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Moved to a new host

Oct 05, 2006

check! your now seeing the site @ our new host!

Hopefully, everything is working just as before. The only change we’ve made is that we’ve done away with site caching (we hope we can get away with that over here…)

But, all servers work just that little bit different, and we may have missed something, so if you spot a problem somewhere- please let us know!

Edit dd Feb 8 2007: We’ve been using DreamHost for a couple of months now, and we’re quite happy here. There’s been some downtime, but never long (not like at our old host), and they’re quick in answering questions.
So if you’re looking for a hosting company, and especially if you’re looking to host multiple domains in one account, I think I can now recommend DreamHost.
You can use ‘FARAMIR’ as a promo code for $97 off your first fee (if you go for yearly or two yearly payments, the discount per month is less – email us for details).

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Yeah! The new site! Great!

dream.in.a.jar    5 October 2006, 16:29    #

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