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Empathy For The Prince (PG) Print

Written by Númenora

21 May 2008 | 736 words

Title: Empathy For The Prince
Author: Númenora
Rating: PG-ish
Pairing/Characters: Faramir, Boromir and allusions to Aragorn (Elessar) & Legolas
Warnings: AU, Implied M/M Slash.
Setting: A Grand Ball in Minas Tirith.
Disclaimer: All known Characters are Tolkien’s.
Beta: none
Word Count: 400
Summary: Faramir is concerned about Legolas and Elessar’s treatment and claims on him. This is a sequel to The Royal Gift and Counterpoint ; it that takes place the same day/night as Counterpoint. Cross-posted to several communities including 25fluffyfics, prompt 21: Sunset.

A/N: Aragorn is the Peredhel King of Gondor and Legolas was given to him as a “gift” to cement an alliance with Greenwood the Great. Please read The Royal Gift and Counterpoint. More will be learned in latter drabbles.

“What is that look about, Little One?” Boromir’s large hands came to rest upon Faramir’s shoulders, the younger Gondoran frowning in concern and a bit of annoyance.

“Should not someone speak to the King about…about…” Faramir struggled to find the correct phrase for what he was witnessing.

“Speak to him about what, love? And by “someone,” do you mean me?” Faramir could not see his brother’s handsome face, but he knew Boromir smiled good-naturedly.

Turning to his older Brother, Faramir smiled wryly. “I do not mean to censure, Boro. It is just, Elessar should be more… dispassionate when it comes to being in public,” the young Gondoran said, turning back to observe Gondor’s—nay all the United Kingdoms’—High King on the Great Hall’s dance floor with the beautiful Prince from Greenwood the Great.

“King or no, Little One—Aragorn is a male with a lovely elf in his arms. Could you be dispassionate, were it you? I could not.” The young Steward looked with admiration on the subject of their discussion.

Faramir had to agree with Boromir’s assessment. In fact, his concern was because he had grown quite fond of Legolas since he came to the White City a few days ago. The lovely Elda1 had charmed him from the very first with his quiet ways and gentle heart. Faramir was protective of him, feeling great sympathy for his plight, knowing that the elf was unhappy. The Prince’s father had gifted Legolas to Faramir’s cousin as a show of goodwill to cement their alliance; an alliance that would benefit both kingdoms in defense against their enemies.

Legolas confided to Faramir that his mother had not agreed with King Thranduil’s decision to do this. She had no real say in the matter from the first, but her death left Legolas with no one to plead his case. The Elvenking loved his youngest child, but he was a practical ruler, decreeing that the life of a warrior that he himself and Legolas’ brothers lived was not possible for the Prince. Were Legolas female, there would have been no question; however, being a male, it hurt not being allowed to defend his home. Although he trained and became a skilled fighter (mostly in secret, though little escaped Thranduil), Legolas’ life became one of diplomacy and courtly matters—learning about the laws and lands of Middle-earth in preparation of becoming consort or companion to a current or future ally.

If Faramir were completely honest with himself, he would admit that he had become enamored of the Greenwood Prince. However, he would not allow such a thought, being loyal to his relative and Monarch.

“Why don’t you go and find another lovely to dance with. The room is filled with lords and ladies from many nations; and there are other elves here as well. I should know, I’ve held a few. Off with you, Little One—no good can come of this.” The jesting and good humor had gone from Boromir’s tone, being replaced by a brother’s concern.

“Very well, Boro—you are correct as always.” With one last look towards Aragorn and Legolas, Faramir began asking several lords and ladies to dance. He even asked a handsome elf from Lothlórien to take a turn with him around the room. He was having a wonderful time until he noticed Aragorn leaving with Legolas. The look in the beautiful ellon’s2 eyes tore at his heart. Legolas was afraid. Faramir had very little doubt what would transpire this night. King Elessar would claim what was his and there was nothing anyone—nothing Faramir—could do about it.

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1 Elda – Singular form of Eldar (another name for Elves or Firstborn).

2 Ellon – Male elf.

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