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A step back (R) Print

Written by Suometar

08 January 2013 | 653 words

Title: A step back
Author: suometar
Beta: willowaif
Pairing: Boromir/Faramir
Rating: R

In Boromir’s bedroom Faramir lays on Boromir’s bed with his older brother. They had just made love for hours, the air in that room is thick from it. Now they just laid there, looking at the ceiling. Both kept quiet coz neither of them wanted to say what was obviously in both of their heads. And crawling in between them.

“Boromir,” Faramir finally said after a long pause.

He was clearly not asking, but stating he had something to say and Boromir needed to listen.


“This isn’t working is it?” Faramir said with a defeated tone.

“I mean… damn I don’t know what I mean, but it’s…” He was growing frustrated.

“…It’s just not quite working,” Boromir filled in.

Faramir looked at his older brother, and what he saw wasn’t what he expected, Boromir was calm, investigating his palms.

“Yeah,” Faramir answered, he smiled a little, but why, he could not tell.

“We can loosen this a little, take a step back.” Boromir suggested.

Faramir was interested, he lifted himself up on his elbow and finally made effort to have an eye contact. “What do you mean?”

Boromir shifted a little, made himself finally look at his younger brother, a man who had become, against all the odds, his lover.

“Well… um, little one, I’m crazy about you,” Boromir paused a little here. “But that just isn’t enough, is it? Too often we’re sick and tired of each other.”

Faramir put his hand upon Boromir’s hand, who squeezed lightly.

“And this it isn’t actually about fearing to lose you, I think it’s not even possible to lose you, I’ll always have you for you’re my brother.”

Faramir smiled again, damn how much he loved his brother.

Boromir pause again and was obviously thinking what to say next.

“And later, if we feel like it, we can take steps even further back….”

Faramir looked at Boromir trying to put it right, he decided to help a little.

“… or some forth?”

“Yeah, if we feel like it.”

Then Faramir lay down on his back again. He rolled his fingers from one hand between the fingers of his other hand and thought.

“We’ll talk about this later again, right?”

“Whadda ya mean?”

For a man who came up with this idea Faramir considered so great, Boromir was really daft.

“I mean, like, if either of us feels a need to take another step back, or some forth, we’ll talk about it, do we not? We won’t put any pressure on either of us and we can trust ourselves to feel free to talk about these things if we have the need to.”

Boromir didn’t answer a thing for a little while. Faramir shifted back against his elbow and looked at Boromir who looked back, still not saying a thing, so Faramir asked,

“Are you following?”

Boromir snorted angrily. “Stop taking me for an idiot I’m not.”

Faramir just gently stroked his brother’s hair and said nothing. He was happy.

“It sounds like a good enough arrangement.”

After hearing that Faramir kissed Boromir on the forehead, Boromir tilted his head enough to get a proper kiss on the lips.

“We’ll take a step back, to be more like brothers and a little less like lovers.”

That one made Faramir smile yet again, he was so glad how good Boromir put it.

“Yeah, we’ll be more like brothers,” Faramir said smiling, nodding.

But then they both noticed they still doubted.

“Well… brothers who have amazing sex together occasionally.” Boromir finally said, it kinda had a half of a question mark after it.

That one put an even bigger grin on Faramir’s face.

He looked at the ceiling again and noticed he felt much better. He took Boromir’s hand again but not his gaze from the ceiling.

“That sounds like a really good plan.”

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