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This story is rated «NC-17», and carries the warnings «implied incestuous thoughts part 1, consensual incest pt 2, probable kink/BDSM in later parts; Slightly AU».
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After the War (NC-17) Print

Written by Petrel

01 August 2005 | 6614 words | Work in Progress

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Pairings: Haldir/Faramir; Haldir/Boromir; Boromir/Faramir; Boromir/Faramir/Haldir, het mentioned but not described!
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: implied incestuous thoughts part 1, consensual incest pt 2, probable kink/BDSM in later parts
Slightly AU - Boromir is alive - and yes at some point I may write a scene which explains what happened but for now just assume Aragorn and Legolas got there in time.

Summery: Both Boromir and Haldir survive the war of the ring and return to minis tirith with Aragorn. Faramir and Haldir become friends and then more than friends. Peace is on the land and everyone is happy and enjoying their loved ones– except Boromir.

“I will draw some of the great tales in fullness……” I don’t own these characters or the story or middle earth. I merely use them as inspiration for my own musings, I do not do this for profit.

Work In Progress

Chapter 1

Boromir sat on the sunny side of the great courtyard, in the centre acrobats displayed their skills as the group of elven dancers and musicians they had just watched filed out to relax, there were already several young maidens and men gathered around the exit waiting got show their ‘admiration’ for those graceful movements in a more personal way.
Boromir pulled a face and looked away, his eyes fell on his king sat with the queen a few rows away and a smile flitted across his face. Much as Boromir chaffed under the requirements of protocol that said both Gondor’s captain and its steward should be present for this games he was pleased to see Aragorn relaxed and enjoying the spectacle. Elessar he reminded himself he really must get used to the fact that the scruffy ranger he had travelled with, fought with and loved very dearly was now King Elessar.

His feeling of well being disappeared however when his eyes fell on Gondor’s steward, his little brother, sat close to the king. He was sitting even closer to a fair haired elf, and as Boromir watched the elf slid one long arm gracefully around Faramir shoulder ostensibly to direct his attention to the acrobats, but the arm stayed put and Boromir sucked in a breath as he saw red gold curls winding round the slender fingers. His stomach twisted in the confused welter of emotions he felt when looking at his little brother these days. Everything had changed in the past six months, it was September, a beautiful golden month. The king and queen had been wed for 10 weeks. This was the first celebration after their wedding, to give thanks for the harvest which had been more plentiful than any had right to expect after the war thanks to the unstinting efforts of those farmers who had been sent back to their lands as soon as was possible. Aye and thanks also to Faramir who once recovered form his wound had proved himself to be a better steward by far than his father or indeed Boromir himself would have made.
Boromir was glad he had not been asked to take on the role of steward, he was far happier as Gondor captain. When he saw the harvest, the school being set up, the homes rebuilt he praised and encouraged. He could send warriors to protect the outlying fields and lend their strength to the endeavour but he could not even begin to comprehend how one would go about organising this effort. That was what Faramir was good at, he had spent long hours closeted with Aragorn and then with the lord Elrond and his cool advisor Erestor in the first month or tow. After that he had emerged and calmly taken up the job of ensuring the city ran smoothly. Leaving Aragorn free to concentrate on being king, wooing his people.

The steward had proved popular and in the months that had followed his father's death he had seemed freer and younger than ever before. There had been those who had hoped for a second wedding but the brief affair with Éowyn had faded into a sweet friendship, they had both taken healing from that and Boromir knew although many others didn’t that it was possible there would be an heir as well. Éowyn had however refused a political marriage of expediency. She still cared for Faramir but she had stated quite calmly that she had no intention of marrying a man who did not love her. Faramir had protested but Boromir and Éomer had intervened, both knowing that there would be none of the shame that might accompany a child born out of wedlock in Gondor for Éowyn. The rohirim were an ultimately practical people when it came to matters of childbirth and marriage. A child of Éowyn sired by Faramir had worthy bloodlines and given that Éomer was in no hurry to wed it provided a default heir until the young kin fathered his own children.
Boromir had spent much of those first few months regrouping his soldiers and overseeing patrols to clear the last remaining remnants of the enemy out of Gondor and ithlien. HE had been accompanied in this by Legolas and a band of Mirkwood and Lórien archers who were now settling the woods of ithlien, making them once more a place of beauty and joy.

