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"Summer in Ithilien" Fiction Challenge

Jul 30, 2007

This article was posted by the maintainer of the LiveJournal community faramir_fics.

I would just like to draw everyone’s attention to the livejournal faramir_fics community and a new fiction challenge which is going on over there.

The theme of the challenge is: Summer in Ithilien.

The deadline will be 31st August and there will be voting in the following categories:

Best General Fic

Best Slash Fic

Best Drabble

There will also be an additional prize awarded for originality, which gives you a perfect excuse to write Faramir in a way that is different to what you normally read.

Everyone is welcome to enter, the more stories the better!
Full details can be found here.


PS – Thanks again to Iris and Minx for letting me post this here.


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