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Not You (PG)

By Raven22372; with Boromir

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Illustration to accompany Not You.

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Posted Nov 12, 2011

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Minx    Saturday 12 November 2011, 17:55    #

This was the first of yours I had seen; it haunts me to this day. Yes, I STILL think you are incredible artist! To get technical: I like your use of the shading and colours. It blended well and frankly told a very moving story in and of itself.

— MikoNoNyte    Sunday 29 July 2012, 21:20    #

Heheh, you know what? When I got this (higly welcome and way too flattering) comment I went back to that entry to read through the fic and look at the picture again. And my first impression was: Is that all? Really? How come somebody can feel so affected by it? XD What I mean is: I´m endlessly happy you enjoy it so much (and with enjoy I mean “haunt” ;) ) More: I always admired artists/writer/actors/directors who are able to rouse emotions without showing too much, but I never dared to hope I would be capable of doing this myself. Thank you so very much for your wonderful feedback!

— raven22372    Monday 30 July 2012, 15:44    #

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