It had been early June when he had returned, and he had been amazed and pleased at the changes in his brother. Freed from the weight of suspicion and bitterness with which Denethor had always viewed him, serving a king he loved Faramir had blossomed. For Boromir he summed up the changes in Gondor itself. No longer a warlike city Minis Tirith had begun to blossom also with gardens, music and laughter, and it was fitting that his brothers joyous face and sweet voice be the one to oversee this.

But there had been a darker emotion also in Boromir’s heart, his little brother was no longer that. HE was a man in his own right secure in his place and the affection of others. He no longer needed to turn to his brother for comfort and love, no longer did he rely on Boromir standing between him and their fathers rages. He did not come wide eyed and trembling to Boromir’s rooms, face still wet with tears form an encounter with Denethor or one of the dreams that plagued him. He was too busy, too happy for any of that. His rooms weren’t the cold distant tower rooms Denethor had said were all he needed, they were airy sun filled chambers next to the kings. And although Boromir’s own chamber were on the same hall he saw less of Faramir now than when they were consigned to opposite end of the citadel.
HE was glad but he also found that he missed his brother fiercely, and there was a part of him, a very small and ignoble part that envied his brothers new found assurance.

Now, his eyes drawn unwillingly to the two sat so close together he found another emotion knowing at his heart. he believed it was anger at the show of emotion and affection, believed it was a condemnation of the fact that his brother was sat with another man not a maiden, disapproval that Faramir had chosen his friends and companions form amongst the elves as well the men. He did not name the emotion or even dare look at too closely, but it clouded his mind and set him apart from the others and their simple enjoyment of the games.

Haldir grew bored with the human acrobats in front of him but with a soft sigh he ignored that feeling and the slight discomfort of the stone tiers of seating. The soft hair curling round his fingers, the warmth of Faramir’s body next to his and the sparkling green eyes which turned to him every now and again, easily made up for the rest.

He had grown very fond of the steward in the months he had spent here. Their friendship had begun innocently enough, Faramir was fascinated by the differences between the three races of elves, the sindar, the sylvan and the Noldor. Haldir teased him sometimes now that he had only pursued Haldir because he wanted to add the third to his collection after both Legolas and Erestor had become his fast friends.

They had been sitting in Faramir’s rooms, drinking wine and relaxing after a meal. Legolas had been with them but had made his excuses an hour or so past saying he had promised to rise early and ride out with Aragorn on the morn. Haldir had stayed, it was growing late but he was relaxed in the young mans company and it would not be the first time they had watched the dawn come in while talking and drinking wine.

The sense of relaxation Haldir felt in Faramir’s company was welcome, with him he could drop the mask of cold aloofness that he still held on most public occasions. They laughed and talked like old friends. And it was this trust bolstered by the wine that had led to the teasing remarks about Faramir’s collection of elves and wondering if he would bother talking to them if he could only get it all written down for him instead.

A flicker of Faramir’s old uncertainty had surfaced at the playful accusation and he had stammered and blushed guiltily, protesting that he truly enjoyed Haldir’s company, and while he learnt much from him it was not merely a scholars curiosity. The words had died on his lips however when he looked up to see Haldir regarding him with a smirk.

“you….” Farmers face split in a wide grin. “You teased me!” he said half accusing and half incredulous.

Haldir lounged back in his chair, “elves my dear friend do not ‘tease’ we are paragons of all that is graceful, serene and wise.”

Faramir snorted inelegantly, “tell that to the rohirim that have had half your company spending nights in their quarters.”

