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Mar 07, 2006

If you want to send us a private message, or if you require a rapid response, please use the contact form or send us an email.

But if you just want to say hi, here's the guestbook-

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Admin    Tuesday 7 March 2006, 12:52    #

Hi! I am signing in via the guestbook! Looks cool!

dream.in.a.jar    Wednesday 8 March 2006, 20:56    #

Hi, I’ve had a quick look around and the site looks great. :)

I’ll be trying out the ‘Submit your work!’ section soon.

Laurelote    Wednesday 5 April 2006, 21:47    #

I found the Easter Egg of a Faramir picture on this site! Oh my god, Iris, you are such a genius! I love it, you should consider putting it on the homepage!
I love this new site so very much, the over all feel is very fresh and spring like.
Thank you for providing us a pure Middle Earth! ;-)

dream.in.a.jar    Friday 7 April 2006, 21:41    #

Not sure about using it site-wide though. I think it’s a bit creepy: it’s like Faramir’s ghost is lurking in the bushes…

Iris    Friday 7 April 2006, 21:44    #

I’ve been reading this site and recently as I´m trying to cope with difficult things, just wanted to say: THANK YOU,LOVE THE MAKOVER!
I´ll propably be back :)

— buffy72    Monday 10 April 2006, 18:47    #


Wonderful to hear the work collected here could provide some welcome distraction for you.
Best of luck!

Admin    Monday 10 April 2006, 20:40    #

I lake your stories with Haldir and Faramir , more more please

— michou    Tuesday 1 August 2006, 15:54    #


You shouldn’t tell us – tell the authors!

But you’re right, they do make a nice couple…

Admin    Tuesday 1 August 2006, 16:57    #

Dear Sairalinde it delays me to read new adventures to Faramir and Haldir

— michou    Friday 1 September 2006, 17:40    #

It’s very interesting site!

— John    Friday 6 October 2006, 16:11    #

Interesting, eh? (That’s a good thing, right?)

Glad you like, and thanks for letting us know the work’s appreciated!

admin    Friday 6 October 2006, 16:36    #


— michelle    Tuesday 2 January 2007, 23:45    #

Hi again! I had drifted away from LOTR fic, but watching ROTK again brought me back on a wave of resurgent love to read about Faramir once again. It was lovely to visit this site again; it looks beautiful, and the fic is absolutely wonderful.

— RubyNye    Wednesday 3 January 2007, 20:41    #


Happy new year to you too!

Great to hear you like the stories at this site. Do try to also comment on any of the individual stories that you’ve enjoyed – our authors love feedback!

admin    Thursday 4 January 2007, 18:39    #


Glad to hear you enjoyed revisiting the fandom. Could you perhaps even be persuaded to write something for us again? ;)

admin    Thursday 4 January 2007, 18:43    #

Hi :)
Just wanted to say thank you very much for organising another Swap :)
And of course a very big thank you to all the other authors as well.
I think everyone will agree that there were some simply fantastic entries this time around!

Laurelote    Monday 25 June 2007, 17:53    #

@ Laurëlóte:

Thank you for playing ;) (And have you noticed we get more entries with every swap? Let’s hope that trend keeps up!)

admin    Wednesday 27 June 2007, 11:29    #

Hi everyone! I want to say thank you to EVERYONE who contributes to this site, or reads and comments – it makes coming here very fun! I so enjoy coming on here to read these stories. I love the layout of the site, the people on it, and of course the stories. I go on this site every time I’m on winter or summer break (especially winter break, love to read/write fics when I can watch the extended LOTR movies and snuggle up in blankets!) and it really is a great place for me to escape to. So I just want to say thank you!

