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Heat (R) Print

Written by Kissa

22 June 2007 | 824 words

Author: Kissa ( kissaperkele@gmail.com )
Pairing: Éomer/Faramir
Rating: R
Warning: excessive use of Spanish Fly
Author’s note: Just another PWP for my own delight. The boys did not object to acting it out. I am merely describing – hihi.

“Gods, Faramir, if you could only tell me what’s wrong with you! Maybe then I would know a way to help you. It hurts to see you suffer so much.” The King of Rohan said, sitting on the bed, bent over his writhing lover. He hated to see Faramir so devastated by his current state, but he admitted to himself guiltily that he was also incredibly turned on by the disheveled look of his beloved.

“Hot… Éomer, I’m feeling so hot. Like never… before,” Faramir spoke with difficulty.

His hair was wet, his face was flushed, his naked torso was shiny with sweat, and although he had stripped down to his under-breeches, he still felt like the fires of Mordor consumed him from the inside. Faramir couldn’t voice his other source of discomfort, the almost scary arousal which had made his entire body stiff and taut like a bowstring. He was aroused beyond any censorship and he felt that not even all the men in Rohan could put out the fire which tormented his groin.

The suffering he was in was written explicitly over his face, and it pained Éomer to see the man he loved most ailing thusly. Suddenly he got an idea which made him grin in satisfaction.

Rising off the bed, he went to a drawer and took out a large jar of oil. Uncapping it, the room was filled by the heavy scent of mint, camphor and eucalyptus.

Before climbing back into bed, he took off all his clothes and hopped on the mattress on one side of Faramir, showing him the jar of oil.

“This, my love, is bound to cool you off.” Éomer said and set off to remove Faramir’s single piece of clothing.

Once Faramir lay there naked beneath his appreciative gaze, he started to slowly massage every accessible patch of skin with the sharply scented oil. Muscles rippled under his touches, his hands gliding smoothly over soft hairless skin. Faramir whimpered as the slow sensuous touches did nothing to soothe his raging arousal. He began to feel like his entire body was erect and straining and twitching, not only his tortured length. Moans left his mouth without restraint, but Éomer appeared oblivious to his state, seeming intent on making his strange fever go away.

The active substances in the oil really did cool him off but did little for his other problem. As he lay onto his belly, he could feel a large wet patch beneath him and he could not help humping the sheets with minute movements. He was afraid Éomer might think him really sick for becoming aroused from such a severe state of discomfort.

But suddenly he felt Éomer shift and the next moment he felt himself being pried open and breached by his lover’s horse-like shaft. When had Éomer become hard? And more important, what from? Faramir’s mind could not form coherent reasoning at the moment. The pain was immense, but it was also soothing in a way his mind refused to grasp right then.

Soon, fingers joined the King’s shaft inside him and he moaned wantonly, biting into the pillow and cursing under his breath.

Their lovemaking had always been gentle and careful, but this time there was none going on. Faramir was taken rougher than ever before, stretched painfully wide and his secret spot was stimulated mercilessly, making him come repeatedly before Éomer allowed himself to let go.

As he slid out and off of his finally cooled down lover, Éomer watched the Gondorian turn around to face him. Faramir’s face was still flushed, but now it was also adorned by a mind-stopping smile.

“Feeling better my love? Do you think you’ll be fit for tomorrow’s ride back to Gondor?” Éomer asked, pouting as he mentioned his lover’s home. It meant they had to part, but at least now Faramir would carry an enduring memory with him.

As the Steward of Gondor burrowed closer to him, kissing him sweetly and settling with his head on the King’s chest, Éomer smiled wickedly.

He had to find out who had put cantharid1 in his lover’s drink that evening. And thank them, as it had served to help him show his reluctant lover there was more than one way to enjoy a lover’s closeness.

He had known all along.


1 cantharid is an insect whose body, if dried and ground, then fed to someone, causes the blood vessels to contract, the body temperature to grow and as a later outcome, it triggers strong, raging and enduring arousal. It is usually given to stallions which refuse to breed with the mares they have around them.

2 I put the stuff in Fara’s drink ;-)

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2 Comment(s)

Unf. Wow, Faramir and Spanish fly, and Eomer in the same page. I must be in heaven.
...Or maybe hell, it was so hot!

— kat    Friday 22 June 2007, 6:08    #

“I do what I can with what little I have”, as Vin Diesel would say. Thank you for the nice comment and I’m glad I could write something you liked. Check out my other stories sometime!


Kissa    Friday 22 June 2007, 7:37    #

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