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A New and Unexpected Level of Closeness (PG-13)

By Raven22372; with Boromir

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“…and later come together again, reaching a new and unexpected level of closeness”
Illustration for Acts of Kindness

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Posted Mar 28, 2012

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6 Comment(s)

Boromir is left-handed! Who would have thought!

I’m enjoying the interaction here, the play of their expressions, the teasing, the fondness, the deep thought…

December    Sunday 27 January 2013, 22:50    #

Which might be the reason for his obvious difficulties (writing with a right hand quill?)… okay, I admit I can´t remember I noticed that. XD Anyway, I ´m afraid this is the only teacher Boromir would gladly accept regarding a subject he is only, well, errrr…. suboptimal skilled with. (looks around carefully) For you know, GONDOR´S MIGHTIEST WARRIOR NEEDS NO LESSONS FROM MINIONS. (insert disdainful snort here)

— raven22372    Monday 28 January 2013, 7:55    #

OMG I want that made into a shirt! “GONDOR´S MIGHTIEST WARRIOR NEEDS NO LESSONS FROM MINIONS” – that will be my rallying cry from now on.

P.S. I always felt sorry for Boromir’s childhood tutors. At least Faramir must have been a sweet consolation for them.

December    Monday 28 January 2013, 9:10    #

DO EEEET!!!!! :DDD If you ever decide to build an army, I´ll be the first one to sign in! Our battle cry would be SO adorable! :D
What? Who was that? Who said that? Hey, there´s no law saying battle cries have to be INTELLIGENT..!

HAHAH, so do I! XD Wasn´t it Karina (Kassiopeia) who pointed that out in her wonderful, Calvin-and-Hobbes-inspired Boromir comics? No doubt his wearout of teachers/nannies must have been immense! XD

— raven22372    Monday 28 January 2013, 23:02    #

Oh yes, Karina had it right through and through. And it’s so hilarious when you look at her grown-up Boromir, so grave and sexy, and imagine him as that little boy driving everyone nuts. You ever thought of doing a little!Gondorians strip? I think you have a very fitting sense of humour for that.

I think battle cries have to be 1. intimidating, 2. confusing, 3. preferably make the opponent worry you might be contagious. When the enemy is intimidated, confused, and would rather not come too close to you, the battle is 2/3 won already. But come on, you won’t shock anyone much by yelling “For Gondor!” Well, that is, provided Gondor actually does exist in your physical universe. Otherwise yeah, the three criteria would be pretty much met.

December    Tuesday 29 January 2013, 0:28    #

I must say I thought about it, but was never hit by the spark of creation; not to speak of the fact that Im rather unexperienced with comics and my few attempts turned out pretty poor. But I admit, there ARE ideas… My favourite contains Boromir trying to shred a battle-axe proof door with his, erm, axe, chopping and yelling and making a lot of (very loud) fuss. Whereas Faramir, after watching the whole mess from a safe distance, finally gets up, draws a hair pin or a very small knife and, with a skilled hand and the slightest effort, picks the lock. Ideas, as I said…

HMUAHAHAAHAHAHA, OMG, December, your description of the meaning of battle cries is PRICELESS!!! XD Particularly point no. 3 reveals such an amount of wisdom and psychologic insight – I disagree, taking that advice the battle would not even HAPPEN! XDDD A quickly spread gossip of measels does more to peace than the invention of a deterrent secret weapon (okay, we all knew that a deterrent secret weapon is a reliable method to fuel hostile actions). If I was ever in the need to build an army, You would be the first to be recruited! XD

— raven22372    Tuesday 29 January 2013, 8:09    #

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