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Feelings Of Neglect (PG) Print

Written by Laurëlóte

20 October 2006 | 995 words

Title: Feelings of Neglect
Author: Laurëlóte
Beta: The ever lovely Minx
Rating: G
Pairing: Boromir / Faramir
Summary: After his brother is made steward… Faramir is feeling neglected.
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Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine, they all belong to Tolkien, I’ve merely borrowed them
AN: This is an AU… Boromir is alive! Written for the 25fluffyfics LJ community.

Feelings of Neglect

Deep down, Faramir knew that his feelings were irrational and that his brother cared about him just as he always did. He knew that even now Boromir would drop everything to spend time with him, if only he could bring himself to ask.

But he did not want to ask. He wanted Boromir to voluntarily do all the things they used to do, because he wanted to, and not out of a sense of duty.

The fact was he had hardly seen his brother since he had returned from Mordor with the rest of the fellowship. He had wanted to go with them, fight by his brother’s side, but Boromir had not let him, claiming he was still weak from his near fatal wounds.

As steward, Boromir was now a very busy man, working relentlessly to restore some normalcy back to Gondor. His rare moments of freedom were usually spent with Aragorn. They had become lovers while travelling with each other, and it was only natural that they wished to spend their time together.

But it did not matter how many times Faramir told himself this, he was still jealous and he was miserable. He missed Boromir terribly and he kept thinking of everything they used to do together.

As a child, often suffering from nightmares, he used to slip into his brother’s room and Boromir would hold him tight and tell him that everything would be alright.

Now, he still got nightmares, and still found himself sneaking into his brother’s room in search of comfort.

Only Boromir did not sleep there anymore.

After yet another sleepless night, spent clutching Boromir’s pillow in search of some measure of comfort, Faramir had made a decision.

It was just before dawn and he was at the stables, his horse loaded up with enough supplies to get him to Ithilien.

He had not been scheduled to return there for some time for he was not yet fully healed, but he had to escape this loneliness and return to the sanctuary of Henneth Annûn.

This would be the first time that the brothers had separated without spending the final evening together, drinking a toast to each other’s safety and good health. The first time he had left without saying goodbye.


Faramir was just about to ride out, when he heard the footsteps running towards him and his name called out.


He closed his eyes in despair. This was not how their parting was supposed to be. He had wanted to take the coward’s way out, for Boromir would not understand why he had to leave.

“You are not leaving?” cried Boromir, out of breath from running. “Why? You are not due to leave for weeks yet. I do not understand!”

The confusion was evident in his voice; never had they chosen to be apart before. Boromir knew they had seen little of each other recently, but surely that was even more reason to stay?

Faramir knew the exact moment that the realisation of what he had been about to do dawned on his brother, as a look of hurt appeared in Boromir’s eyes.

“You were going to leave without saying goodbye?”

If Boromir’s look had not been enough to cut deep into Faramir’s heart, his words were. For the first time Faramir could remember, his brave and strong brother seemed truly broken.

He tried to bite back the words which had haunted him for so long, but they slipped out in a quiet mumble, which he desperately hoped his brother had not heard.

“I doubt you would even have noticed me gone if you had not seen me leave.”

Boromir caught his brother’s words and a look of anger swept across his face. “Gods Faramir how could you even think that?”

It was then that he noticed Faramir’s eyes, exhausted from lack of sleep. They no longer sparkled as they should. How could he have not noticed that his precious brother was so unhappy?

Suddenly realisation hit him at full force.

“I have neglected you terribly, and you have been having nightmares again,” he said quietly, ashamed that it had taken this long for him to notice. He reached out and took Faramir’s hand, guiding him gently from the horse. “I am so sorry, little one. I have not been taking care of you as I should. It will change, I promise.”

“You have Aragorn now,” replied Faramir, his voice barely a whisper as he struggled to say the words which he believed were true. “You can not waste your time looking out for me.”

“No Faramir, looking after you could never be a waste of time,” said Boromir softly. “No matter what, you are still my little brother and I shall always love you for it.”

“Now, let us put your horse back in the stables, and we will go and get some sleep. I have been working all night, and I do not believe you rested much either.”

It was some hours later when Aragorn went to look for his lover, and the sight which greeted him as he entered Boromir’s quarters took his breath away.

Faramir’s head lay gently on his brother’s chest; an arm draped across him, while Boromir held him possessively, his arms wrapped around him, holding him close.

They looked so beautiful lying there fast asleep in the morning sun.

Quietly Aragorn left the room, smiling softly to himself, knowing that he would never see a more beautiful sight than that of the two brothers of Gondor.

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2 Comment(s)

wow, what a lovely story, thank you! (it nearly escaped my eyes successfully. well, looks like i better to be more watchful if i don’t want to miss good stuff.)

— traveller    Monday 30 October 2006, 0:31    #

Yes, you’ll have to be very watchful ;)

I’m very pleased you liked it, thank you very much for commenting! :)

Laurelote    Tuesday 31 October 2006, 19:37    #

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