faramir nodded weakly, more because arguing would take more effort than he felt capable of than because he was hungry.

The soup was a mistake, after a couple of mouthfuls his stomach rejected the liquid and it came back up, mostly over Legolas who had been spoon feeding him.

“I’m sorry” Faramir said wretchedly as Legolas rose to clean up the mess.

In a few minutes the elf had changed his clothes and the soiled bedding and had wiped Faramir’s mouth and brought him some water.

“It’s alright Faramir” Legolas told him gently, you couldn’t help it.

The tenderness and kindness undid the last of Faramir’s composure and he began to sob uncontrollably, Legolas held him and stroked his hair whilst murmuring soothingly.

“Silly human!” Legolas told him fondly “I admit having someone being sick over me isn’t the best thing that ever happened but did you really think I would be angry.”

“Father was furious the time I did it to him” Faramir admitted, “after that if he came to see me at all, he kept his distance.”

Legolas frowned, he had heard of some of Denethor’s callousness towards his younger son but he found it difficult to believe that a father could behave that way. His own father had often been furious with him but usually for good reason and never out of unkindness or indifference.

“Well it’s time you got back to sleep” Legolas ordered, so lie down and let me tuck you in.” Faramir smiled feebly.

“I’m not a child” he protested

“Compared to a 2000 year old elf you are!”

“Doesn’t make you less childish only older”

“Faramir, shut up and go to sleep” Legolas told him firmly, pressing a kiss to the man’s forehead. “I will stay with you till Aragorn comes.

Faramir, feeling much loved and comforted, relaxed back into the bed and fell asleep.

The next morning Faramir woke up feeling a bit better and to his surprise quite hungry.

Aragorn came in with a tray which he set down on the table beside the bed. He raised Faramir to a sitting position and as Legolas had done the night before started to spoon feed his patient. Faramir managed to keep down the porridge and also ate half an apple that Aragorn sliced up for him. If the steward had thought he was embarrassed by his King feeding him it was nothing compared to the way he felt when Aragorn hauled off his nightshirt and proceeded to wash him.

Legolas was watching with some amusement at the look on the young man’s face and he moved in to try to take the other half of the apple still left on the tray, Aragorn slapped his hand away.

“Leave that alone it’s not for you!” Legolas looked hurt and Faramir glad to extract a little revenge stuck his tongue out at the elf and then yelped in surprise when Aragorn cuffed him on the back of the head. Legolas grinned smugly and stuck his tongue out at Faramir.

“Stop behaving like children!” Aragorn admonished but without much hope of being obeyed.

Faramir was beginning to enjoy himself, the attention made him feel secure and having Aragorn wash him, whilst embarrassing felt very good indeed.

“Well since nobody brought me any breakfast I had better go and find some” Legolas huffed as he left, but neither man paid him any attention.

The steward leaned back against Aragorn’s chest, he was dizzy and hot but he suspected it was more than just the fever that was affecting him. Feeling suddenly daring he twisted round and kissed Aragorn full on the lips. The king looked surprised for a moment and then leaned in and returned the kiss sending pleasant shivers down Faramir’s spine.

Aragorn drew back and regarded the younger man.

“You are in no fit state to follow that through” he said keeping his voice neutral.

“I know” Faramir grinned wickedly “That’s why I did it!”

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“Doesn’t make you less childish, only older” Loved that comment.

A very nice story. Thank you!

— Ingrid    5 January 2010, 17:52    #

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