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Hidden reunion (G) Print

Written by Laivindur

28 July 2012 | 643 words | Work in Progress

Title: Hidden reunion
Author: Laivindur
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Faramir & Boromir
All characters belong to J.R.R Tolkien <3,You can choose which version they are either from the movie or book,but I see them as in the movie.

A smaller brother just want to be with his older.
And the older brother looks forward to get to know his little one once again.

There’s a continue that’s called Hidden love.

Faramir had limped his way up to the garden from the citadel to perhaps get a glimpse of his elder brother who he rarely got to spend time with as the age difference between them often kept them apart.
They had gotten a tight bond in earlier years, but the last years where Boromir was in training he’d lost his older brother and been pushed back in the shadows by his father.

He was only twelve and finally had gathered the courage to retreat from his room after a scolding from the steward for fighting in class.

Boromir had come home from military camp for a short period of time and his little one was now limping with his injured knee towards the benches where his family and a few from the counsil sat.

He was not letting Denethor ruin his reunion with Boromir and ignored his father’s gaze, but when Boromir turned to him, he quickly gathered enough strength to lean his weight perhaps too much on his foot not to seem weak and injured.

When pain shot through his knee, his face expressed something that Boromir had to smile inwards at; his little one had grown, but that strict and determined face was not suitable for him. His slim appearance revealed his age as well as his innocent eyes shone with complete loveliness behind brows of worry.

Faramir could drop his mask and limp his way to the benches once again when his brother turned to his father who’d not finished speaking to him though by the sight of his youngest.

The light frame of Faramir strived to get onto the wooden furniture, but not enough to attain the men’s attention for assistance. They probably had an unofficial meeting of the welfare of the camps.

Faramir had no such interests; he sat still and stared at Boromir while trying to seem as small as possible not to have one of the men ask him to leave these important matters to adults and then hinder him to watch his beloved and never forgotten older brother. Luckily for Faramir he was barely noticed.

He scratched his cheek as if to see if he also had hair in his face like Boromir and dropped it disappointedly when he found out it was not so. He kept studying his muscular and adorable older brother where he listened to his father with intense focus. A small tingle in his tummy made his blood rush in a joyful bliss as Boromir would soon be home far more often and then he would have time to get to know him once again.

Boromir had troubles getting what his father and the men were talking about as almost all his attention was at the corner of his eye where his little and never forgotten little brother sat staring at him.

He tried to hinder a small smile from his mouth by his handsome little Faramir, but failed and the little movement made Faramir stare harder as if hoping for a laughter, because he had not heard his brother’s laughter in decades, at least so it seemed to him. Lucky for Boromir, Denethor took his firstborn’s expression for excitement for the project and plan instead of foolish joy of reuniting with his old playmate.

A tingle in the becoming warrior’s tummy made him inhale for breath not to shout out in joy as he remembered the joy of having this small creature next to him.

Continue: Hidden Love

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3 Comment(s)

Aaaw, that´s pretty! I love their secret eye contact and how nobody notices they have already mentally sneaked out of the “official” business. And the description of Boromir´s very “physical” joy… yes, a continue, please! :)

— raven22372    Monday 30 July 2012, 14:44    #

Haha, aaww ^^ Thank you, raven22372. Alright. I’ll write the continue ;)

— Laivindur    Friday 3 August 2012, 13:40    #

Oh this is so sweet! The two brothers and their love for each other just makes my toes curl.

— MikoNoNyte    Saturday 4 August 2012, 22:02    #

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