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Eternal Promise (R) Print

Written by Laurëlóte

20 December 2008 | 2106 words

Title: Eternal Promise
Author: Laurëlóte
Betas: Kissa and Minx
Pairing: Faramir/Boromir
Rating: R
Warnings: Incest
Summary: A tattoo symbolises their promise to one another, now all that is needed is to fulfil it.

Written for the 2008 Midwinter Swap.

Request by Empy: My OTP is Boromir/Faramir, but I also have a soft spot for Faramir/Beregond and Faramir/Éomer. Kinks-wise, I like tattoos and first-times. Snarky banter is also lovely.
Squicks: girly men, overdone ‘dirty’ talk, hard kink (fisting, scat, golden showers etc), humiliation, mpreg.

Eternal Promise

As he emerged from the river, Faramir could not help but look at his reflection in the water. His fingers fluttered down to the artwork inked into his right hip; a sword and a bow entwined together.

He smiled as he admired it, its true meaning a secret shared with one other, a secret which would go to their grave without being uttered to another person.

Despite it being invisible when he was clothed, he had not been able to hide it from the other rangers. Though, if any of them doubted his well rehearsed lines about always wanting what his brother had (for Boromir had an identical one upon his left arm), they did not show it. Each man’s private life was his own here in Ithilien. To cause one discomfort by probing too deep was dangerous to them all.

As he dried himself off and pulled his trousers back on, covering the tattoo once more, Faramir could not help but reflect on the day he received his tattoo, all it meant and everything it promised. It was the very thing he lived for.


“Faramir, for goodness sake stay still!” said Boromir as he crouched beside him, trying hard to concentrate on what he was doing.

“It’s easy for you to say, you are not the one having sharp objects poked into your skin,” retorted Faramir as he made a conscious effort to lie still. He was worried about the whole plan. This was something that would be with them forever, forever for someone to find and to make the connection. He was only going through with it because he found himself unable to say no to his brother.

“So tense…” the other brother muttered softly and bent down to place a few kisses along Faramir’s spine.

“Any one would think you were terrified of what I might do to you,” he added teasingly.

“I am. Have you not seen your artwork?”

“It is not that bad! Anyway, I’m copying your drawing so you are doomed to start with.”

“There is nothing wrong with my drawing.”

“There is when it is me tattooing it onto your skin.”

That did it, the older man chuckled as Faramir jumped up and started to redress, declaring that he had changed his mind.

“Faramir,” he said softly as he wrapped his arms around the younger man. “We cannot stop now. It will look good I promise. When have I ever broken a promise to you?”

He tilted his head down slightly and placed a chaste kiss upon Faramir’s lips.

“I do not think I should answer that,” replied Faramir, a smile returning to his lips. He returned the kiss, and this time the contact between them lingered, the kiss deepening until a growl escaped from one of their throats. They were too distracted to notice whose.

It was Boromir who pulled away first. He always did, always scared that they would get carried away, always leaving Faramir growling in frustration.

(end flashback)

The tattoo as he led others to believe was not merely because Boromir had the same one, even though it was well known that as a child he had idolised his brother and wanted everything he had. It was so much more than that.

The sword represented Boromir, and the bow, Faramir; entwined together, never to be parted. It symbolised their feelings for each other, the love, the desire, and how they did not want to live without each other. What they felt for each other, was not simply what you would expect from one brother to another, but between two lovers, soul mates destined to be together for eternity.

Aside from the occasional kiss in the privacy of Boromir’s quarters, they had gone no further in expressing their feelings for each other. That had been Boromir’s choice. He had been reluctant to do anything which could hurt their relationship. And that meant Faramir had to give everything time.

It had been Boromir’s idea that they give each other a tattoo, a constant reminder of their feelings for one another. But he was worried that Faramir was too young, and that once he had returned from his first posting in Ithilien that his feelings would have changed. He did not want to take things further for fear that Faramir would one day regret it.

Faramir had humoured his brother in this and had gone to Ithilien having shared no more than a kiss with the man he loved. He knew deep down that his feelings could never change, and that he could never regret such a gift, but he also knew that there was no point in arguing; Boromir as always got the last word.

But now, after three long months in Ithilien, he was finally going home.

The journey seemed as if it had taken forever, it was as though every possible conceivable thing had gone wrong. First there was a tree covering the main road which had to be cleared out of the way and then they had to take a detour upon finding signs of orcs. It had taken three days to track and kill the small group of orcs and another two to get back on the right path to Minas Tirith. In total they were eight days behind schedule, but finally the White City was in full view in front of them.

There was no fanfare welcoming Faramir home as there would be Boromir, but this time he found himself grateful for it; it was late and he was tired. Besides, if no one knew of his arrival it would be easier to get to see Boromir.

The rangers were dismissed at the gates, their captain knowing that they were all anxious to get home to family and friends, and Faramir soon disappeared into the citadel and ran the maze of corridors, trying to get to his quarters without being seen.

