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Strange Guests in the Woods - Revisited (G)

By December; with Unknown / Surprise Characters

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Colour rendition of earlier work by the same name.

Our boy just got a revamp!

Parts of this are still sketch-style, but oh well, that’s the best he’s getting from me for the time being.

Enjoy! :)

Posted Sep 01, 2013

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Oh oh oh, I remember that! :D You added colour and made it look like a painting on a precious vase or a mural, like the one of Isíldur in Rivendell..! How did you… watercolour? Pencils… ah, no,i t´s Photoshop, right? Dude, I envy everybody able to paint in Photoshop! Particularly when said people are able to get skin colours right… my goodness.. exquisite lividity, gloves and THAT mouth..! Let´s hope is IS no mural, otherwise people would constantly be found pressing their lips against the wall…

And then the little highlights, green leaves and a glitter of gold… not too obvious, of course, because as a ranger he has to blend in with the background – a background you used perfectly to accomplish a flawless arrangement of colours. Well done, dear! When, err, do you think the muralist can start working..?

— raven22372    Sunday 1 September 2013, 10:40    #

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