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Feb 28, 2013

The Faramir Fiction Archive is nine years old today! Who would have thought?! Now let’s see if we can make it to ten…

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I’m late as usual, but a massive congratulations on the ninth anniversary! I very much hope we’ll make it to ten– I’ve said it before but this place is such a lovely haven for stories on the net, and I’ve enjoyed being a part of it for the past two and a half years. Long may that haven continue to exist :)
Thank you, Iris and Minx!

— Eora    1 March 2013, 09:41    #

Happy birthday! Nine years! Thank you so much, for everything!

— Dream.in.a.jar    2 March 2013, 06:07    #

Happy Birthday indeed! Since I´m obviously the latest well-wisher, please allow me to hop on Eora´s coach and say thanks for that lovely little place you created – and attend so lovingly. Good Iris, good Minx, may your shadows never shorten!

— raven22372    3 March 2013, 10:07    #

Eora, Dream.in.a,jar & raven22372— thanks a lot for your kind wishes!
This birthday kinda crept up on me; nearly forgot. Next year we really ought to think up some sort of celebration – any ideas are most welcome.
Meanwhile, many thanks to you for keeping this archive alive with all your contributions!

Iris    15 March 2013, 11:22    #

Thank you indeed all of you! :)

Minx    17 March 2013, 20:47    #

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