Haldir raised a elegant arced eyebrow, “it is hardly the fault of elves if the uncivilised hordes of men find their beauty and elegance to be inspiring to their virtue and courage.”

At that Faramir coughed up half his drink, “virtue??? Haldir have you ever walked past there at night – I can assure you the noises emanating from some of those rooms have about as much to do with virtue as ……”

“Oh? And how would you be so sure? perhaps they are merely …...exchanging tales of customs? After all an innocent like you could hardly be expected to recognise and distinguish the sounds so accurately” Haldir said with an arrogant smirk.

“Innocent?” Faramir’s voice was half choked from some emotion.

“But of course my dear mortal, after all you have only had what? Barely two score years? We elves have centuries, ages to become truly experienced!” Haldir flung his hand out wide to illustrate his point enjoying the flush of amused outrage on Faramir’s face. “You are a child” he declaimed, “a mere child learning at the feet of masters….”

His voice was abruptly cut off when with a sudden movement Faramir had slid out of his chair and was kneeling in front of him.

“I’ll show you who’s the innocent one” he half growled before leaning forward and capturing the surprised elf’s lips in a kiss.

Haldir’s first thought was to thank the valar for the effects of wine on human sensibilities. He second was wonder at just how soft Faramir’s lips were. The kiss was clumsy at first, Faramir attacked his mouth with determination but his hands fluttered uncertainly on Haldir’s tunic. The elf lent into the kiss, letting Faramir control the pace. Haldir melted against the man and felt rather than heard Faramir’s gasp as he found himself drawn to explore the warm, sweetness of Haldir’s lips. Then Haldir parted his lips under the assault and the kiss suddenly was all passion, Faramir’s uncertainty passed and his hands drew Haldir closer kissing him with the ardour and experience of a man.

It was some minutes later when they drew apart panting. Faramir’s eyes were very wide as he looked at Haldir and the flush on his face had more to do with arousal than wine.

“I suddenly find myself to be alarmingly sober” he said in a shaky voice.

Haldir reached out and stroked his cheek gently, “good” he said softly, “because I would not have you do this in a drunken moment and regret it the next day. Our friendship is too precious to me for that.” He kept his voice level and his eyes calm, not giving away how his body had hardened the moment Faramir’s lips had touched his, how he wanted to draw him close and kiss him back properly.

Faramir swallowed and for a moment Haldir was sure he was going to make some light comment about the effects of wine and withdraw, he could see the words hovering on the mans lips. But when he spoke it was a different question, one that perhaps even Faramir himself did not mean to ask. “But would you have me do it sober?”

For a long moment Haldir couldn’t find the words to reply, Faramir looked away the flush becoming a painful blush as he thought that he had said too much.

But then firm hands took his head and drew him back towards the elf, hazel eyes looked steadily into green. Haldir did not reply but dipped his head and slowly, lingeringly tasted the sweetness of Faramir’s mouth again. This time it was the elf who controlled the kiss, teasing and nibbling on the full lips until Faramir was making soft moaning sounds in his throat and unconsciously pressing closer. “Yes” he whispered when he finally lifted his head.

A burst of cheering from the crowd brought Haldir back into the present with a disconcerting jolt. Faramir turned to look at him with an amused expression on his face.

“You are supposed to clap and smile” he stage whispered, “not look as though you were just poleaxed.”

Haldir tightened his fingers on the back of Faramir’s neck for a moment and Faramir’s eyes widened. Then narrowed as he took in Haldir’s somewhat tense figure. “And just what were you thinking of my dear elf.” He murmured under cover of the crowds noise.

Haldir leaned in to his ear and said softly, “the first time I had you” he sat back and admired the flush that slowly spread from Faramir’s neck to his brow. It amazed him that he could still draw those blushes from the steward, who had in fact lived up to his promise proving to be a passionate and daring lover.

Faramir turned his face back to the bowing acrobats resolutely, “such things are not appropriate subjects for discussion here” he said primly.

