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"It will take less time, if I do it for you" (NC-17)

By Raven22372; with Aragorn

Illustration for Minx, the lovely author of Grief and Hope because she asked for it (without knowing what it would be she might get). I`m afraid I altered the scene more than a little – sometimes during the process the scenery begins to sprout and I let it have its way. Also, meanwhile it seems to me that it is almost too cluttered. Perhaps I should start considering a different format. Bayeux Tapestry would be an interesting alternative…

Posted Jun 06, 2013 | Comment [4]

Ancient Desires (R)

By Geale; with Aragorn

New Kings, ancient desires. I always said I couldn’t draw and then today I made this. And thought it good enough.

Warnings: Happy male genitalia! Slash.

Posted Nov 10, 2011 | Comment [2]

Another slash piece (R)

By Amir; with Aragorn

..and here I’m still having troubles with my new screen :-/

Warnings: slash

Posted Aug 17, 2009 | Comment [7]

By the river (R)

By Minx; with Aragorn

Aragorn and Faramir spending an afternoon on a pretty pink blanket under a tree, watching the river

Warnings: Slash

Posted Oct 21, 2011 | Comment [2]

Faramir & Aragorn (G)

By Spike; with Aragorn

This is Faramir whom I drew for the first time.

Posted Oct 31, 2005 | Comment

Faramir and Aragorn (G)

By Thalassa; with Aragorn

Posted Mar 30, 2004 | Comment

Faramir in Elessar's bedroom (R)

By Amir; with Aragorn

…and Arwen finding his underpants under her husband’s bed.

Posted Aug 17, 2009 | Comment [1]

Faramir's Adventure - comic (R)

By Minx; with Aragorn

This started as a series of sketches to depict a Faramir hurt comfort mini story, and this is what it turned into. And then Iris encouraged a little commentary along side so here we go, the series of sketches and a little random text for them below that.

It’s a pretty corny little piece, regular Fara h/c :)

Warnings: Slash

Posted Oct 21, 2011 | Comment

Faramir/Elessar (G)

By Amir; with Aragorn

Posted Feb 05, 2006 | Comment [1]

Healing (PG-13)

By Raven22372; with Aragorn

The scene that wasn´t in the movie – but it does exist, somewhere, and one day, on the Very Special Super Hyper Enormously-Extended Version we will get it to see.

Posted Dec 11, 2012 | Comment [6]

Healing Faramir (R)

By Minx; with Aragorn

This is not THE HoH scene, for reasons of shirtlessness

Fara is missing the bandages here, so he’s not very badly hurt. I really wanted shirtless Faramir, and the bandages would have covered up the nekkidness

Warnings: Slashy

Posted Nov 07, 2011 | Comment [2]

Healing of Faramir (G)

By Amir; with Aragorn

pencil sketch colored in photoshop

Posted Aug 17, 2009 | Comment [2]

His majesty's stewards (G)

By Amir; with Aragorn, Boromir

…senior and junior one.
A little fantasy about AU, where Boromir stays alive.

Done with watercolor and touched with Photoshop

Posted Aug 17, 2009 | Comment [3]

If it had been... (G) External Link

By M-azuma; with Aragorn, Boromir

“I dream such a future.”

Posted Sep 09, 2012

King & Steward (PG-13)

By Angel-IR; with Aragorn

The King and his Steward in graphite

Posted Feb 16, 2005 | Comment

Kissed by the king (R)

By Minx; with Aragorn

Aragorn kissing Faramir

Warnings: Slash, kissing

Posted Aug 03, 2012 | Comment [2]

MANIPULATION - Aragorn & Faramir (NC-17)

By Thalassa; with Aragorn

Yeap, that is today so to celebrate it here is my new picture for the LOTR fandom.
I made this when I read some fics about the MidSummer Faramir Swap and the muse bite me hard in the rear.
Faramir serving his king gooooooooddd…

Posted Jul 01, 2008 | Comment [1]

The Night before the Coronation (PG-13)

By Raven22372; with Aragorn

This picture is inspired by the fics of the wonderful and skilled Eora and my personal tribute/offering/gift in the hope that it will be pleasing.

Posted Nov 17, 2012 | Comment [4]

One Day (G)

By Geale; with Aragorn

Posted Aug 04, 2012 | Comment [3]


Prophecy (G)

By Hel; with Aragorn, Boromir

Picture for the Warriors of Gondor chapter of the same name.

Posted Sep 01, 2007 | Comment [2]

So Near, So Far

By Helyn Highwater; with Aragorn

I don’t remember where the caption originally comes from, but I didn’t write it

Posted Jan 19, 2005 | Comment

So Tired (PG-13)

By Amir; with Aragorn

Warnings: Slash

Posted Aug 17, 2009 | Comment [2]

Sunset by the Sea: The fish may never be the same again (R)

By Iris; with Aragorn

Illustration of Minx’s Sunset By the Sea.

Made for Minx’s Birthday — Happy birthday darling!

Posted Nov 04, 2006 | Please share your thoughts [8]

Table (NC-17)

By Heilt; with Aragorn

Posted Mar 30, 2004 | Comment [1]

Thou shalt not mix business with pleasure, Part II (PG-13)

By Raven22372; with Aragorn

Sometimes Faramir does work too much. Good to know his King will be there for a distraction (though not necessarily a politically correct one).

Posted Jul 15, 2013 | Comment [6]

Thou shalt not mix business with pleasure... (NC-17)

By Raven22372; with Aragorn

…but sometimes even a king needs a break.
To and inspired by Eora. Because somebody has to take the blame. ;)

Warnings: NSFW

Posted Jan 27, 2013 | Comment [6]

Trail of Tears (NC-17)

By Kissa; with Aragorn

A world fell, an age ended, loved ones were lost, but one boy found his father at last.
Accompanies the story by the same title.

Posted Jun 21, 2008 | Comment

Warmth (NC-17)

By Minx; with Aragorn

A/F spooning

Warnings: Slash

Posted Aug 03, 2012 | Comment [2]

Welcome Back! (G)

By hujikari; with Aragorn, Others

Rejoice Faramir!!!!! :la::la::la:
You back to your normal again! that’s why we sooooooo much dearly glad to see youuuuu~ have this free kisses!!!

Posted Aug 20, 2015 | Comment [1]


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