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Second Place (PG) Print

Written by Númenora

10 April 2006 | 447 words

Title: Second Place
Author: Númenora
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Faramir, Boromir, mentions of Elessar, Legolas and OFC
Warnings: Implied Slash, Implied Het (nothing explicit, Valar be praised!), More Warm & Fuzzies.
Disclaimer: All known Characters are Tolkien’s.
Beta: none
Word Count: 400
Summary: Faramir finds it hard to be happy for Boromir. Stressed words denoted by italics

Faramir watched as King Elessar and his Prince Consort toasted the newly married Steward and his bride, cheering louder than any as pain tore at his heart.

What is wrong with you? Can you not be happy for Boromir? Faramir berated himself, watching as his brother danced with his new wife.

Unable to keep up his façade, he slipped out of the Feasting Hall. Standing on the balcony, crystalline tears flowed under the moonlit night—ideal at any other time. But he could not enjoy it, thinking that someone else held Boromir’s heart now.

Faramir knew that it was wrong, but since their mother’s death, he never had to share Boromir’s affections with anyone—not even the late Denethor. The many lords and ladies that he and Boromir courted over the years never came between the brothers’ love for each other—but that had now changed.

Tears flowed unheeded, a common thing during his life as the un-favored son. Then, a handkerchief appeared before him, held by a familiar hand. Not taking it, Faramir turned to see Boromir smiling tenderly at him.

“Did you think that I would not miss you, Little One?”

“You should be inside with Lúthien—I’m sure she misses you.”

“She is fine. She dances with Legolas; I believe that she is quite smitten with him.” Boromir said, wiping away Faramir’s tears with a practiced hand—making him blow for good measure.

Faramir laughed at absurdity of the statement and the situation. “Our Prince is lovely, but Lady Lúthien has eyes only for her handsome husband—as well she should.”

“She deserves much better.”

“How can you say such a thing? There are none better.” Boromir laughed at the outraged look Faramir wore.

“Nay—I promised to love her above all others, but broke that vow ere it left my mouth; for there is someone dearer that holds the larger portion of my heart.” His sword-roughened hands caressed Faramir’s bearded cheeks.

The young Steward-prince’s soul soared to know that Boromir would always love him no matter who else entered the man’s life.

“It is the same for me, Big Brother—I love you more than life itself.”

Countless minutes past; then Boromir said, “Why don’t we go back in—your new sister will want a dance with you.” Then he said mischievously, “Then we will have a turn!”

Faramir said with delight, “Fine, but I lead!”

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Oh, two copper-haired men comforted each other…What could be more sensual!
Thank you!

— Anastasiya    Sunday 18 October 2009, 11:10    #

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