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Another small change: Word count

Jul 04, 2007

Sometimes you’re looking for a quick fix, while on other days you really need something more substantial than just a little drabble. Now you can see what’s what thanks to the new word count in all story listings.

The last line for each story’s listings1, the line that lists the posting date (or time since posting for chronological listings), now also includes a word count.

Silly that I didn’t think of this before, really…

1 Except for the externally stored stories which you can recognize by this symbol: We cannot count words on other people’s sites …not automatically anyway.

3 Comment(s)

Excellent idea!
I’ve always avoided putting my shorter pieces on here, just well because I always feel people will be kind of disappointed because of their length.
Now I feel that I can probably put them on because people will know instantly that it’s only a short piece.

Laurelote    4 July 2007, 12:53    #

Good grief, you’re quick!

We have everything from 100 word drabbles to 200,000 word full novel length works – and before, if the author didn’t mention anything in the summary, you didn’t know what you were going to get until you clicked the link.

Now I don’t think anyone will ever be disappointed by one of your stories – would be great if you’d share more of them here! And sometimes a quick read is all you have time for.
Either way, since listings are there for readers to pick a story to read, the length of the story is an important selection criterion, just as pairings, rating, etc. I really feel silly for not adding it much sooner – it’s so obvious!

- Iris

admin    4 July 2007, 13:09    #

Don’t feel silly… Sometimes these little things are easily overlooked.

I’ll definately add some more of my work here probably over the weekend… I’ve written a fair bit of Faramir/Boromir stuff recently

Laurelote    4 July 2007, 14:58    #

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