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Everyone who does like 'that kind of thing' - welcome to the Faramir FanFiction Archive! This is the archive that aims to catalogue all Faramir fan fiction on the net - in all flavours, ratings and even languages.

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Latest Additions

Faramir by Olivia W. Lester

By Olivia W. Lester

This is a picture inspirated by Dernhelm’s fic: Chronicle of scars: Cuts

Posted Dec 26, 2022 | Comment [1]

Hunting the Spider (PG-13)

By Ellynn; with Éowyn, OMCs

Three years after the War of the Ring, settlers from Ithilien villages start to disappear. Faramir and the Rangers have to discover what this new threat is, and have to overcome this terrifying enemy in a dangerous quest.

Posted Aug 01, 2021 | 43055 words | Comment

An Honest Ghost

By Eschscholzia; with No Pairing,

Faramir has dealt with many challenges in his jobs as Ithilien Ranger and Steward, but he’s never had to deal with a ghost before.

Posted Mar 23, 2021 | 2561 words | Comment [1]

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