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Mar 07, 2006

If you’d rather not have the hassle of submitting your own work, just email it to us at admin@faramirfiction.com, and we’ll take care of it for you. We’ll send you a private link to approve before anything goes online to the general public.
On this page you’ll read just what to send over.

There are two options: we can either store your stories or art here, or archive a link to your work at your own site, blog/journal or wherever (as long as direct links are possible and access is open to everyone).

Storing your story or art with us

In the first case (you want us to store your work at the archive’s pages), just paste your story text into and email or send a file (whatever format you work with will do; if there are any problems, we’ll be sure to let you know), whatever works for you. If your work is already posted somewhere else on the internet (your site, blog, at another archive, …), then sending a link is also fine, and we’ll just copy your story from that location.

Please keep formatting as basic as possible — remember, less is more. We like to retain a uniform look throughout the site, using just a limited number of styles, because we feel it improves readability. So if you have used a lot of different fonts and colours in the file you sent us, we will reformat it to match the styles used on the site. But if you could save us the trouble, we’d be ever so grateful! And remember we’ll send you a preview link to approve first, so if you’re not happy with any reformatting we’ve done, it can always be changed before your work goes out to the public.

Please include the title, pairing/characters1, rating2, a short summary, and (where necessary) warnings, and also the email address you’d like feedback to be sent to. Whatever other headings you want to include (your beta, a link to your site, comments or author’s notes,…) is all up to you.

Linking to your own site

In the second case (you want us to archive links to your work), just let us know where to link to, and —insofar these can’t be found at the link’s destination— it would be very handy if you could also include some basic information, like the title, pairing/characters1, rating2, a short summary, and —when appropriate— warnings.

To be able to link to an outside location, it needs to be publicly accessible, i.e. not locked behind a password or in a members-only environment. Also remember that some countries block access to certain sites (e.g., LiveJournal is not accessible from China), so even if you can freely access your story or art, some of our readers may not. It is fine if the site you want to link to is adults-only: so is this one.

If you want us to link to a site that is not your own (eg, another archive), make sure the site owner permits so-called ‘deep links’. Some sites only permit links to their homepage and other index pages, not to pages with content (such as a page holding your story or image).

Author/Artist pages

All authors and artists have their own page, listing all their work. On that page you can also include a line or two about yourself, perhaps a link to your site on the page that will list all your work, or whatever you want.

The same information appears below your work, in the ‘About the Author (Artist)’ block. There you can also include your own avatar to replace the anonymous green silhouette. Just let us know what to include and it shall be done!


  • Title
  • Pairing(s) / Character(s)1
  • Rating2
  • Short summary
  • Warnings (where necessary)
  • Email address for feedback (will NOT be displayed on site)

Optional extras:

  • Any additional heading notes you want to include
  • Link to your site for your authors/artists profile
  • Short bio for your authors/artists profile

And of course, just as you have to be at least 18 to visit this site, you also have to be of age to share your work here.

If you have any questions or remarks, anything at all, please do get in touch, either by emailing us at admin@faramirfiction.com or via the contact form.


1 Pairings / Characters: At this site, we sort stories by ‘pairing’, with Faramir always as one half of that pairing. We use ‘pairings’ in the broadest possible sense of the word. There is no need for any relationship or romance between the characters: even if in your story Faramir and Éowyn just have a casual chat, it will be of interest for people looking for stories with Faramir and Éowyn, and therefore deserves to be listed on the Éowyn page .
If, however, Éowyn and Faramir never meet, speak to, or even think of each other, and Éowyn only appears in your story only to share that casual chat with Éomer (who happens to be madly in love with Faramir), then Éowyn’s part in the story is not all that relevant to this archive. Of course you can mention her in your headings, but better list your story on Éomer page only — listing your story with the Éowyn fics may leave people with false expectations. (Yes, we’re a very, very Faramir-centric archive…)

2 Ratings: We use the MPAA’s rating system (non-profit — fair use) and these excellent descriptions borrowed from The Library of Moria:
G: Very clean, as in no strong language, no violence, and nothing beyond a very innocent kiss or two.
PG: Still pretty clean, with nothing past kissing and implied (‘fade to black’) sex, but it can contain mild violence or the occasional swear word.
PG13: Sexual thoughts and making out is okay, but no actual sex scenes. Can also contain strong language and non-sexual violence.
R: This is a good rating for fic in which there are full sex scenes, but they’re not explicitly detailed. Almost all levels of violence and language can be covered by an R rating.
NC-17: Explicit sex, extreme violence.


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