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Welcome Back! (G)

By hujikari; with Aragorn, Others

Rejoice Faramir!!!!! :la::la::la:
You back to your normal again! that’s why we sooooooo much dearly glad to see youuuuu~ have this free kisses!!!

Posted 1750 days ago | Comment [1]

Denethor's Crypt (G)

By Raven22372; with Denethor

Posted 1977 days ago | Comment [2]

Childhood Memories (G)

By Raven22372; with Boromir

Posted 1977 days ago | Comment

Faramir and Éowyn (G)

By The Mice; with Éowyn

Faramir trying to hear his son’s heartbeat, but it is still too early.

Posted 2167 days ago | Comment [1]

Éomer x Faramir (PG)

By comuto; with Éomer

I believe that their relationship after the events of book could develop into very strong and deep and that this ship is very interesting as well for being complicated.
I don’t like that there’s a strong opinion established that this pairing can only be possible in au or before the events of LotR.
It is possible wherever, I’m confident in it:)

Posted 2319 days ago | Comment [2]

Faramir and Frodo (G)

By A piece of leaf a.k.a. reafre; with Frodo

I drew this for my friend birthday as her request.
drawn by pencil & colored with photoshop

Posted 2459 days ago | Comment [6]

Strange Guests in the Woods - Revisited (G)

By December; with Unknown / Surprise Characters

Colour rendition of earlier work by the same name.

Posted 2468 days ago | Comment [1]

The Lament of Faramir (G)

By G-Skywalker; with Boromir

This is another drawing of my Boromir/Faramir fic. Boromir is enjured in battle on the fields of Ithilien by the leader of a company of Uruks. Boromir in an attempt to protect his youngest brother, falls wounded by a poisoned arrow.

Posted 2504 days ago | Comment

Thou shalt not mix business with pleasure, Part II (PG-13)

By Raven22372; with Aragorn

Sometimes Faramir does work too much. Good to know his King will be there for a distraction (though not necessarily a politically correct one).

Posted 2515 days ago | Comment [6]

Remember this day, little brother (PG-13)

By G-Skywalker; with Boromir

I love Faramir, definitely my favourite character on LORT.
I’m writing a fic (angst/romance) about him and Boromir, so I decided to make an image cover for it. :)

Posted 2520 days ago | Comment [2]

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