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A Lesson to Learn (NC-17) Print

Written by Jewel

20 August 2005 | 1879 words

Pairing: Faramir/Denethor
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Spanking
Disclaimer: Lotr and all characters belong to J.R.R. Tolkien
Author’s notes: I have read many complaints why there is no D/F spanking story, and so I decided to try one.
This story is inspired by some of Heilt’s marvellous drawings, and also by Jade.
Feedback: always welcome

“How could you? How could you be so stupid as to let these Halflings leave with the ring!” Denethor was nearly besides himself with anger. “Holy Eru! Don’t you realise, Faramir? This ring would have solved all our problems!” The steward glared at his younger son.

“I am sorry, Father”, the young man said with a fearful look on his face. “But I couldn’t help it. This ring…you know, it would only have brought us bad luck. They told me Boromir went mad because of this ring… and… and that was the reason for his death.”

“Humbug!” the steward shouted. “It was just your crazy wish to act noble as the kings of old, wasn’t it?” Faramir looked guilty. “I can’t tolerate your behaviour any longer, Faramir, this time I will have to punish you severely”, he paused, “I await you here this evening at eight o’clock for your punishment.” “Yes, Sir”, Faramir stammered shyly and bowed.

In the evening Denethor sat on his throne as his son meekly entered the hall. He gave his younger son a stern gaze. "You've been a bad boy, Faramir and bad boys need punishment. I promised you a punishment you would never forget. So come here. Undress and then lie over my lap. Face down. Now."

Faramir stared at his father, his mouth agape. He slowly walked over to Denethor. “But father, I am no little boy! You can’t punish me that way!”

“I can and I will punish you like that,” Denethor snarled. “You have acted like a stupid little boy in letting this Halflings escape with the ring, and therefore you will be treated like on. And now come here! Do as I say, you will only make it worse, Faramir.”

Biting his bottom lip, Faramir undressed, his whole body shaking, and then walked over to his father. The young man spread himself face down across his father's legs. He knew very well what his father has intended for him. He felt vulnerable; he trembled slightly. „Father...please."

Denethor looked at naked body of his submissive yet frightened son before him. He almost felt like climaxing just from this sight. “No,” he thought. “I have to stay in control.”

Slowly, he reached for his son’s body, letting his fingers brush very lightly over the bare skin of the young man’s perfect buttocks. Denethor licked his lips in anticipation. "Now, don't be frightened, Faramir," he whispered. "It won’t hurt too much." He smirked evilly.

Squeezing his eyes shut, Faramir let his head drop, trying to relax. But this wasn't easy. Being spread out across his fahter’s lap… feeling so totally unprotected… his father’s firm hands moving teasingly on him, this was far too much for the young man.

A strange feeling flooded through Faramir’s body, and he felt himself involuntarily harden. He shifted a bit, his growing arousal was pressing against his father's leg. Biting back a moan, the young man swallowed hard a few times and tried to get his body under control, his father would get furious if he realised Faramir got pleasure from this.

Denethor again smiled cruelly as he felt his son harden against him. This would really teach him a lesson. He ran his hand down Faramir's smooth back until his hand came to rest on his boy's rounded buttocks. He left his hand there a moment before bringing it up and back down again - sharply. The sound rang out in the spacious hall.

"FATHER!" Faramir’s head shot up. Pain blossomed in his bottom, and nearly brought tears to his eyes. Denethor’s smack really stung greatly, and Faramir knew there would be a red mark. He squirmed around on his father's lap, trying to get away from the next slap that he knew would soon follow.

"Hold still, Faramir," Denethor commanded in a steely voice.

Hearing the forceful tone of his father's voice, Faramir tried to stop moving. He whimpered softly and prepared himself for the new blow.

Smack! The blow came down much harder than Faramir had expected. Smack! The next blistering blow followed. Denethor heard how his son’s gasps became more and more strangled and he felt even more satisfied as the strangled breathing turned into sobs.

Faramir was really in pain now as his father continued to spank him thoroughly, his rear was on fire. But at the same time his throbbing arousal grew more and more while he squirmed in his father’s lap.

After a minutes that seemed like hours to him the spanking stopped and his father’s strong fingers started kneading the sore skin, which made Faramir feel a perfect mixture of pain and pleasure. The young man moaned softly. His cock ached as he lay there rubbing it against the fabric of Denethor’s robes.

"Spread your legs a little more," Denethor suddenly commanded, trying to keep his voice even, which wasn't easy for him. His son looked incredible, his pale skin reddened from the hard blows and his cock hard against his thigh.

Obediently Faramir parted his slender legs as his father had instructed. He panted heavily, his chest rising and falling rapidly. He enjoyed his punishment more and more but his father mustn’t know of course!

