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10 years

Feb 28, 2014

The Faramir Fiction Archive is ten years old today. On this day ten years ago, a first version was put together by one half of your friendly admin duo and a link emailed to the other half. The site was unveiled to the public 5 days later (2004 was a leap year), on March 4, 2004.

Naturally, things have slowed down a little since those early days, but back then we’d never have guessed this little site would still be going ten years on, with new stories and new authors still adding to the collection. Thank you all!

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Many happy returns!

— Nerey Camille    2 March 2014, 22:35    #


admin    8 March 2014, 21:41    #

I think its wonderful you have been here for 10 years. I have been enjoying your site for some months now, I hope you continue to write and add stories to the site. Some of the stories I have read twice . thanks.

— blondie    11 March 2014, 18:54    #

Thanks Blondie! It’s great to see that after all these years there are still new people joining in!

admin    11 March 2014, 19:21    #

I haven’t spent nearly as much time here as I would have liked to in the past year but I do love this archive so, so much! Thank you for making it such a lovely place! And a belated happy birthday to… it! ;)

Geale    11 March 2014, 22:09    #

Of all the places where one can read and share LOTR fanworks, this one is by far my personal favourite. It will always hold a special place in my heart. The date of 27 Feb is double special to me now as my little son was born on this day, so even more of a special connection :)
All the best for the coming decade and may we be writing similar congrats 10 years on!

— December    18 May 2014, 09:44    #

I am not gonna say I am too late for the 10th anniversary, I will say I am early for the 20th. Thank you so much for everything! And please keep this safe heaven forever. With love

— Dream.in.a.jar    4 November 2014, 06:24    #

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