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Songs, Heroes and Heroines (G) Print

Written by Acacea

03 January 2008 | 372 words

Title: Songs, Heroes and Heroines
Author: Acacea
Archive: Faramir Fiction Archive
Characters: Aragorn, Faramir
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Warnings: None, but it would help to read the previous fics. This follows on from Of Songs and Heroes and In a Tavern.

Songs, Heroes and Heroines

From the corner of the tavern where they sit, they get an earful and an eyeful of the proceedings. The tavern is frequented by sailors, up from the boats docked at Harlond. They are perhaps fine singers but this long after sunset the ale makes their singing indecipherable.

“This song – what is it about?” Aragorn is not amused when the inebriated sailor who is singing the loudest blows kisses at his fellow singers, each as sober as he.

“You have not heard it?” Faramir asks slowly.

“No,” Aragorn frowns as the enactment of the song continues, and the players become increasingly tactile.

Faramir pretends not to notice his king’s mood as he speaks, “It is a song about – a Captain of Gondor and a Captain of the Corsairs and how she-“

“She?” Aragorn roars, under the cover of the noise in the tavern.

“Yes of course,” Faramir says slowly, unflustered by Aragorn’s behaviour, “Surely you knew, did you not? The Corsairs were said to have been led by a lady.”

Aragorn’s expression is almost comically thunderous.

“As per the song,” Faramir mumbles.

“Oh,” said the erstwhile Captain Thorongil. As they leave the tavern, they hear the chorus ringing out loud.


The tale of Throngil and the Corsairs is really quite simple. He burnt the boats in Pelargir, right? shrugs they disguised their own ship as an oliphaunt and pretended to be Haradrim oliphaunt traders on their way to Rohan, and became pally with the Corsair captains and got invited to the flagship (if any) for dinner and wine, and when they’d got them all drunk, they sneaked out and burnt the ships, and in the process almost burnt their own ship disguised as an oliphaunt floating in water (elephants are excellent swimmers, incidentally)
Also, one of the Corsair captains was actually a Haradrim woman disguised a Corsair captain so T. got to charm her and all that.
Seed of goodness in evil! H. woman?

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