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What the Servant Saw (NC-17)

By Raven22372; with Boromir

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A quick look through the keyhole, not for the under-aged

Posted Sep 02, 2012

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6 Comment(s)

What a terrific idea! I’m not really a Boromir fan but I do appreciate this concept very much.
Ah, and you are so talented! It’s very, very pretty (not sure that’s actually the word I’m looking for in the case of this particular piece, but I always admire your technique which is, eh, pretty somehow :)) indeed.

Geale    Tuesday 18 September 2012, 21:19    #

Thank you so very much! This message comes exactly at the right time and you have no idea how welcome it is! (I’m travelling Western Australia und currently suffering of a severe travel hangover. So please forgive me, if my answer comes across slightly, well confused). I’m so glad you like it – of course I see only the flaws, as usual). And no, actually I’m not so much a Boromir type either – to me he only works when he comes in a double package with his sibling… ;)

— raven22372    Thursday 20 September 2012, 13:27    #

And what, exactly, was a servant doing looking through keyholes, eh? Naughty servant, no-no-no, the Krampus is going to bring you coals these holidays, hehehe.

I’m liking the sneaky finger here, OMG!More Faramir/Boromir on my table, please!

December    Sunday 16 December 2012, 4:59    #

Yay, fresh coals! Fuel for my campfire! :D (clap clap clap)

Just one thing I´d like to know: How do you come to know about the Krampus? I´m deeply impressed and it´s absolutely neither the time nor the place to mention that the Krampus is rather an Austrian/Southern Germany thing. Here in the northern part it´s Knecht Ruprecht – though personally I prefer the Krampus, for he´s a rather fierce and hellish version. >:) What do you think, do they have a Krampus in Gondor? Like: a black Goblin or something? For naughty servants and misbehaving little boys? However, they certainly have a Дед Мороз!

— raven22372    Sunday 16 December 2012, 9:55    #

Oh, love, I happen to know all sorts of things (nauhty eye-brow wiggle), hehehe :D

Well, given Gondor is the southern kingdom, they can get the Krampus, and Arnor being the northern can have Knecht Ruprecht, everyone’s employed! Too bad for the Knecht that everyone in Arnor kind of died out a while back, and the remaining Dunedain rangers are likely to remain unimpressed, hehe.

In saying that, I definitely find the topic of Gondorian state holidays an interesting one. I don’t remember it being much discussed in the Book, but surely there must’ve been heaps, like in any culture, especially one close to the earth and enjoying some rather pagan roots (14 “gods”, huh). I always wince a little when I see phrases like “Christmas in Middle-earth” though, I mean, the whole Christ thing kind of hadn’t really happened on Arda, lol. So I think they should have something uniquely of their own, but definitely there would be a place for some disguised carrot/stick management of children’s behaviour, right? I like the idea of the Black Goblin or some such like, the mythical fauna of M-E is certainly abundant enough to find a good “spirit” of “Christmas”, heheh. For me though, Tom Bombadil is already creepy enough, LMAO. Granpa Frost though I’m not sure, a bit too warm for him in Gondor, no? – remember they were already having flowers and new grass in March – likely they don’t get any much proper frost going…

December    Monday 17 December 2012, 1:36    #

Good point… but know that, if I ever come up with something about rangers being visited by a slightly sinister Knecht Ruprecht plus a bag of toys (man-toys of course. The ME equivalent of Swiss watches and Lacoste polo shirts) and an impressive rod (not what YOU mean. And I know what you mean. X) ), I would hand over all the blame to you. Oh. Yes.

As you said, their should be plenty of opportunities, festivities to mark the end of a season or celebrate a special historic event. I´m quite sure the Rohirrim, who sorta stand for the northern/Scandinavian folks, do have a kind of light feast, as all people whose life was ruled by long cold winters. The Gondorian feasts, however… first I was going to say, they might have something like a southern European christmas, very lively, very colourful, but then, they´re a bit antiquated in their traditions and very much in pompous gestures, so rather not. Although… right now, writing this, I have a thought, still pretty half-baked, that says: The darker the times, the more glittering the parties. For ages they lived under a constant threat, so they MUST have developed a counter weight, just in order to not go totally bonkers. An opportunity to let all the caution slip and get freakishly drunk/laid or dance on the table till dusk. And yes, it certainly won´t lack an element to keep the nasty brats in check, either, – a carrot/stick treatment, huh? You know what you´re talking about, right? ;) – since duty and the sense of obligation is so much part of their culture (and necessary to survive under those circumstances).

Tom Bombadil would indeed be an excellent candidate for the vacant Father Christmas post… friendly and affable enough and yet with a slightly spooky undercurrent… I was always of the opinion that our nowadays Santa Claus lacks a fierce element… I mean, he once started as an old winter deity, more related to blood and fire and hunting wild boars than candy canes. ;) Oh, that reminds me of Tolkiens Father Christmas letters… which, superficially, are little stories he wrote for the entertainment of his children. But there´s already everything in it, Elves and Goblins and ancient caverns, and when he describes the goblin battles, the blood is just one corner away… poor kids today! Do they have any interesting Christmas stories at all? XD

— raven22372    Tuesday 18 December 2012, 18:34    #

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