“of course steward” Haldir said smoothly withdrawing his hand and sitting up straight. “Du rwalaer-nin” (tonight my lusty one)

Faramir swallowed and turned with a curse hovering on his lips, fortunately for both their public persona’s Aragorn chose that moment to stand up and proclaim his thanks to the dancers and acrobats so far. He then began the speech that heralded the start of the warriors parade and show.

Faramir shot Haldir an evil look but the elf was now a perfect picture of haughty disinterest and he sighed and settled back into his seat, needing to adjust his formal robes somewhat for comfort, promising himself to make sure Haldir was amply repaid for his torture later on.



“your brother was watching us today” Haldir’s voice was lazy and slow.

“mmmph?” Faramir query was somewhat muffled and Haldir laughed and tugged his face up out of the pillow where he had fallen in exhaustion.

“Come, you can not be ‘that’ tired!”

“Easy for you to say, you’re not the one who ended up being pounded into the mattress ‘twice!’” Faramir groaned rolling over onto his back and looking up at Haldir. He raised a hand and traced the lines of Haldir’s face lit now only by moonlight.

Haldir captured the questing hand and brought it to his lips with a soft smile, “How can I help myself when you look so lovely like this?” he questioned. His eyes ran over the mans naked body, the fair golden skin looked paler in the moonlight, the few freckles bleached out and the coppery curls looking darker in contrast.

Faramir leant up on one elbow and kissed Haldir with gentle passion, “You are so beautiful” he breathed softly as he fell back, drawing the elf down with him. They lay there for some time curled up in each others arms, finally Faramir stirred and said sleepily, “what did you say before? About Boromir?”

Haldir nuzzled the stewards shoulder, “I said he was watching us”

Faramir shot upright, “you think he knows?”

Haldir raised his eyebrows and shrugged, not understanding why Faramir would be so disturbed. “While he is not as bright as you your brother is far from being an idiot when he actually turns his mind away from matters of war. Of course he knows, does not half the citadel and the other half are merely wilfully blind.”

“Damn” Faramir’s voice was muffled once more as he dropped his head into his hands.

Haldir sat up and put his arms around him, drawing him back to sit against the archers strong chest. “What is it love? Are you….. would you prefer that our relationship was not so widely known.”

“No, its just…” Faramir caught the note in Haldir’s voice and turned with a reassuring smile. “No” he said more firmly, “I am not ashamed to be your lover. It is merely that I had hoped to broach this matter with my brother myself.” He rested his head on Haldir’s shoulder, “I have been a coward, I was so glad to have him back this month that I could not bear to tell him for fear that he might disapprove.”

“You are no coward Faramir, not ever” Haldir vowed as he kissed the soft hair. “But perhaps you should speak to him? He must know, his eyes told me that and while I doubt that a brother who loves you as dearly as he does would ever disprove of you it would be better for him to have it confirmed from you not to hear rumours from the guards.”

Faramir sighed and nodded, “I will speak to him. But not now” he added leaning back so he could see Haldir, “now I want you to hold me while I sleep, I want to wake up in your arms, I want…”

The last sentence was cut off as Haldir kissed him again. The moonlight played over both fair bodies as their limbs tangled and soft sounds of pleasure filled the room, and eventually Faramir got what he’d asked for.

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Wow, that was great! More, please!

Ria    Tuesday 4 March 2008, 0:12    #

Your story is so nice, sensetive… Why don’t you continue it?

— Anastasiya    Friday 7 August 2009, 14:16    #

This is a lovely story – do tell us more!

— parkerpossessed    Sunday 14 August 2011, 11:58    #

Love this story, and hope you write more soon! Will we see Farimir\Boromir\Haldir next chapter? Thanks for leting us read your work.

— dee dee    Monday 15 April 2013, 19:14    #

Would love to read more, its great

— Blondie    Monday 27 April 2015, 1:38    #

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