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Written by Acacea

14 May 2006 | 200 words

Denethor watched warily as Faramir stood on his chair, tottering only slightly and reached for the desk. He had asked the nurse to leave Faramir with him while Boromir attended his lessons, so that Finduilas could rest awhile. But his study did not seem the ideal location.

Faramir put a quill into his mouth and promptly made a sound that clearly indicated disapproval of its taste.

“No, not that!” Denethor exclaimed, plucking it out of his son’s hands, “It’s brought specially for me from the east by one of the city merchants!”

“He tries to eat everything,” Boromir had complained earlier. Denethor had felt compelled to inform him that at Faramir’s age he had tried to chew the hilt of his grandfather’s hunting knife.

Faramir reached out for a small lebethron carving; a gift from Forlong. Denethor swiped it away in time, and managed also to deftly shove away the carved eagle from Finduilas. “That’s special too.”

Faramir shrugged and reached for a long wooden object with a cup like end. Denethor watched with interest as the boy pushed the long end into his mouth and chewed experimentally on it.

“You can chew that,” he said kindly, “It’s from Mithrandir.”

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5 Comment(s)

Hah! This was very nice and was surprisngly not OOC (I was afraid it would stretch credibility too far when I saw your summary… )

— HU    Friday 3 July 2009, 6:28    #

Thank you again!:) Yes, it was a specific request for a ‘nice’ moment betwene the two:)

— Acacea    Thursday 9 July 2009, 8:59    #

Haha! That was a lovely story! I love the ending!!!

— Irastar of Eleror    Thursday 10 February 2011, 1:22    #

This was just charming!

— Dancingkatz    Sunday 8 July 2012, 0:44    #

Haha, naw! So incredibly cute! ^^

— Laivindur    Sunday 29 July 2012, 0:33    #

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