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Sep 11, 2007


Have we mentioned we love feeds?
Web feeds bring you updates from all your favourite sites in one place, in a way that’s convenient to you: where and how your want it (alongside your email, your blog’s friends page, your own website or a customized portal), keeping you up-to-date without the need to check a list of sites several times a day. Read more on feeds here.

This site’s feed used to include only the title, summary and author of an article. Most of the feeds still follow that basic format, but the main feed has now been upgraded to include a bit more info:

Fiction articles also include the story’s rating, pairings and warnings (where applicable). Also the author is mentioned in the feed item’s description. Most feed readers will already display the author as, well, the author but as some – including LJ’s syndicated accounts – don’t, we figured a second mention wouldn’t hurt. Pairings and authors are linked to their pages on the site.

Picture articles now also include their rating and warnings (where applicable), as well as a thumbnail of the image. Pairings (where applicable) and artists are mentioned, but not linked.

News articles (such as this one) mention the author, generally ‘Admin’, again not linked.

As always, let us know if you experience any trouble. Please mention the reader you use to display the feed.

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