Morwen    Monday 20 December 2010, 6:37    #

Dear Morwen,

Many thanks for your sweet words — and of course many thanks for helping to make this site what it is with our wonderful stories and lovely comments!

admin    Tuesday 21 December 2010, 13:16    #

Dropping by to wish merry New Year’s holidays to all ye devotees of Faramir!
Want to give a huge shiny thank you to the archivists for building such a cosy place for us all to come and enjoy all sorts of stories and art, and share ideas, and meet each other. In the meagre year I’ve been around I’ve already met so many nice, interesting, creative people through this site. When 18 years ago I was first introduced to LOTR and started thinking up stories about it and my family would make fun of me for that, I’d never have even dreamt of finding a community of like-minded fans and authors, where it could feel like we all have a fellowship. Definitely staying around for more!
May the new year bring everybody boundless creative energy and insurmountable inspiration!

December    Friday 24 December 2010, 9:07    #

December – Many thanks for your kind words!
It’s been a good year for Faramir Fiction, with a number of great new authors, including yourself, and the return of some old favourites. Thanks to everyone who contributed, whether in the form of stories, art or encouraging comments, and all the best for 2011!

admin    Friday 31 December 2010, 12:47    #

I love your stories! Keep up the awesome work and the design of the site is wonderful!

— Irastar of Eleror    Wednesday 26 January 2011, 22:05    #

Hi Irastar — Glad you like the site! Be sure to also let the authors of the stories you love know how much you enjoy their work: they love to hear it, and it keeps them motivated to write more!

admin    Thursday 27 January 2011, 10:03    #

I am a new reader on your site, love the stories, specially the ones about Faramir-Haldir. Great couple :-)

— blondie    Friday 13 December 2013, 22:05    #

Dear Blondi,

Thanks a lot for your sweet comment! Glad to hear that after 10 years, there are still new readers finding the site.

Whenever you come across a story you particularly enjoyed, be sure to also let the author know how much you love their work: you can really make someone’s day that way, and who knows, it may motivate them to write more!

admin    Saturday 14 December 2013, 9:19    #

hi all of you on Faramirfiction. Happy eastern, hope you are ok , want to say thnks for all your stories, some of them are really great and I read them twice, wonderful, hope to get some updates or new stories sometime..

— blondie    Sunday 20 April 2014, 12:29    #

Hi how are you all? are you still enjoying the faramirfic. I love it,,great stories, have been here on and off since 2013 and still enjoys it :-)

— Blondie    Tuesday 18 October 2016, 21:30    #

Thanks for great site. How to get in contact with other readers and some writers ?

— tolkienlover    Friday 18 November 2016, 23:16    #

Hi Tolkienlover –

I don’t know about contacting other readers — they tend to be few and far between nowadays — but to contact authors, try commenting on their stories to let them know their work is still being read and enjoyed. You can very easily make someone’s day!

admin    Sunday 20 November 2016, 12:48    #

I cant help myself, I keep coming back to your wonderful site and enjoy the stories. They are so wellwritten. Hope some new stories will show up :-) take care

— blondie    Thursday 24 November 2016, 21:48    #

hi admin
I had to come back again to see if site still existed and if any new stories. Im so happy to still find the site online. I will at once read some of the stories again. Hope youre ok :->) Love blondie :-)

— Blondie    Saturday 3 June 2017, 21:08    #

@Blondie – yes, we’re still here (just paid up for another year!)
Great to hear people are still reading and enjoying the stories here. Be sure to also let the authors know: they’d love a blast from the past!

admin    Monday 26 June 2017, 11:53    #

Im happy to hear that you will still be here, I really enjoy the stories and I allways write a thnks or a comment. I often tried to reach Anorienbean and Sarialinde, but never hear from them .. :-( Their stories are wonderfull :-) Also there are other amazing authors here..

— blondie    Monday 3 July 2017, 15:32    #

Hi, im so happy this site still excists.

— Blondie    Saturday 7 April 2018, 11:19    #

Am still enjoying your site, please keep it😍

— Blondie    Monday 19 August 2019, 21:08    #

Wonderful stories

— Anna    Friday 27 December 2019, 23:20    #

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