Faramir shivered slightly. With his legs straddled like this he felt even more vulnerable to his father’s hands – a feeling that made him even more aroused .He absolutely wanted to feel that forceful hand on him again.

Denethor smiled. He knew exactly how his boy felt - the punishment seemed to be turning to pleasure rather too quickly. He pushed his hand between his son's thighs, spreading them farther apart. Then he started spanking him hard again, directly over the younger man’s opening. Denethor smirked, he knew that the vibrations from the blows would drive Faramir crazy.

A cry escaped Faramirs mouth and his body jerked. Shock waves ran through his whole body, making his erection ache even more. His bottom throbbed. He tried hard to keep his legs parted, even though the strain made his thighs tremble with the effort. Although it hurt terribly, Faramir didn’t want to lose this wonderful feeling.

"You like it, don’t you, Faramir?" smirked Denethor. His son did not answer. Denethor knew that Faramir was too ashamed. He felt his own cock throb. “This lesson Faramir will never forget” he thought. “If he ever in his life intends acting noble again he will think of this.”

With his left hand he spread apart Faramir's buttocks, exposing his son’s tender entrance. He traced a circle around the young man’s opening before drawing back and then starting spanking his spread-open son, again.

A choked cry tore itself from Faramir's throat. The slaps really hurt! Tears burnt in his eyes, but on the other hand, being so close to his sensitive entrance the blows sent waves of pleasure throughout his entire body. Faramir couldn't help but grind himself even harder against his father's lap; he needed release so badly.

Denethor bit his lip; his son was the perfect picture of passivity, as he lay there spreading his legs and submitted willingly to his father's hands. He could feel the frantic movements of his son's body as Faramir ached for his climax, desperately trying to hide this from his father. His son was just where he wanted him.

The Steward spread his son open even wider and traced circles around his entrance.

Faramirs's eyes went wide; he tried so hard to stay calm and keep quiet, but he just couldn't manage it. "Oh, Father... please," he moaned loudly. The older man had him spread open so vulnerably, he was virtually helpless under his father’s hands.

Denethors fingers teased him mercilessly; slowly, oh so slowly, they danced around his opening until Faramir thought he had to scream out his need. He rubbed himself harder and harder against his father's leg. He knew how pathetic this must look for the older man, but he simply couldn't stop himself.

The Steward continued moving his hands over his son’s sore backside. His fingers moved up and down the young man’s cleft and circled round his entrance. With satisfaction he felt his son’s arousal rubbing against his leg. He knew how ashamed and embarrassed Faramir must feel now. But he did not want him to get off that easy. Denethor smirked while wetting one of his fingers with his own saliva.

“Do you want your Daddy to release you, my boy?” he asked mockingly. Faramir did not answer, only a small sigh escaped him. He just continued squirming in his father’s lap.

With an evil smirk Denethor slipped one finger carefully inside Faramir. Then he started moving his finger in and out of the young man.

"Oh… Father," Faramir moaned huskily. He rocked up his hips moving his father's finger in deeper. He whimpered the sound coming out as a half strangled sob. "Father....." His whole body ached, his nerves were drawn tight. Faramir knew could not last much longer, he needed release so badly...

Denethor added another finger. He was not afraid to hurt his son, knowing Faramir could take another. Faramir's body gripped his father’s fingers greedily. Denethor laughed aloud at his son’s eagerness.

It was clear to Faramir that his father did all this to embarrass him but he could not help it. The young man was rubbing himself almost frantically now, and Denethor knew that his son was close.

Denethor’s fingers pressed deep inside Faramir’s body, searching for his pleasure spot. Faramir cried out loud as he finally reached it, his body arching up.

Suddenly, his father had touched something that made his world explode around him. Screaming hot passion soared through his whole body. “Father!” he shouted as his climax finally overtook him. Faramir squeezed his eyes shut as he finally allowed himself to let go completely and spilled his come over his father’s robes.

Denethor had felt the younger’s body tighten around his fingers an instant before Faramir cried out and climaxed hard. The older men watched with satisfaction. He waited until the tremors had stopped before removing his fingers.

“I think you can get up now”, he said to his son. Faramir slowly moved himself up from his father’s lap. He hung his flushed face in shame as he stood naked in front of his father, his lower body glistening with his come.

“Look at me”, Denethor commanded. Faramir lifted his head, his embarrassment had made his cheeks as red as his well-spanked bottom. “I hope you have learnt your lesson, now”, his father said, mustering him form head to feet.

“Yes, Sir”, Faramir answered meekly. “Good then, you may go now”, Denethor nodded. “Thank you, Sir”, Faramir hurriedly gathered up his clothes and ran from the hall as fast as he could.

Denethor looked after him once more relishing his son’s nakedness and the redness of his buttocks, before he turned his interests onto himself. He also needed release badly now…

The End

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