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Sing Hey! For the Bath at Close of Day (PG-13)

By Raven22372; with Boromir

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I love taking slivers of dialogue and put them into completely different coherencies. This title is the first line of a bath song Bilbo Baggins once wrote (and right he is. Such a joyful hedonistic pleasure and such little cultural references to it!). It appears in the first book, I think Pippin sings it. Well, I´m pretty sure there´s a bathhouse somewhere in Mina Tirith. After all the warriors need a place to go when they return from a strife or a battle all dirty and covered with dust…

Posted Mar 06, 2011

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Tee-hee. Oh man, this is too good! How come no comments? What’s wrong with people these days? >:S

Anyway, I just love the mood of this piece. By the way, the title is perfect! And to think of it, this need not be a bath-house as such – I mean, given where things seem to be headed, wouldn’t these two be a bit safer in the confines of their private rooms where the walls are thicker, I presume, than in a public bath? ;)

December    Saturday 19 November 2011, 5:42    #

Heehee, I´m perfectly happy if I get a comment such as this! Seriously, you have no idea! Every time this happens I get a suspicious “What the hell are you beaming about?” from my fellow men. XD Oh, and right now I remember there must be some comments on my LJ, wheer the original cen be found. Dude, I totally forgot that!

Isn´t it so much fun to use lines from the book or part of dialogues as a title? I love doing that! And the bath-house… weeeeeell… I figured that, as it was in the Middle Ages, the aspect of body hygiene might be a more public issue – though it probably depends on the relative culture. I´m absolutely positive Bag´s End has two or three neatly equipped private bathrooms (on the windowless side).
So maybe we can just assume there is a special bath-house for the steward´s family and their closest friends. And furthermore, let´s assume that there are times when Boromir returns from a mission late at night, dirty and saddle-sore. Surely it is just natural for Faramir to greet his beloved brother with a nice relaxing bath. Of course all the servants have long gone to bed and kind person he is he would not stir them in their well-earned slumber. So he lits the fire himself, fills the tub, warms the towels, not because he takes it for his duty but because he enjoy´s giving Boromir a little nice surprise and maybe that little secret action in general. He might even offer some of the services the body servants are usually responsible and Boromir gladly accepts. Just that… oh, it seems Faramir is not that familiar with the work of a body servant. Seems he accidentally dropped the soap… or perhaps he´s only with intend to give a very hearty cleaning… think we have to get a little closer to find out…

Oh dear, what have you done? Such lovely comments can only provoke an immediate flood of images in my head! XD Thank you so much!

— raven22372    Saturday 19 November 2011, 12:42    #

Ah, he dropped the soap. But of course. How haven’t I thought of that?

I remmeber what I really liked in the description of Gondor was the repeatedly mentioned subject of hygiene. Faramir may’ve been amused by Sam washing his hair before supper, but at least all the men did wash up before eating. And also, in Pippin and Gandalf’s room there were bowls for washing. I assumed that for the more noble residents, there would’ve been a whole bath included :) But of course the common people could hardly have the luxury of owning a tub in each house, so there must’ve been some form of public service. For one thing, how could they get so much water and wood for heating onto a frigging mountain? Of course it would be more economical to do it on a bigger scale and get the folk together for the washing :D

So my understanding is that the boys have several possibilities available to them ;)

December    Wednesday 23 November 2011, 8:35    #

Funny you should mention the issue of body hygiene because it was only two days ago when thinking about our rich conversations I came across the same question. Of course, how do they get enough wood and water? (Geothermic activities. Okay, that was a joke. Although… mount doom is close, huh? ;) ) Not to speak of a sewer system – as you said the whole city is built into a mountain (taking a closer look I can´t help thinking it reveals a certain resemblance to an oversized, seven-layer wedding cake slammed into a rock).

Oodles of possibilities, I agree – or, as we say in my neck of the woods: Where there´s a will there´s a bush to hide behind. ;)

— raven22372    Sunday 27 November 2011, 16:31    #

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