It had taken a record time to bathe and change his clothes. Now, in a very short time after his arrival, Faramir found himself standing nervously outside his brother’s door.

He did not know what he was nervous about, maybe it was because in his mind, tonight was the night his dreams would come true, or maybe it was because he feared that Boromir would reject him somehow; that their time apart had changed his brother’s mind.

He did not knock. He just slipped inside Boromir’s quarters and made his way to the bedroom.

The full moon shone in through the window and Faramir could clearly see his brother asleep on the bed. It was a warm night, and Boromir had pushed his sheets down around his waist clearly exposing his back to his night time visitor. More importantly to Faramir, he could also see his brother’s tattoo, the very sight of it sending a shiver of desire down his spine.

He walked over to Boromir and reached out, his fingers tracing the outline of the tattoo before running down his brother’s back caressing and worshiping every inch he touched.

Gently, he nuzzled Boromir’s neck and kissed his lips causing the older brother to stir.


The name upon his lips was so quiet that Faramir nearly missed it.

“Yes, I am home.”

“Missed you.”

“And I you.”

Silence fell upon them, and after several long moments Faramir’s hand stilled. Both of them had imagined this moment, but now neither of them knew how to proceed. It was Boromir who finally broke the silence.

“Come to bed,”

Faramir frowned at the nervousness of his brother’s words; never had he heard his brother sound so unsure of himself.

“Nothing has changed Bora, I love you,” he whispered softly as his clothes fell to the floor and he slid beneath the sheets into his brother’s arms.

It was only once Faramir found himself wrapped in his brother’s arms that he truly felt that he had arrived home. He had dreamt of this moment over and over again in Ithilien.

He reached up and tentatively touched Boromir’s cheek before leaning in to capture his brother’s lips with his own. This time, as the kiss deepened, Boromir did not pull away. Instead he pulled Faramir closer, holding him just that little tighter as if he never wanted to let go.

“I thought,” began Boromir when they finally broke off their kiss. “That you would have changed your mind. That you would have decided it was a complete mistake.”

“Never,” Faramir replied, shaking his head slowly. “I want this now more than ever. Make me yours.”

At his words, Faramir found himself pinned to the bed, Boromir straddling his thighs as his fingers worked to untie the bindings of his tunic. He groaned softly as he felt his brother’s hardened shaft press against the bulge in his leggings.

To Faramir’s frustration, Boromir’s hands seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at once, never lingering, but jumping from place to place, like a child exploring his new toy, distracted occasionally by the temptation of his brother’s lips becoming too great to ignore.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered as he nibbled on Faramir’s ear and bit down gently upon his neck, causing the younger man to claw at his back fighting at the sensations which threatened to overcome him.

After what seemed like a lifetime, Boromir finally untied Faramir’s leggings, exposing the prize beneath.

It was Faramir who took them both in hand, and they both groaned softly at the friction of their shafts rubbing against each other.

It was not long before their primal instincts took over. There would be a time when they could explore each other’s bodies, to discover their unique tastes and how best to tease and torment, but it was not now. Tonight was simply about confirming what they already knew, that they belonged completely to each other.

Using saliva to ease the way, Boromir prepared his brother carefully, stretching his entrance with his fingers, occasionally running them over Faramir’s prostate, causing the younger man to cry out. It was a sound that was quickly becoming addictive.

Once sure that his brother was ready and would not feel any pain, he held his breath as he slowly entered Faramir’s body. It felt wonderful, so tight and perfect that it took him all his concentration not to lose himself right then.

Faramir pulled Boromir into a hungry kiss as his body got used to the sensation of having his brother deep within him, and as Boromir entered him completely, they both needed several long moments before Boromir started to move once more.

His movements were careful at first, slowly pulling out nearly all the way before pushing in once more, but as Faramir started to meet him thrust for thrust his confidence grew and his movements became faster and more definite.

He changed his angle, eliciting a guttural moan from his younger brother as he brushed against his prostate again and again.

“So close, Boromir,”

The sound of his brother coming undone beneath him brought him to the edge, and after whispering words of encouragement and leaning down to capture his brother’s lips in a searing kiss, he felt Faramir explode, his body bucking violently off the bed, the sound of his release lost in the kiss.

It was the feeling of Faramir’s muscles clamping tight around him that caused him to lose himself, Faramir’s name spilling from his lips as he found his own release.

They lay together, unmoving for a time, slowly coming down from their high, savouring the closeness between them. It seemed as though they had waited forever for this moment which had always been just out of their reach, but now they held onto it, neither of them willing to let it go.

Eventually though, Boromir had to move. He cleaned them both carefully and then settled back down beside his brother, smiling as Faramir once again traced the tattoo with his fingertips.

No more was their matching artwork a promise of things to come, but one of what was, it was an oath that would last a lifetime.


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Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!

There were so many lovely details, and I’m thrilled that you catered to my thing for tattoos. (The reasoning behind the motif was wonderful aw well.) :) And oh, how delicious the smut was. Mmm…

Thank you!

— Empy    Wednesday 24 December 2008, 9:54    #

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